I hadn’t planned for him to be my last fuck of the year. In fact I’d lined up three others, knowing one or all would probably pull out. That day, co-incedentally I had past conquests and former lucky contestants all getting in touch for some post-Christmas fun.

Maybe I consider myself lucky that now I can choose. Four years of very casual sex has meant I can at least sort the wheat from the chaff. But his messages made my cunt twitch.

He arrives and I remark on his casualwear – I’ve only ever seen him in a suit. We go to the kitchen and I pour us both champagne. Why not eh? It is Christmas. He pulls aside my kimono and gazes at my thighs, the suspenders and stockings now visible. I shiver as he holds my chin and kisses me. He tells me how much fun it would be to fuck me in the kitchen and I tell him only one person has done that. We start to grope each other clumsily, he pulls up my basque and I reach down into his pants. Hmm. He grinds against me and it feels amazing. He pulls out his cock and I stroke it. I tell him we should go to my room.

We go upstairs – he takes the bottle, cock still hanging out and I laugh.


He stands there, puts the glasses down on the chest of drawers and I automatically sink to my knees. I take him in my mouth and he’s warm. He holds my head and gasps. “Oh god I’ve missed you doing that”. We grapple with each other and I make him lie back on the bed. I kneel between his legs and take him again and again, licking his balls, caressing his shaft and making him groan. It feels good. It feels good to be in control. I climb up the bed and he grabs my ass, fingering my pussy and slapping my ass cheeks. I groan this time – he knows exactly how I tick and what I crave. I’m now face down on the bed while he tickles me and slaps me. It is awful and incredible at the same time. He says nothing as I unfurl a condom and roll it onto him. I mount him and ease him into me, it feels so good. It is what I have wanted and needed for several weeks. We grind into one another, both gasping at how good it is. And I come weirdly, suddenly and without a noise.

Suddenly he pulls out and pushes me up the bed, entering me from behind. I can tell he’s frustrated. He pumps into me and grunts. I love it when he does that. And then he starts pulling my hair, grabbing the back of my basque and holding me up by that. And then he pushes my face down into the bed. I fight against him and get up. He pulls off the condom and gets me to take him in his mouth again. He’s lost his erection.

He asks to see my new toy and I hold the Doxy against his balls. He enjoys the sensation and his cock grows in size again. I show off the settings and let him take control. I tell him not to use it on one area too much or it will go numb. I giggle as he turns up the speed between my legs while grabbing my tits and licking my nipples. He pins my arms to the bed, kneeling on one of them to stop me struggling. It’s too much. He sits on my face and stuffs his cock in my mouth, he’s now fully hard and I try and gain some purchase. He slips right down to the quick and I have to keep pushing him off to breathe properly. But that does it. He tells me he’s coming and soon my face is coated with a full hot load of his spunk. And my sense of pride is extraordinary.

He hands me a tissue and I wipe my face. We chat for a while and he announces he needs the loo. I ask if he wants to use me as his toilet. I climb into the bath and await him. He has stage fright at first of course, but soon a hot jet of piss streams over my body. I giggle and shiver. He tells me there will be three. I brace myself for the second and open my mouth. All I can smell is wheat, and I tell him. “That will be the beers” he laughs. The final burst goes over my tits. I quickly shower off to get warm and dry myself.

With him, I can’t explain it. He is unattainable, and sporadically available. Perhaps this is the best way?