The Van Man

We’ve been chatting for a good 7 months, trying to find a good time to meet. Okay, okay: we were meant to be having a threesome. With holidays, other commitments it got difficult. So we end up meeting just one on one. I have a day off, he’s working nearby. It falls into place easily. 

We meet at my local pub, a terrifying venue which is mainly men. In fact I’m one of two women. I get many leery looks when I go to the bar, I decide to ignore all of them and sit outside. 

He bounds in not long after. We laugh and joke and I make it very clear he’s welcome to come back to mine. I jump in his van and he drives me round to my road. He’s a painter and decorator, runs his own business. I don’t have one of those in my black book and I let him know he’ll have to take a look at my place. 

I dash to the loo and return to find him standing in the bedroom gazing out the window. I slip my arms around him from behind and reach into his pants. He’s got a very healthy package. 

I kneel before him and try and take the length, he groans and grabs my tit. I take my bra off and my skirt. He pulls everything off and I lie back on the bed. He pulls aside my knickers and laps. He buries his face in my pussy, his hair massing around his face making him look like a Jack Russell with ears. It’s delicious and I seriously regret fucking myself to orgasm earlier with a bullet vibe. His technique is a delight. He tells me he is afraid of coming too soon and asks for a condom. 

He enters me from behind and his length is breathtaking, it feels pretty good inside me. He grabs my cheeks and I tell him to look in the mirror at us. He keeps stopping, telling me he’s close to coming. I instruct him to reach around and play with my clit. That for him is the end, he comes and tells me he has – apologising profusely. 

Unlike those who have gone before him I don’t mind. Before he leaves he gives me a quick price for decorating two rooms and I fuck myself again with the doxy before he’s even driven out of my road. 

One and two makes

I’m hosting a threesome for the first time: it feels weird. Especially when you’ve only had 24 hours notice and one of the guys you’ve known for ages and it’s his idea. The other guy is his mate. And all this despite the fact you’ve tried to tempt him before. 

They arrive and we chat for a bit downstairs. I’m so nervous I trip over my words. I don’t know why- I’ve done this before it’s them who are new to it. N is as he always is: handsome, jokey and impeccably dressed. M is quieter and I make sure not to make him feel uncomfortable. One by one they excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. While M is upstairs N asks for a glass of water and follows me into the kitchen. He grabs my butt as I turn the tap on. And then kisses me gently. He asks if this is all okay and I say yes, it is. 

He takes me upstairs while M is in the bathroom. We circle my room and wait for M. We chat for a bit and I sit on the bed to take my shoes off. I turn to kiss M for the first time while N is behind me: rougher, pulling apart my pants to finger me. I’m soaked already. We all undress and I see M is quite small down there and has a belly. They couldn’t look more different. I go straight for M’s dick while N does his usual lick and fingers my pussy. I groan as I suck. It’s too good. M comes pretty quickly and I swallow his load. Wipe my mouth and lie on my back. N starts between my legs while M and I kiss. I love the contrast and enjoy kissing someone I don’t know at all. His lips and beard are soft and he is gentle, shy. I can’t come with N so ask them to swap and within 5 minutes I’m shuddering into M’s face. 

We lie back, all three of us me in the middle. M caresses my shoulders while I kiss N. Both their hands play with my clit. I grab a dick in each hand: one small and semi hard, the other huge and hard. And then both of them start nibbling at my breasts. At that moment I feel like a queen. 

Our afternoon takes many turns. Me and M 69 while N watches; playing with his cock and looking out of the window for air. I suck M again and he comes again in my mouth. I come straddling N’s face. N fucksme from   behind while I suck M, his thrusts pushing me further onto this tiny dick. 

I ride N, M lying beside us. It’s weird and we both know it without having to say anything.  I reach for M’s dick and try to pump it but it’s too much of a stretch. I think he’s getting off on what’s going on anyway. As always I have a brief ” what the hell must I look like” thought which disappears as soon as it appeared. I have two cocks in my room and no time limit. 

N can’t come and keeps telling us which as I point out is a mistake. He tells us he doesn’t feel right and I worry that by putting attention on the newcomer I have neglected him. 

They take showers, one after the other and N comes to me after his at the sink as I’m making my face look less like it’s just had a threesome. He asks me to kneel down on the bathroom floor and suck him. I don’t really want to, but he does need to come. I swallow his length and within 30 seconds he comes hard. There is a lot of come in my mouth for the third time today and this I can’t swallow. I spit it out in the sink while he dries himself. 

They leave and I quickly dress to go and visit friends across town. Guilty with the taste of cum still on my lips. 


I meet him in my new private members club: he gets there first and I trip in around 10 minutes late. I’m delighted to see he is as advertised and I immediately fancy him. We are sitting next to each other in a corner but very quickly we are surrounded by other couples. 
While we chat he starts to touch me, my arm, my thigh. Nothing creepy. I wish many times we are in a different position and not either side of a table but despite that suddenly he is reaching to kiss me and sliding his tongue in my mouth. It feels too much and I tell him. 
A few more drinks and he tells me he wants to fuck me in an alley: I tell him he’s ridiculous. As always with a man I’m attracted to – I am amazed at the compliment. He slips a finger into my pussy as we kiss; in full view of everyone. It’s been a while.

