The Facilities Manager Part 2 

His technique should be patented or trademarked and sold around the world to all men. Actually : no. I want it all to myself.  I have never been with someone so confident and creative. For the second time in my life I was played like a musical instrument with lips and fingers – brushed, plucked and strummed with care. Just as he had stopped playing with me he dragged his finger from ass to clit and then lightly slapped my cunt. 

The next hour was spent in near ecstasy. He would move my legs into positions they hadn’t been before and I would feel his mouth in places that thrilled me. I sat astride his face and blissfully shuddered to orgasm, my legs shaking with pleasure. As I did he played with his cock and I turned back and helped him. 

” I think you want to suck it” he teases and we switch to a 69 position, me facing his cock and him still gorging between my legs. He is huge, I can hardly get my lips around him from the angle I’m at. I climb off him and move to between his legs, admiring him from a better view. I take him in my mouth again and he gently holds my hair out of the way. I deep throat him a couple of times but he stops me and pulls me up to kiss me. 

“What do you want to do?” He asks, planting kisses all over my face. Our tongues dance together, there is an ache inside me. I look deep into his eyes and we rub together, I am soaking and I’m sliding up and down his cock and I could come right now. His hands are on my butt and his lips are on mine and it’s good. Really good. 

We stop and he puts on a condom. I mount him and he slides in straight to my core. It feels like nothing else. He tells me he doesn’t know what I’m doing but it feels amazing. I am doing very little except sliding ever so slowly up and down his cock. He grabs my arse tight, both cheeks and pushes me harder onto him. He starts to thrust into me but I tell him slower. We move like this for what feels like an eternity: each movement heightening and intensifying the orgasm. There is a small interlude when he decides he wants to fuck me from behind : the feeling of his cock at a different angle prompts him to comment how tight I am. 

We come at the same time, me on top of him, him cradling my breasts with both hands. 


He goes to the bathroom to clean up, I retrieve the clothes from the floor. His vest: I slip it on, it smells of him. I look in the mirror – the shape is flattering, my boobs look huge. He comes back in and catches me. I throw it off and apologise. “You can keep it if you want”. I don’t of course. 

Reader, it is a fuck that lasts for five days. I craved his touch so much it drove me crazy. And still do. 

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