The Civil Servant – Part Three

He climbed into bed with me. I couldn’t stop giggling.
“What are you laughing at? Is it me?”
I assured him it wasn’t.
We chatted for a bit. Normally I hate the inbetween-sex chat, but this was different. He was a gentleman, a scholar and made me laugh. And his eyes melted me inside a little. I could fall in love here.
Eventually I couldn’t hide it any longer. I nudged closer to him, resting the tip of the dildo on his leg.
“what is this?” He giggled again, feeling the dildo.
“It’s a big one” I chuckled.
He pulled the covers back.
“You look hot with that dick mistress, I think I want to swallow it”
As his mouth took it in, it butted up against my cunt. It was a crazy sensation. As he sucked up and down, his drool hit my pussy lips. He finished and we clutched each other, massaging each other’s perineums.
It was incredibly tender yet filthy.

He asked for some lube and coated his ass and the dildo.
“How do you want me mistress?”
“Lie back”
I knelt before him, dick in hand. He held his legs up and I thrust into him.
His face scrunched in desire or pain, or a mixture of both.
I had expected to tease him, to fuck his ass slowly and tenderly. To inch into him over a long period of time.
There was none of that. I drove in and out of him, my ass pumping his, my hands pushing on his chest, then around his neck, then holding his ass cheeks underneath him, driving further into him.
I felt power, I felt sexy, I felt control.
Reader, I came. I came from fucking a man with a strap-on.
It was an unexpected triumph.
I lay on top of him, panting.
We switched positions and I tried to fuck him from behind. The angle was all wrong, his ass was too far in the air and I was too low. I lost control of the harness and it flapped uselessly.
I pulled out of him and quickly tightened the straps. I grabbed him by the hips further down the bed.
And then I pumped in and out of him. I held him by the shoulders, by the hips, he cried out in delight. I grabbed his dick underneath him, and pumped it too.
I even did an American Psycho style salute twice in an imaginary mirror as I fucked his ass. The shame.


The next morning we sleepily fucked again. This time he was on top of me, and I enjoyed his lean body forcing into me. It was amazing. Neither of us could come, either already sated by the previous night or just permanently horny. He blamed the condom.
I asked him to wank for me again. He told me he’d never done it in front of anyone before. This time I didn’t interfere. He thrust his hips forward and rubbed the end of his cock up and down. He apologised and said it normally didn’t take him this long.
I pinched and twisted his nipples.
“Please lick it mistress” he begged.
I licked his balls again, soft and smooth against my tongue.
“tell me how it felt when I fucked your dirty ass”
“It was so good, it hurt but I wanted it to.”
I giggled, and swallowed the tip of his cock.
” Oh god that’s it” he cried.
I returned to my pillow to observe, my hand on his thigh. He thrust forward again and I felt his legs shudder.
His cock exploded and spurted eight, maybe ten times all over his belly.
I scooped up his cum and smeared it over his face, over his beard and lips, letting him suck my fingers.
“Oh thank you mistress, thank you so much”.