We leave and he takes me by the hand. Which shocks me as well. We find an alleyway near to a busy pub and he starts to kiss me. My pussy lubricates itself as he kisses my neck. He gropes under my dress and a group pass by. I feel so slutty. We stop, then he continues. It’s a warm night and people are still out. We walk to the Main Street and he snogs me in a doorway : someone shouts at him to get his tongue out of my throat. I feel like I’m 14: except this never happened when I was 14. 

We walk to an area with seating, it’s late and other people are embracing and trying to find a private spot. We both have our bags over our laps and our hands in each other’s pants. It is glorious. He makes me taste myself. It gets busier, we laugh as the folk walking past all have hats on and it’s way too hot. 

We find another narrower alleyway and by now I am dripping. I can feel my knickers are soaked. His hands push aside the fabric and I grunt as he expertly works my clit. We stop as cars go past, he says we should stop. I feel his cock through his jeans and pull it out while he loosens his belt. His cock is sturdy, just the way I like them. I put him into my mouth and he says my name over and over again. He grabs my head and then pulls me away. He’s now behind me grabbing at my breasts. I pull up my dress, twirl and show him my knickers. It drives him wild, he grabs me back to press my body against his, furiously fingering me. I tell him to lick it, and he obeys straight away. I hold his head and arch one leg around him as he laps it up and I grind on his face. And then minutes later up he gets as he can’t stay kneeling so swaps tongue for fingers. My legs tremble and I can feel my wetness coat my thighs. I come, a glorious sweaty release in the hot summer night. 
I text him on the way home:
“I’ve never come like that so quickly”

I pause before pressing send. And then think – fuck it. He has to know. 
“I nearly came when you sucked me, I was so close. And I have literally only ever been able to come in someone’s mouth once.” 

1pm & 6pm 30/6/17

I’m sitting here like the cat that’s got the cream. In the past 24 hours I’ve had sex with the two most fabulous guys within hours of each other. And I can only tell you, dear reader. When I woke up my nipples hurt. And then I remembered. I haven’t bathed yet, the smell of myself on my fingers, enjoying every last memory of a filthy afternoon.

Both guys haven’t visited for ages : the first three months ago, the second twelve. The timing is perfect. I haven’t been fucked in a month; their messages spark my pussy into life after a week of monthly-cycle slumber.

I arrive home minutes before the first guy: just enough time to quickly pull on a suspender belt and stockings. He likes what he sees of course and we go upstairs immediately. He’s pre-booked a few requests in so I don’t waste any time unbuckling his belt and manipulating his length into my mouth. He loves this, he gently holds my head in the position he wants and thrusts gently. My throat opens up and I take him as deep as I can, in between a few deep breaths. My saliva drools from his cock, he pumps it a few times and lifts it so I can suck his balls.

I can’t kneel any more so get on the bed. He kneels now to worship my pussy. As he touches my crotch he exclaims how wet I am. I’m delighted. We both strip and he fingers me, his palm flat on my mons pubis, his other hand working away inside. He has been practising, it feels incredible. We 69, me on top, no time to tie my hair back. My drool and his pre-cum are now in my hair.

He wants to take me doggy style and asks for a condom. He arranges me at the end of the bed. Normally I hate this position but I want to feel used, only there for his pleasure. He thrusts into me until I can’t move. It’s not unpleasant but it isn’t doing much for me. I manage to push back on his cock and push myself up, but he wants to stop. He flips me over and I realise he’s lost his erection. We don’t have much time anyway, he has to go back to work.

We travel back into the city, him into the office, me to an appointment.

A few hours later I get back home. I can still smell him on my hands. I shower quickly and wonder what to wear for the second round. I decide on the same combo, a lacy halter bra and knickers, different dress. I slick myself with lube as always. And then the doorbell goes.

I had forgotten how tall he was. He kisses me in the doorway and he tastes of his lunch – something tomatoey with celery. It both repulses me and makes me wet. His kisses are to die for. I lead him upstairs and shyly look at him. His body! I had forgotten the smoothness of his skin and the tautness of his arms. Like a pro he grabs my chin and kisses me again. And pinches my bum. I unbuckle and take his cock in a mirror image of what I did 3 hours ago. His is thicker, and harder. I lie down on the bed like earlier and he kisses right around my knickers, teasing me. Oh how I have missed this professional. My kickers are removed and his mouth is on my sex and it is so good I make noises I haven’t before. As he inserts his fingers I almost giggle with pleasure, but stop myself. He is stimulating my Gspot and I am on the borderline between pain and pleasure – I hear the familiar sound of wetness as he moves his expert hands and realise I have squirted all over the bed.

We take a break and then start up again. It’s warm in my room and he is sweating. But we try every position – him on top, holding my legs in the air, scissoring me and from behind. But reader, as soon as I climb aboard that magnificent length, I am gone. I come straight away.