The Art Director again

It’s Saturday and a series of his messages comes through, less than a week after we’ve met.

If you’re a female reader you will know the drill – I’m horny, my cock needs sucking etc etc. All expecting you to drop everything and run.

Ok so the thought it tempting, but I’ve already messed up on my life admin today and am behind schedule to get into town. So I politely decline, tell him I’m free the next day – but with a feeling of disappointment that he’s even turned into that kind of guy. Being wanted is one thing, but at his convenience only is kinda sleazy.

On the bus my pussy throbs with want and lust. Fuck.

Scroll forward to Sunday afternoon, I feel bad about making excuses to leave my friend and go home but I want to see if he bites. But I also want to try and play it cool.

I send a casual message seeing if he still wants to hook up. The answer is non-committal, typical. I pace up and down, have a bath, fiddle with my hair and redo my makeup. I even decide to cook dinner and forget about him. I start a boxset, and 10 minutes in my phone beeps.

Half an hour later we are clutching at each other again in the hallway. I tell him to follow me upstairs, this time with no drink its different. I can smell he’s been cooking, I can feel the wool of his jumper. We paw at each other and all our clothes are taken off. He lies on the bed and moans as I replace his cock in my mouth. He doesn’t touch me at all. I don’t even touch myself.

He asks for a condom and I climb onto his cock. He’s neither large or small, a perfect fit even. He smells incredible and I keep complimenting him as I’m fucking him. something isn’t quite right though – maybe something to do with us both having inhibitions now which were masked by alcohol last time around. Perhaps something to do with him not making any effort of foreplay.

Either way, he comes pretty quickly with very loud roars and I’m still not sated. We lie together and he tells me to lean into him and embraces me. It’s quite lovely.

I can’t stay away from his cock, I want it in my hand and my mouth. I keep playing and he keeps talking and I just get the sense that he isn’t happy. He says he’s stressed. I ask him if I can fuck him again and we switch position a few times. It’s going well and I’m almost about to come when he climbs off and apologises, saying he’s in his own head too much.

I get the feeling he has a lot going on, so trying to make him laugh seems like the answer. I succeed of course. I guess that is my pleasure and ego sated.

As he leaves he says ” See you again if you play your cards right”

I answer back straight away: I’m playing the joker”.