The Civil Servant – Part One

The package arrived on a Monday morning, I couldn’t get it open quick enough. The pictures on the box made me laugh, I wondered who’d had to design it. They hadn’t done a very good job.
The harness was just like a thong, with an open crotch. An assortment of three black dildos came with it, each incredibly lifelike with veins and heads. I stepped into it. Snug. I tried the biggest, thickest dildo first. It fit into the hole perfectly, flush against my cunt.
I stood there, in the morning sunshine, holding it as if it were mine. I let it fall and enjoyed the weight of it between my legs. I brought up my phone to take a photo but just enjoyed the view. It looked incredible.
I fucked myself with all three, finally reaching orgasm with my vibe and the dildo recommended for anal use right there in my ass.
I was ready.
An hour before we met I tried it on a second time. I imagined what I would say to him, how he would react. I was wearing tights and pants underneath it and I was so wet through both it was disturbing.
I lay face down on the bed with the dildo between my legs, its base prodding my mound. I wanted to come. I returned it to the box and set off.

I will never know what he had expected. I hardly knew what to expect myself. It was the first time.
I needn’t have worried. From the moment he entered he was under my spell completely. He wore the leash well and was happy to be led around the house on all fours. We got to the bed and I pulled off my already wet knickers.
“Put these on” I ordered.
He crammed himself into the frilly panties, his cock pushed up through the waistband. They were big on him. The lace contrasted with his dark hair and skin. He looked really happy and cupped himself with his hand.
“They look good on you – how do they make you feel?
“Dirty mistress”.
“Good. Now lie back”
I straddled him, and let my breasts fall out of the cups of my bra.
“Now lick”
He obeyed and greedily sucked on each teat, bringing his hand up to pull it closer to his mouth.
His cock was rock hard through my pants. I wriggled in delight.
” You know what’s coming next don’t you? ”
He nodded.
I repositioned myself on his face.