Proverbs 26.11

That’s how the saying goes isn’t it? as a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. I hate to go all biblical on you, dear reader – but needs must in desperate times. 

I had already had a bad day at work, the worst in ages. Nothing seemed to go right, so the promise of hot sex in the evening kept me going. 

He arrived around 10, climbing into bed with me, kissing and sucking my lips, then my breasts after carefully pulling them out of my bra. He was naked, me only half so and his erection was promising. I revelled in his touch, partly wrapping my legs around him and smelling his hair. I almost forget this guy means nothing to me in those few brief moments of pleasure. He nibbles on each nipple carefully, tenderly and I enjoy his attention for what seems like ages. I fondle his stiff cock, he tries to pull aside my knickers. 

“I can’t find the opening” he says. I’m surprised at this. Normally a guy would yank them down or pull them aside. 

I remove them and take off my dress. And then comes the weird part: he bashes his cock against my pussy, which actually feels divine. I mention condoms and he asks if he can put it in a little bit, promising he won’t come. Somehow I am already wet despite his rudimentary moves, so I slide on top of him. It feels incredible, but I’m not comfortable. I don’t know him well enough – has he been tested? What was his last relationship? 

I tell him I won’t fuck him without a condom. 

This is a big deal: me laying down the law. But instead of saddling up and getting on with it, he pushes me down to his cock, with the promise that he won’t come. “Please suck it a little bit, it’s been so long”. 

I oblige and within – ooh – 20 seconds he is unloading into my mouth. His penis throbs and spurts and I can taste his bitter seed pumping down my throat. 

He apologised for coming, telling me he normally wanks during the day but today he didn’t. 

I lie on my side facing away from him while he tells me about his car. I’m eye rolling to high heaven and wondering what to do next. I mean, I could nearly have come if we’d continued. Silly me. 


” Are you ready for round two?” he suddenly asks, chirpily. I mutter something about thinking he would want to leave. 

“Do you want me to leave”? He asks. 

“No, I didn’t realise you could go again.”

He pulls back the cover and I realise I have never seen his cock fully flaccid. I mean, it’s small but I’m no size queen anyway.

Jesus, who am I tonight? I wish I had the balls to kick him out. 

I start sucking and enjoy tasting myself on him. I enjoy the taste of him as well. But nothing is happening. He is embarrassed, but not experienced enough to know a girl can be pleasured in other ways.

I think about asking him if he would finger me, but realise I can’t be bothered. 

I feel nothing.

“There is another way I can help.” I state

“What’s that?”

“Prostate massage. Your cock would soon stand to attention.”

“Oh no, I have some stomach problems today.”

It’s the final nail in the coffin for me. Once he’s left I don’t even masturbate. 

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  1. I’ve never heard that proverb before but it sounds sensible none the less. Sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t great this time and that you were left unsatisfied. The writing was still superb and well received.


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