The Consultant

I meet him in the lobby of a hotel opposite his, it is terrible so we leave quickly and head somewhere else. Bright lights and single businessmen are not what we need. There are corners to be seduced in elsewhere.

On first glance I don’t fancy him at all, but I’m so keen to have sex and so delighted to be out for a drink with a handsome gentleman for a change. His Scottish accent is a huge turn on and I can tell he has a good body from the way his top hugs his chest. We spend around half an hour chatting and then head up to his room in the hotel down the road.

I giggle as the guy and girl on reception nod at us. We haven’t even kissed yet. We go up in a very red lift, turn a corner and he unlocks his door. The room is modern and spacious and there is little sign of anyone staying there. I throw off my coat and shyly ask to use the loo. The bathroom has all the miniature products I like and I scold myself for thinking about stealing them.

I don’t remember how it starts – if I’m honest I don’t even remember what I was wearing. But very quickly we are into a 69 and I am astride his face, hoping desperately that he can’t tell I’m about to start my period and that I’m okay down there.

We switch and I take his cock in my hands. He kneads my tits and licks the nipples, his beard tickling me. He gets out condoms from the bathroom and unrolls one expertly onto his blossoming cock. As he enters me I sigh; I’m delighted how he fills me and grabs my ass to get purchase. He suggests we fuck on the armchair but we both get up to find it won’t quite work. I suggest the floor and I straddle him, bucking up and down until he leaps up and we try for the bed again.

He comes twice and for some reason I can’t come at all. Maybe I feel nothing, maybe I feel too self conscious.

It’s almost a relief to put clothes on. I’d love for him to ask me to stay all night and lazily fuck each other to sleep; but I can tell neither of us really want that.

I leave and he walks me out past the same two on reception. He’s off to get food and I go towards the tube. He tells me to get home safe which makes me laugh.

A young homeless guy approaches me, tells me his woes and I feel more compassion for him than the guy I just left. I give him a fiver and he grins.