Not with a bang but with a whimper, the return to writing. The lull was not self-imposed, the reasons dull.
Actually, no. One reason was that the process of writing about fucks had become hackneyed. In documenting the coitus I had become lethargic. Ennui.
So, yes. There was sex, and plenty of it. But I found myself forgetting the details, not finding one thrilling enough to detail for you, dear reader. We had grown concerned for our audience losing interest.
The blog was always an outlet. Somewhere to hang up our bra, knickers and strap on and laugh at our experiences. Oh yes, the guy who suddenly turned sissy while I was on top was an odd one, but turned us off so much we couldn’t bear to write about it. And then there was nearly a porn star. But nearly isn’t enough is it?
So when a guy turns up at your house at 11.30pm on a Friday night wearing latex underneath his normal clothes you know there is a story in there somewhere.
Let’s be clear – I don’t have previous in this medium. And maybe I never will. A makeshift crotchless PVC onepiece with holes cut out for breasts did make a good substitute. This outfit alone meant I was soaking before he even got here. He takes off the outer clothes and is wearing a black latex polo shirt and leggings with red stripes down the sides. He’s tall, bearded and with glasses perhaps more handsome than I expected.
I feel like a child exploring a new playroom. I even ask him what to do. My naivety cannot be attractive, but we start with me licking the outline of his cock encased in rubber. It’s really quite sensational. He lies back on the bed. There’s a red zip which I guess I’m not allowed to unfasten quite yet. I can feel the warmth of his crotch but it’s not weird like I expected. I hop up and rub myself against him. Crumbs, is this supposed to feel this good? I could actually orgasm doing this. He takes the top off and we fool around some more. He slaps my cunt, after checking its okay to do that. I love it. I remove my outfit as it’s not very practical to fuck in. He unzips his cock and I take it in my mouth, a great specimen but very hairy balls, dear reader.

He groans. A lot. We kiss. He fucks me from behind. And then I get on top.

There is a moment where I nip some part of my cunt on his zip. I cry out and then realise what a turn on it is. I almost come, but he does instead – silently.