The Pool Boy – part 3

I sat on the bed, still breathless from the orgasm. He stood over me grinning, hands on his hips.
Slowly I pulled down his shorts. He was wearing what looked like Speedos with a huge erection popping out of the top.
I smiled and pulled his second layer down. His cock sprung back like it was on elastic, hitting his stomach. It looked a beauty and I shuffled my ass towards him to get a better look.
He had dark curly hair there, nothing was trimmed – so rare to see nowadays. It was a turn on, I’ll admit.
I reached out and started to stroke his shaft.

He grabbed my head and tried to pull it closer. I needed no encouragement at all to get that delicious specimen into my mouth. Despite the hair, it was perfectly sized to swallow and I paid a lot of attention to his balls which he seemed to like.
I let go for a moment and swung around on the bed, laid back and took his length back into my mouth. He thrust back and forth back and forth, me getting wetter and wetter, toying with my pussy all the while.
he groaned, speeded up and then pulled out, spraying his cum all over my tits and stomach.
We still hadn’t exchanged a word.

I returned to my room with a huge grin.