The Policy Advisor Part 4

I hadn’t expected to fuck him again. He was supposedly dating someone so I hadn’t seen him for a good two or three months. But he kept messaging me, on and off. And then inevitably his relationship ended and the promise of sex hung in the air.He fucked up of course, expecting me to be free when he wanted. Friends told me not to go back. “You don’t want to be second best”.

I struggled with it, but cock is cock and I wanted to see if it would be as good again.

“Do you want to come and fuck me?”

” I didn’t expect you to ask me that again”

“I like to surprise”. 

He arrives on a cold and windy Saturday after dinner with his parents which I tease him about. I had forgotten how marvellously good looking he was. I’ve dressed up for him which is new. I had laid out all my toys ready for us to use, but something has made me put them away again before he arrives. 

He audibly gasps when I take off my dress. Earlier he had asked what I wanted. 

“Lots of oral. That cock again” 

“Good answer”

“What do you want?”

“To make you cum again. To see how much you like spanking.”

I kneel down and begin to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoning his fly. His cock bulges against the fabric and I pull it out, letting his trousers fall down. It flinches at my touch, I lick around the end and feel the warmth of his skin. I look up at him and he puts his hands behind his back and thrusts into my mouth. 

“Are you with your parents yet?” 

“On the way there now” 

“so it would be bad to send you this {insert picture in naughty underwear}”

“Are you wearing that right now?” 

“you’ll have to find out won’t you?”

We get onto the bed, he’s confused by my knickers and is either teasing me royally by pulling them off and snapping them back over my pussy. We kiss and then move into a 69 position, my view is of his asshole and a fold of skin which runs from there to the base of his cock. I take one of his balls in my mouth and he cries out. I go back to swallowing down his cock. He is fingering my pussy, by now my knickers are off but his mouth isn’t anywhere near although I can feel his breath on it. I am in the perfect position and occasionally he thrusts deep into my mouth. 

He dances his fingers inside my cunt and I buck and writhe with his cock still in my mouth. Occasionally it pops out as I take a breath and moan at the pleasurable feeling he is creating. I want his mouth on mine. We move as one, the feeling is intense and I grab his chest, moving to thrust on his mouth as he thrusts into mine. Soon the pleasure is too much and I come, shuddering as he laps up my juices and doesn’t stop.

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