Let her eat cake

It’s the only way I get to see him these days: order a cake. One day I’ll order one just for me. I won’t share it at all, it won’t be for someone else’s birthday. Maybe I’ll indulge one of my own unspoken fantasies with it. Sit on it.

This time it’s red velvet. As I lift the lid of the box I can smell the butter in the cream cheese frosting. The top is covered in red glitter and grated white chocolate. He’s done good and he knows it. We stand chatting for a while and I get the feeling we aren’t going to fuck: he has another cake to bake tonight and has to go shopping for the ingredients.

As he leaves he turns to kiss me. And doesn’t stop. His hands move to my waist, my breasts and my pussy. He bites my neck and I squirm, my head landing on his shoulder. I groan and reach into his shorts for his cock. He’s semi-hard and I kneel down to take his length. I don’t know what we’re doing but I feel nothing, and it feels great.

Upstairs he stands behind me and pulls down my knickers. He jiggles out of his shorts and he’s naked. I sit down on the bed and he opens my legs, licking and sucking at my pussy lips. He works me into a frenzy and I have to pull away, the stimulation of my clit is too much.

Next his fingers are inside me, I can hear how wet my pussy is as he stimulates my g-spot. I grab his cock and suck it, he wiggles his fingers inside me. I groan again. I tell him he has to fuck me. He pulls me down the bed and makes me ride his face. My knees buckle as they’re too near the end. We keep it up for a while and then he pushes me onto my side. He smacks my ass and pushes his cock inside. It’s really good but he needs to put a condom on. He thrusts hard and pounds me, my face is pushed into the pillow and I love the feeling of being used. Scared he’s gonna come too soon I push myself up and make him put on a condom. I ride him until we both come together for the first time.