Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll 

This time he brought weed. It was good shit as well. As soon as I unrolled the foil wrapping the plastic bag I could smell it wasn’t just some run of the mill stuff.

As he rolled he playfully grabbed my tit out of my bra and twisted the nipple. To say he was excitable was downplaying it – he was full of beans. And my mood was thawing – he was basically an hour later than he said he’d be.

We took turns smoking. After a few puffs I was gone. I hadn’t had stuff like this for a long, long time. I couldn’t stop giggling – laughing like a loon. My hump disappeared.

He admitted he’d had one before he came – hence the late. He was young, he could take it.

The second was too much for me, I began to feel nauseous and not very sexy at all. But his lips were suddenly on my chest, between my breasts, on my face, my lips, hungrily seeking me out. I could feel my pants grow wet at his touch.

And then it all went wrong. His eyes were bloodshot and he had his head in his hands, not speaking.

I kept asking what was wrong “three is too much” he moaned.

“Do you want to lie down?” I asked, moving cushions and helping him relax.

He looked up at me like a puppy


I stood up and made room on the sofa. Rested his head on the cushion for a pillow.

And panicked. If I called an ambulance what would they ask? Could I remember his surname?

I decided to leave him to it and thought about going to bed. I brushed my teeth, my heart pounding. What if he blacked out?

And then, there he was in the bedroom, climbing into bed as if nothing had happened.

As I climbed in beside him I could smell him. A good smell. I could smell his very sex. Reader, it was like a lightning bolt to my cunt.

I take his cock in my mouth, deeper than last time – so it’s blocking my throat and I gag. His hands push the back of my head and I tell him to stop.

Soon I’m riding him, his body lithe, hot and taut. He is like an animal, a warm, horny animal. He has no hips, and I find a rhythm and a groove to fucking him easily. His hands are all over me, slapping my ass and grabbing my tits. It feels damn good, it feels safe. his eyes are closed in pleasure or concentration and he says nothing. I think of my other most recent lover and muse on how opposite they are. And how lucky I am.

I come in a multicoloured rainbow of delight, a small cacophony of orgasms – still atop him.


In the morning, I have to get up and work – he doesn’t. I wake before the alarm and lie there. He’s taking up most of the bed despite being half my size – quite a feat.

I move and shuffle a bit, change position. He does too, suddenly spooning me, prodding his erection between my cheeks. His limbs are hot. I moan. His hands find my hips and he prods again. I’m sleepy, he’s sleepy and praise the Lord it’s going to be the morning sex I’ve prayed for.

“Condom” I say, and he obeys. His hands don’t even touch my pussy and he slides inside, still behind me.

I move only slightly and he drives into me, forcing my hips up and my arse back.

I enjoy feeling like his piece of meat for a while until I decide I want to switch. I climb onto his cock again. Very soon afterwards he stops thrusting and slows right down.

“What’s wrong?” I stupidly ask

“I came already” he groans.

I’m frustrated all right, but he’s delivered. What a rockstar.