A game of two halves with no home goals


We have 2o minutes because he is late. I’m meeting family in town but the chance of fucking him beforehand and arriving breathless and rosy-cheeked is amusing me. I know, bad girl. It’s not ideal but I am breathless as I wait. He comes in and jokes that this is indeed the very definition of a quickie. We both strip standing up and I kneel to take his cock in my mouth. Soon he is groaning and holding my head. He pulls me up to kiss me and then we flip to eat each other out.

I glance at the clock and tell him I have to get ready to leave. He pulls out and tries to dress with his erection still poking out. He chides that we won’t count this one, and tells me we won’t mention it again. Neither of us have come.

I am early to meet my relatives. Damn.

Exactly a week later, Saturday night and he’s lazily texting me. I hadn’t realised he’s in the area. I ask if he wants to come over and suddenly I have half an hour to get ready. I bathe, shave and dress in something easy to take off.

He wants to sit down and chat, his hands are freezing but soon up my gown and kneading my thighs. I’m watching “Shaun of the Dead” and he mentions its his favourite movie. And then we go up. He tells me he has to leave at 12, so we have around 2 hours. I tell him this is the ultimate booty call – he asks if its a problem. I take off my robe and say no.

My basque is easy to pull my tits out of and his cold hands cup them as he nibbles at my nipples. I barely touch his cock and he pulls aside the material to probe my pussy. Soon he is down there and his tongue is darting in and out. I’m self conscious – my pubic hair isn’t as smooth as usual but he doesn’t say a word.

For the next twenty minutes he plays a symphony  with fingers and tongue, flipping me around to get the best position for him to lick me. It is unlike anything I’ve experienced. We then switch again to 69, I’m sweating by now and he is breathless too. But reader, how do I love this position. Picking up his thick cock, massaging it and deep-throating him until he squeaks, pulling me off because he can’t take it. I love how my throat closes on him, how he stops licking while he comes to terms with what I’m doing.

And then I mount him. As ever, his cock fills me like no other. We try some different positions and then he delivers the first blow:

“Why haven’t you come yet?”

It stuns me. I stop my jiggling and tell him not to mention it as it makes matters worse. He has already pulled out twice to stop himself orgasm. And now I’m under pressure. He pulls out and starts to fuck me from behind, grabbing my hips in the way that I love. And then he’s switched again and my legs are in the air – and OH GOD HE’S SUCKING MY TOES!

I’ve come close to orgasm twice now but stupidly have stopped myself. I curse myself for having wanked so much during the day – abandoning my Doxy for a vibe I haven’t used in months not knowing I’d have an evening visitor. I tell him maybe I’m all out but he’s still giving me a hard time. And then he looks at the clock and realises he’s out of time.

He asks to come in my mouth and I’m more than happy to agree. For some reason he suddenly tells me he hasn’t slept with anyone else for months. My cunt tweaks and his hot come fills my throat. He actually apologises because it lasts for longer than usual.

I’m left with an odd feeling of failure and worry that I seem to have lost my ability to orgasm with a him, even anyone given my recent run.