ancient history

I think I was around 20/22 when I met him in a total dive bar in Enfield.
I was with a female work colleague who was double my age but knew the barman. 

As a result I was drunk. We tried fucking in the shelter on the train station. I wasn’t really digging it so we went back to his.

All I can remember is that his room had no windows so it was pretty dark. His body seemed to be covered in scars- all over his chest and back and felt like scales. He tried to fuck me but his cock was so huge we just couldn’t do it. 

In the morning his Dad opened the door to be confronted by my arse bare for all the world to see. I remember him asking for my number and me writing a false one in the margin of The Sun newspaper (him not his Dad)

Thank god I never saw him again.

I think his name was Jason?