One and two makes

I’m hosting a threesome for the first time: it feels weird. Especially when you’ve only had 24 hours notice and one of the guys you’ve known for ages and it’s his idea. The other guy is his mate. And all this despite the fact you’ve tried to tempt him before. 

They arrive and we chat for a bit downstairs. I’m so nervous I trip over my words. I don’t know why- I’ve done this before it’s them who are new to it. N is as he always is: handsome, jokey and impeccably dressed. M is quieter and I make sure not to make him feel uncomfortable. One by one they excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. While M is upstairs N asks for a glass of water and follows me into the kitchen. He grabs my butt as I turn the tap on. And then kisses me gently. He asks if this is all okay and I say yes, it is. 

He takes me upstairs while M is in the bathroom. We circle my room and wait for M. We chat for a bit and I sit on the bed to take my shoes off. I turn to kiss M for the first time while N is behind me: rougher, pulling apart my pants to finger me. I’m soaked already. We all undress and I see M is quite small down there and has a belly. They couldn’t look more different. I go straight for M’s dick while N does his usual lick and fingers my pussy. I groan as I suck. It’s too good. M comes pretty quickly and I swallow his load. Wipe my mouth and lie on my back. N starts between my legs while M and I kiss. I love the contrast and enjoy kissing someone I don’t know at all. His lips and beard are soft and he is gentle, shy. I can’t come with N so ask them to swap and within 5 minutes I’m shuddering into M’s face. 

We lie back, all three of us me in the middle. M caresses my shoulders while I kiss N. Both their hands play with my clit. I grab a dick in each hand: one small and semi hard, the other huge and hard. And then both of them start nibbling at my breasts. At that moment I feel like a queen. 

Our afternoon takes many turns. Me and M 69 while N watches; playing with his cock and looking out of the window for air. I suck M again and he comes again in my mouth. I come straddling N’s face. N fucksme from   behind while I suck M, his thrusts pushing me further onto this tiny dick. 

I ride N, M lying beside us. It’s weird and we both know it without having to say anything.  I reach for M’s dick and try to pump it but it’s too much of a stretch. I think he’s getting off on what’s going on anyway. As always I have a brief ” what the hell must I look like” thought which disappears as soon as it appeared. I have two cocks in my room and no time limit. 

N can’t come and keeps telling us which as I point out is a mistake. He tells us he doesn’t feel right and I worry that by putting attention on the newcomer I have neglected him. 

They take showers, one after the other and N comes to me after his at the sink as I’m making my face look less like it’s just had a threesome. He asks me to kneel down on the bathroom floor and suck him. I don’t really want to, but he does need to come. I swallow his length and within 30 seconds he comes hard. There is a lot of come in my mouth for the third time today and this I can’t swallow. I spit it out in the sink while he dries himself. 

They leave and I quickly dress to go and visit friends across town. Guilty with the taste of cum still on my lips.