The Plumber 

He has finished the job, his clothes soaked from him repairing the pipe. “Is this the bit where I tell you to get out of your wet things?” I giggle. He smiles shyly and shrugs. I swear this isn’t a porn movie. 

We go upstairs and he nuzzles my neck, standing behind me. Shivers of pleasure make me jump. It’s been a long time since anyone did something this tender. And my body reacts with goosebumps. Suddenly I’m cold and climb under the bedcovers. He joins me and we are drawn to each other. His hands travel down to my breasts and he begins to kiss them. I reach down into his boxers and feel his cock is already hard. It’s a pleasure to go down on him, it is just the right size for my mouth and I enjoy taking it deep down my throat. 

The light catches the downy hairs on his balls; I love the fact I’m not in a rush and I know I can relax with him. We move and he goes down on me, his lips softly caressing my clit. We switch around and I mount his face. I swallow his cock and play with his balls, feeling them grow in size. I ride his mouth and very quickly he has me orgasm. Holding back is impossible this time. 


Here there are no pre-destined roles. Just two people fucking each other in afternoon daylight. He is gentle with me, but his thighs are more powerful than they look. The minute he has the condom on I slide onto him, and as soon as I’ve got used to his moves I want him on top of me. The feel of him inside me is incredible, I don’t want it to end. 

We switch and he mounts me. I enjoy the feel of him on top, the control. He holds my hand. I can hardly look at him. 

And then he comes, quickly and silently. 

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