The Teacher

He’s French, which is a surprise. I can’t quite place the accent at first but as he explains he’s from a small town near Bordeaux it unfurls from aural hieroglyphics into a recognisable Gallic twang.

One of our favourite all time fucks was French, so we kind of do an internal dance.

The drink at the pub is just a formality, after one we are riding a few stops back to mine.

He grabs me near the bed and we kiss softly, his stubble sexy against my lips. His hands smooth my body down, I grab his waist and feel how goddamn slim he is. I take off my jacket and his hands go over my breast, over the lace body I’m wearing. It’s too damn hot to be doing this so I switch on the fan and push him down on the bed, straddling him we kiss again and I grind into him.

I’ve already taken off my jeans and As I unpop the crotch of the body he gasps. Now I’m in my underwear, he’s fully clothed. I help him take off the shirt and then unbuckle his jeans. He’s hairy like a cartoon Frenchman with a thin silver chain around his neck. I pop off my bra and he buries his face in my breast, kneading them and sucking the nipples. Very soon he is pulling down his boxer shorts – red stripes – and I take him in my mouth. He’s got and oddly not hairy but no evidence of manscaping.

I tease a little and he groans, I take the length and then let it flop out. He makes noises like he loves it. I come up for a breather and we kiss, tongues of course. God he’s good at this. Now he’s pulling my knickers down and traces one finger down my cunt lips then buries his face there. Oh my goodness. A pleasure, sir.

I moan and writhe for a bit until he jumps up to get a condom. One if the first guys in a while to bring his own. He slides it on with an ease I haven’t seen in years and pushes his length inside. Oh good grief, what a glorious fit. Mon dieu indeed!

We missionary for a bit and it’s good, he knows how to move to get a good rhythm going and I fixate on how hairy his shoulders are for some reason. I ask if I can ride him and we switch, me sliding back onto his Gallic member and finding the sweet spot. Meanwhile he actually motor boats me, burying his face between my tits and really enjoying himself. Then grabs each one and licks and sucks and oh wow that’s it yes fuck oh god I’m coming that’s it!

I ride him for a bit longer then tell him to switch. Doggy style for him – as he grabs my hips I tell him to go harder and he explodes not long after.

We lie there for a bit and enjoy the fan. It’s begun to rain so I get up to close the window.

“You’ve got something stuck on you” he says as I peel off the condom wrapper from my ass.

I look at it “Large eh?”

It’s a Passante one but he’s pretty much punching above his weight. He’s a good size but by no means large.

Men eh? Especially French ones…