Le Retour

Four long months. We were both busy I guess. But it hurt. I craved him badly; other partners came and went but none could match him; no – us. 

On the morning of our meet he texts me to say he is so hard under the desk at work he can’t get up. It shocks me – I’m surprised I have that effect I guess, even after all this time. 

He arrives and it’s like he’s coming home : to my lips, my tits, my cunt.

He’s wearing light gray suit trousers – I comment on how nice they are. He tells me they are new. I unbuckle his belt and sit on the bed. He reaches for my cunt and rubs it, watching me. I arch my back and fall back on the bed. He slides my dress up and kisses my thighs, my knees, my pussy over my knickers. 

I take his cock in my mouth and he keeps saying “oh yes” as I slide myself down its length. He pulls it out of the way and motions for me to give his balls some attention. I don’t need asking twice. I switch positions on the bed and spin round to be underneath him so he can pump his cock into my mouth and play with me at the same time. Our heights are so uneven it doesn’t work for long. We switch again and he slaps my face, my breasts and my pussy. I am lost, in a sea of pleasure rolling towards me, submersing my toes and washing back and forth. 

We are a mess of spit, spunk, come and sweat. He fingers me as I suck his cock, half crouching, him half standing over me. He lets me sit on his face and I enjoy the hair on his top lip grinding against my pussy lips.  I come as he fingers me – exploding like a firework as I suck his cock and his fingers strum my clit. I lose myself with him so utterly I don’t care who I am or where we are. He circles my asshole with his finger, spits and then slides a digit in. I reciprocate by biting his nipples and sucking them. He comes on my tits and we lie back, bathed in sweat and the evening sun. 

We chat for a bit and soon he is caressing me again: we fire up the horse again and I ride it. Then he flips me over and fucks me from behind. I’m in an awkward position but I enjoy being overpowered by him. 

We both try to come again – this time he wins and groans as I grind on him. 

“Putain” I say.