The Hotel Boy – part one

I never expected to see him again, let alone fuck him. Yet here I was, hurriedly donning suspenders, stockings and new knickers. I had to go and collect him from the station. It was the first time I’d worn this combo outside of the bedroom for years. 

The warm breeze was comforting but I was embarrassed at how wet I was. He was all smiles and floppy hair. We cheek kissed hello and I grinned to myself. 

 Back at mine I offered him a drink – he said he wanted me naked. I whipped off my dress over my head and showed him my wares. “Hmmm, very nice” He drew me closer to him, hands on my waist. “Why did you wear lipstick?” 

“I always wear lipstick”

“But you know it will all come off?” 

“And? Red or white?”

He chose white and I joined him on the sofa. I straddled him, kissing him slowly then building up faster. Still in my underwear, he was fully clothed. I undid his crisp white shirt and admired his chest. Kissed his nipples. Then rubbed my crotch against his as we kissed. God this was hot. 

I pulled myself off him. 

“What’s wrong baby?” He touched my face. 

” I was about to come” I shamefully admitted. 

“That’s good. Now let’s go upstairs.”


We kissed on the bed, me straddling him until I couldn’t stand it any more. His lips and tongue brushed mine, and his hand whipped my butt expertly, grabbing my cheek after each strike. 

He tried and failed to remove my bra. “I mean who even invented these things?” I helped him. He massaged my breasts and buried his face in them.

“Take all of that off” he ordered. “All of it?” 

“Yes” he gave my butt another smack. 

I leapt off him and removed the pants, stockings and suspenders. 

He was wearing athletics shorts. Don’t ask. I peeled them off him to unleash his dick. 

I couldn’t remember it from the last time. I just swallowed it, he groaned. It was a good size, smooth and hairless. I took him deep and then pulled up, rubbing the head across my lips.

“Oh god you know what you’re doing baby, oh fuck” 

His hands held my head as he thrust upwards into my mouth, my hand underneath his ass. I played with my cunt at the same time with the other. I stopped and sat on top of him. 

“Now you lick my pussy” I said, pushing my fingers into his mouth. 

“Oh no, I don’t do that, you have to earn it” 

I was speechless. “That doesn’t seem fair” I pouted. 

His cock was nudging my pussy lips. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed a condom. 


I rode him hard until I came. It was quite delicious, the strength of his limbs and his puppy dog energy were exhilarating.  He kept saying ” Show me the pussy baby” which was making me laugh. 

“Oh god I’m gonna come” he cries, quicker than I expected. 

We fell apart, panting.  He gets up and rustles in his bag. 

“I get hungry” he protests. I look – he’s devouring a cheese and ham sandwich. 

“No crumbs” I warn him. 

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