The Construction Manager

We’re chatting online and he mentions he’s free this morning – he has an hour before he gets a train back to Manchester. I check my diary and realise my first meeting isn’t until 1 and I can make something up. I know. 

He’s in a hotel not too far away, but my heart is beating hard and fast as I make my way there. 


The signal in the lobby is awful, I tell him I’m here but the message hasn’t delivered. I make a quick dash for the loo, past the old ladies having coffee and the businessmen in a meeting. 

I’m nervous, and feel naughty. This is why people have affairs, isn’t it? 

I spot him outside. He quickly says hello and guides me to the lift. He looks like an actor – his face is full of character and his eyes crackle with mischief. He grins at me. I follow him to the room – comfortable, good sized. I put my bags down and rummage for the condoms. He fusses around the room – there is a chaise longe and a high- ish bed. I take everything in, remembering where it all is should I need to exit quickly. I suggest he puts the “do not disturb” sign on the door. 

I wonder what drives a normally sensible woman to a strangers hotel room on a Thursday morning and then his finger slips my panties aside and I remember how god damned horny I am. 

His body is hard, he works out and I enjoy the tautness of his stomach. The guys I’ve been with recently have not been so gym-defined. 

We grapple on the bed, he wants my tits in his mouth and my mouth swallowing his dick; we writhe until we have a happy medium. I enjoy the fact his balls are covered in blond hair, I can see his ass is as well. I do not normally fuck blondes. 

I grind my pussy into his chin, his stubble really hitting my spot. 


Maybe it is the heat; maybe it is the urgency, maybe I am just ripe. I come with his fingers inside me and his cock in my mouth. My orgasm sets him off and I take his load, remembering he has a thing for seeing it in the mouth before swallowing. I open my mouth and he groans, I roll my tongue with it inside and then swallow. 


I get back to work, my mouth and hands still smell of him.