The Electrician – again

It’s been a while but he’s been messaging me fairly regularly for a meet. Less than 24 hours since I met you-know-who but given I didn’t get much action, I’m game. I guess I can’t be in love then.

He’s arriving at lunchtime – I’m working from home. I choose matching neon underwear and a blue vest dress. I toy with wearing no knickers but decide I enjoy the resistance. I slick myself with lube, make sure my lipstick is fixed and my hair is not too perfect.

And then there he is at the door. We kiss in the hallway, he’s smaller than I remember. Lucky I’m barefoot. He puts his hand up my dress – oh is there anything more sexy? He gropes at me, asking if I’m wet. Very soon he finds out that I am.

“Let’s get you upstairs” he growls.

I undress, deciding there is no point beating around the bush. He’s hard, I can feel through his shorts. We grope and kiss, standing up, he bends to suck a nipple. I step back and lie on the bed. He kneels down to lick my pussy, softly at first then rougher. His hot mouth there is a delight. And then fingers, one then two.

Soon my mouth is on his cock. I note the ginger hairs around his stalk as I swallow him. And then says he’s gonna come, pulling me off. He holds the end as the cum seeps out, apologising profusely. I fetch him some tissue, laughing, telling him it’s fine. But, dear reader he’s still hard so I manage to roll on a condom and position myself on him.

He knows what to do as I ride him, grab my tits and squeeze and lick them. I’m so close to cumming but of course he beats me to it.

His cock looks white, dead even in the condom so I help him take it off. He tells me its been a while which I find odd given he’s relatively handsome and polite. We chat about meaningless stuff and he lies there for a bit. I check when he has to leave – in ten minutes it turns out so no chance for another go.

When he leaves I sort myself out with my Rabbit.