The Pool Boy – Part 2

The room was cold, the air conditioning was on full blast and I shivered a little, my nipples hardening under my thin top.
He said nothing but held my chin with his hand and started to kiss me, gently at first, then harder, his body pressing against me.
He smelt of sun, of the pool and the outdoors, of the purple bougainvillea growing up the wall and of fresh air. He tasted of mint, his lips smooth and hairless. Maybe a tiny bit of stubble.
God knows how old he was.
His hands wandered under my top and I did nothing to stop him. The heat makes us horny and that glimpse of his stomach had me at hello.
I ran my hands over the waistband of his shorts, feeling his smooth belly and tracing around his waist.
He was twisting my nipples and suddenly he guided my top off over my head. His tongue circled my nipples and oh god was I wet.
As if psychic, his hand felt for my pussy and was quickly rewarded with the slick wet juices. He licked his fingers and pulled down my bikini shorts. His fingers went in again, quickly working as his tongue stabbed at my clit.
I could barely stand, my legs buckled and his hands held my thighs. I half crouched, half stood with his face buried in my cunt, my legs flexing with every move of his tongue.

I came, shuddering into his face, my legs finally gave up and he carried me to the bed.