Car crash

It was weird hooking up with him.

Primarily because I had a boyfriend and he had suggested I just get laid whilst we were in separate countries. Because he wanted me to chill the fuck out. Which meant I was now officially (and suddenly) in an open relationship. Oh, hello 1960s.

Secondly, because it was suprisingly easy. I went to the club one night, chatted with him and we exchanged numbers.

When my boyfriend said ‘I want you to get laid’, I rang your man, looking for other clubs to go to so I could try it on. I didn’t really focus on him in the beginning, but then, when he organised to meet and go to his place before we went out, it dawned on me that I could probably just fuck him.

So we went to his place. Zero personality, zero hospitality and a bed that him and his friend shared. We were all in transit.

And whilst he smoked on the balcony, I looked out over the mid-week street that was surprisingly packed with people out for the night. He switched the light off and came up behind me, kissing my neck as I held onto the wrought iron balustrade. Oh damn.

I forgot how much I missed it and in that moment, I really wanted to be fucking my boyfriend. But he was in another time zone. So in my mind I kissed my love and in my body, leaned back into this other guy.

He took the hint and his hand climbed up under my skirt and into my tights, into my kickers. I could feel how hard he got, quickly. Still on the balcony with the thrill of possibly being seen, he slips his finger into my wet cunt and I close my eyes a little harder and stop breathing for just two seconds. Fuck it felt good. Boyfriend was right: I needed this.

We back into the room and do that awkward dance of two people walking and holding onto each other whilst partially clothed, falling onto the bed.

I’m dying to make out, to keep going with some ferocious¬†foreplay, but his clothes are already all the way off and I remind myself that this is not my boyfriend, but a means to an end.

This guy’s ripped, I’ll give him that, and he smells amazing. He yanks my top up and barely sucks on my tits before he tries to go in. I hold up and we do the condom hustle and he goes in quick. He’s also hardly breathing and his eyes are wide.

By this time I’ve also got all my clothes off because I love fucking all-the-way-naked and I hold onto him for dear life. I notice the small things like how nice it is to hold onto a man’s back whilst taking in his dick all the way in. And I notice that his cock is thick – it almost hurts to take it in. Which actually feels good.

And i moan because of it.

I moan because my naked skin is against another naked skin and it’s really nice to share bodies.

He moans because he has already come.


He’s exhausted, panting and I’m just laying there. My cunt, which felt so quickly filled suddenly feels very emptied. I’m panting because, god-damn-it, I wanted to fuck someone.

He starts getting dressed because his mate is coming home soon and we need to get out, so I get dressed, my vagina throbbing from a little bit of attention, but already sulking and thinking ‘you’ve GOT to be joking’.

We walk downstairs and he says how amazing it was and that he’d like to see me again. I say that I wasn’t really satisfied. He apologises and said that it’s been a while for him, but next time he’ll make it better. I let him know that there won’t be a next time, knowing that my man will be in stitches when I tell him about the car crash fuck he missed witnessing.