The Enterprise Consultant

He meets me at the tube stop just in case I get lost which is a lovely gesture. I freak out when I see what I think is him, luckily it isn’t.

But, his photos are four years old and he aged since then. There’s a paunch but he has dressed up at least.

We grab a quick drink in the bar and he reminds me the spa closes at 9pm.


We’ve been teasing each other all day so by the time I remove my knickers and change them for the bikini they are wet. My whole crotch is throbbing. I go and pee and try not to look like a whore as I giggle in the mirror to myself.

I open the door to the spa and immediately my glasses steam up – I can’t see a thing. It’s like a damn sauna in there! I can see a woman in the “pool” which is quite small and he’s lying in a nook/bed type thing. I lose my specs and follow him into the pool.

There are jacuzzi jets , and metal bars formed to make a kind of bench in the water. I sit beside him and worry about my makeup sliding off my face in the heat, my hair frizzing up and what the fuck am I doing?

Very soon we are kissing, and I’m straddling him. I can feel his erect penis through his shorts and it gives me an immense rush. I become wanton, touching myself, touching him, devouring his mouth with mine. Another couple get in the pool so we calm down.

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done but it’s so good I can’t stop. I love the water and being in it with someone who wants to fuck my brains out is too much. As I snog his face off I try and remember if I’ve ever fucked in the water and I come up with NO.

He grabs at one of my breasts in the bikini, I grab his dick through his shorts. I really want to fuck him, despite the fact he looks about ten years older and fatter than me.


Of course we can’t stay in there forever. He’s been a total gent and not even pulled my bikini off.

We slip back to his room on the same floor in our fluffy robes and he opens the door. It’s a huge room, champagne on ice. He’s made an effort.

I take off the bikini and he shows me where to hang it. We go over to the bed with our drinks and he parts my robe.

Oh yes he says.

I close my eyes and think of England.