It’s four weeks later and I am still thinking about it. I should not be thinking about it at all. I should just be thinking about the marvellous sex. But I am not.

It happened at the station. I’ve never been kissed there before. With a guy I hardly know who had just called me a weirdo. I unzip his jacket and put my hands inside. He’s warm and I want him so badly.

It was the kind of kiss I’ve not had in a long time. Slow, sensual and thrilling. The one when you know you’re gonna end up fucking. On the train, he clutched my bum as the carriage swayed and I exploded.


It’s the same guy as before, The Accountant. After him going dark, me deleting his number, forgetting about him,  etcetera he suddenly reappeared in my messages.

So we meet for a drink in the same place. Except for this time, he tells me he’s badly injured his neck. Immediately I think he won’t be able to do anything. I’m wrong of course.



In almost a replay of before he goes down on me straight away. Last time he actually played with me so much he made my clit numb. My pussy was sore for days afterward. This time I tell him to stop when it is too much. His thumb presses into my inner thigh and I love how that feels. Like he’s totally in control here. And that’s fine with me.

His boxers are black with a white waistband and I still get excited to put my hand in there and play with the package inside. He has smooth large balls and a perfectly cut cock but he doesn’t seem to like me playing with them very much. He kisses me, with the taste of me all over him and I shiver. I take him in my mouth while he lies back on the bed, slowly taking him all deep down my throat. He groans and moans and after a while pulls me away. Then he rolls me over so I’m underneath him, underneath his perfect thighs. The tip of his cock pushes into me while he kisses me and although I want him to fuck me just like that he needs to wear a condom.

I pull one out for him to put on, he unrolls it looking at me the whole time. Just thinking about mounting him now is too much. His cock fits inside me perfectly and he seems to go crazy with me riding him slowly. He pumps into me from below, grabbing my hips. and then flips me over. Slowly entering me and then pulling out with a pop, waiting a few seconds and then going again. God, what did I do to deserve this guy?

He seems to know exactly how I want to cum – riding him with him kneading my tits and biting my nipples. It’s not very long before I do.

He makes no noise when he comes. Yes, he is perfect.


A few days later, I notice the bruise on my left inner thigh where his thumb had been and I smile to myself.