The House Call 

He arrives in his overalls and I keep up the pretence of him looking at my sockets. He is shy; clearly uncomfortable in his work gear and strips it off quickly. He starts to kiss me but I am greedy and want to get started. I pull down his shorts, kneel on the rug and take him in my mouth. He groans and thrusts into me and I enjoy his hand on my head, guiding me into the best position.

He groans and I withdraw, admiring the coral lipstick mark around his cock. He is hard, his cock bobbing up and down as he steps out of the shorts.  I pull down my pencil skirt and show him my thong and stockings. He quickly pulls aside my knickers and buries his face there. It is delicious. 

Soon the pants come off and we lie beside each other, his cock in my mouth and his face in my pussy. Occasionally he stops to lick or bite my nipple. He moves to cover my face, his legs either side of my head. His stalk is prodded further down my throat and he moans as he spurts. 

Later I am in his arms, and the light from the day is fading. I am as happy as I have ever been, and I sigh. His fingers smooth over my bum and he holds it firmly. I look into his eyes and smile. He slowly rubs it again and then smacks. He rubs again and smacks in a slightly different place. He keeps going, sometimes over the cheek, sometimes just below. Each time he rubs before the smack. His other hand is vigorously fucking my pussy, his rough fingers inside me. I bury my face in his chest and wince. My skin is red hot but it is sublime. By the time he is finished it is so dark I cannot see his expression. I wriggle and he smacks harder, I feel wetness between my legs as his fingers pull out of me. I wrestle away from him and he checks I am okay. 

“You are really good at that” I say shyly

“Am I?” He asks

“Yes. It’s very hard to find someone who can do it properly” 


We lie in the dark and chat until I pull the cord to turn on the light. I want to see his face again. Those eyes have a smile somehow that I have grown fond of. I reach down and find he is hard again. 

Soon he is on top of me, my legs wrapped around him.