The Theatre Producer 

“My mind’s telling me no

But my body, my body’s telling me yes

Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody

But there is something that I must confess to you

[Chorus 2x:]
I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”

R Kelly – Bump and Grind 

Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometimes you need to let things happen and not worry about the consequences. 

I invited him over. A stranger. A stranger I had only started messaging a few hours earlier. 

Tall and lean he nervously stood on my doorstep then started to kiss me hello straightaway. We disappeared upstairs, the scent of him filling my nostrils and giving me goosebumps. He slowly pulled me on top of him and kissed me greedily, pawing at my breasts and his hands running through my hair. God he smelt good. Our clothes came off slowly. His top first, then mine. My bra, his trousers, then mine. He swirled me round until I was legs off the bed, him standing in front of me. He removed my knickers, pulling them down my thighs and over my ankles. Oh god. He knew exactly what he was doing. His hands brushed over my pussy softly which drove me mad, I cried out in ecstasy. 

He pulled me towards him and I took out his cock from his underwear. I hardly looked at it before I got it into my mouth. He moved around and ending up standing on my bed with me slurping on his end, kneeling as high as I could. Did I mention his height? Back and forward he thrust, me grabbing his bum, him steadying himself. Suddenly he withdrew from my gaping lips and made noises, I clamped back onto the tip in an attempt to swallow his cum and felt him shudder, his hands jerked the base of his cock and cum sprayed everywhere. On my shoulder, over my shoulder, across my arm, over  my breasts, in my hair, around my mouth and all over the bed. The cover had a myriad damp spots.

He apologised and asked if I wanted help clearing up. “Sorry, it’s been a while” he mumbled. 

After I’d washed my face I asked “How long is a while? for a bloke I mean?” 

“Two months” he giggled. “Now let’s get you on my face” 

Who was I to protest as his hands guided me up his body until I was straddling his mouth? 

Oh reader, how do I describe the delights I had aboard this gentleman? I felt bad for literally jumping into bed with someone I didn’t know. But that only heightened my pleasure. My mind was all over the place, my hands were in his hair and my pussy riding his mouth. I was convinced I wouldn’t come, but I worked up a rhythm, and was stimulated by the feeling of his tongue and fingers inside my cunt and circling my asshole. He appeared to be loving it. I looked down and grabbed the headboard, shifted a little and saluted the heavens as that familiar feeling ran through my body. 

His tongue lapped up every quiver of my lips and I climbed down. 

“That was fucking hot” he said. 


We chatted about work and our accents amongst other things. He was really handsome and his body was an Adonis like beauty, smooth and lithe. He kept saying I was hot which I had trouble believing – after a roast dinner and a lot of booze I felt anything but. 

His hands quickly began to caress me again, toying with my breasts, kneading them. Again he brushed my pussy with his hands just enough to start my heart beating faster and suddenly he twisted me around until my face was in his crotch. I had no problem swallowing him down again but had issues concentrating on the job in hand with him attending to my cunt at the same time with lips and hands. quite the distraction. 

Again he guided me to the position he wanted me to be in. His gentle touch, not forcing me but a slight suggestion of dominance stayed with me for days afterwards. He asked me for condoms and slipped one on, he guided me into a doggy position pulling back my hips and started to feed his fingers into me. 

“oh god you’re really tight” he exclaimed as he tried to push into me. I jiggled, he moved but something wasn’t quite right. He stabbed away hoping for the best. I grasped his dick and realised he wasn’t hard. 

“You put the condom on too early” I chided. His wordless response was to thrust himself backwards, lift me up on my haunches and start licking my asshole. 

Reader, it had been a while. his tongue lapped at my most intimate place. his fingers then replaced it and I was in raptures. His other hand filled my cunt and I was trapped by this hungry sex beast. He kept taking his fingers from my pussy then furiously wanking himself. hot. 

Again he pushed his cock into me, this time he thrusted a few times and and fell back exhausted onto the bed. 

” I didn’t realise how hard I came the first time” 

He left, not wanting to outstay his welcome and keen to let me sleep. And a few minutes later via message he thanked me and apologised again for coming so quickly the second time. 

A few days later as I was going to bed I noticed a makeup stain on the wall above the bed where my forehead had rested while I rode him. 

I smiled to myself – it deserved  a blue plaque, a plastic screen over it to preserve the print. “Here I came”. Instead I wiped it clean. 

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  1. Love the thrill of the doing a stranger. Sounds like he was talented with hands and tongue, even if he was a bit quick on the trigger. Would you do him again?

    Love your recaps


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