The Business Analyst: Part 1

Here she is, naked on her back, legs apart, from having just had her knickers teased off her slowly. He tugged them down her hips, pushed her legs together to pull down the red lace past her knees and off her feet. He’s inspected them carefully, felt them and sniffed them – they are now just to the left of him on the bed, neatly folded.

He is naked except for his trousers. She hasn’t asked why. She’s already noted the belt. They have been kissing, his mouth seems to know exactly what hers wants – and they enjoy a battle of tongues. He’s a great kisser. His hand is fully groping her pussy, alternated with tiny kisses from his mouth. Her head is thrown back almost off the edge of the bed as he probes her. He takes one hand and places it around her neck, still teasing her with his fingers and she moans with pleasure. Her head moves from side to side and she inches up the bed, head unsupported.

And then he slaps her, clean across her right cheek.


They’ve talked about a few things before they meet for real. He’s told her about the girl he saw for a while who liked him to cum into her knickers in the loo at lunchtime which she would then replace and go back to work with. She’s told him she has pegging experience. He’s told her he dated a girl who liked being punched in the face. She’s told him about the guy who liked to be choked. He’s funny, clever and doesn’t seem to ask the same kind of questions about squirting or anal the other guys do. Or assume she is free at the drop of a hat.

They meet for a drink after work. She’s wearing a red low cut top and lipstick to match. She arrives first, and has an awkward few minutes at the bar wondering if it’s rude not to wait for him.

And there he is. Very tall. And hard to read.

They order and sit down. She guides the conversation and carefully selects topics to discuss. At times he nudges her, when he’s made a joke or she has. They have another drink, he moves closer to her and puts his arm around her back.


She sits up straight, head reeling with questions, a flashing neon sign in her brain says C O N S E N T.  She says something like:

“What the hell was that?” And he shrinks back, apologises. She can’t remember what he said – it doesn’t matter now. He kisses her again and blinks. He looks sheepish. They lie down beside each other now, she tells him there is only one place she’d like to be slapped.

His eyebrows do a funny dance.

“Oh, apart from my bum”

“I like your bum” he says, grabbing it and twisting the cheek.

“My pussy” she whispers.

“Why? Why there?” His hand moves to cup it.

” I don’t know, I saw it in a porno or something”

“Are you sure?” He asks.

“Yes, please”

She flinches as he pulls back his hand. He grins.

His first strike is soft. She tells him to go harder. He does and her pussy smarts with the sting of his palm. But she’s wet. He does it again and again until she tells him to stop.

“Get your cock out” she orders. He won’t let her.

” I need to make sure you’re pleasured first”


She sits on his face. His tongue darts in and out of her and his hands are all over her breasts. This surely is the greatest thing in the world right now she thinks, as with no effort at all, she shudders into orgasm and his hands hold her hips as she groans and tugs at his hair.

“I could lick you all night. I don’t want to sleep with you because I want to come back again”.

She is surprised at this but says something totally different and encouraging. She may even have said that he was sweet. But in her mind he needs punishing.

“I think it’s time you tried my pants on for size” she says.

He leaps up from the bed and puts them on the wrong way first. The fancy caged back is now framing his cock. He realises and takes them off to put them on the right way. She gets a good look at his bum, which looks great encased in scarlet lace and silk.

He pulls his cock out and offers it to her. He is not hard. She sucks on the end and feels the girth. It is thick with a very long foreskin which tapers at the end to look like a carrot. But she carries on.

He stops her and they lay side by side, kissing for a while, her still holding his cock. It is comforting to have such a weight in her hand and he tells her he loves it and he could stay all night.

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