Alternative Medicine

I was as hungover as it gets. A few months sobriety cancelled by too many martinis to count. I woke far too early that Saturday with a dreadful headache and a fuzzy, dull feeling I hadn’t had in a while. Ah yes, and I was horny.
I ran my fingers over my freshly shaved pussy and slowly massaged it awake. I tweaked my nipples until they were hard and squeezed my tits together while I thought about him. My hand went back down my body to feel how wet I was. I writhed under the bed sheet and teased myself. I was ready.
He arrived wearing a vest, shorts and flips flops, showing off that killer tan. I told him to go upstairs and took his top off as soon as he went into the bedroom.

“Feel how wet I am” I said.
He needed no encouragement to plunge his hand into my knickers and confirm that I was indeed swimming. He said nothing.

He kissed me and unhooked my bra. Started to lick and kiss one of my tits. I pulled his shorts down and knelt down as if in prayer before him.
He was already rock hard and the tip glistened with pre-cum. I admired his erection and swallowed him down. As my nose pressed against his belly he groaned and rocked back on his feet. I pulled him out. Took him back in, slower this time. Played with my cunt as I did it.
He pushed me back on the bed and climbed up to kiss me. His cock pressed against me and I wanted him inside me, fucking me hard. Not yet. Not yet. I played with myself again while he nibbled on my breasts.
He got the hint and gently pulled my legs apart. Softly he began to lick between my legs, tongueing my wetness. I longed for him to put his fingers inside, but he varied the pressure with his tongue, first on my lips, then on my clit, working his way methodically around my wetness.
I was almost lost, groaning with delight.
I looked up to see his side profile, lost in concentration, his tongue flicking in and out of me. And then, his fingers working into me at a different speed to his tongue. I could feel his knuckles kneading my cunt, it was almost too much. Almost.
He came up for air and sucked my breasts, leaving my juices all over me and then kissed me again and again. I could taste myself on his lips and it drove me crazy.
He pulled himself up so he was sort of behind me. His cock was in my face. And what a beautiful specimen it was. All I could do was put it in my mouth again. This time I teased the tip and sucked it hard. Up and down, up and down up and down utterly lost in the moment. I twisted a little so he could see my face. And then licked his balls thoroughly, followed by the entire length.
My hands held his hips still and he very slightly started thrusting into my mouth, with his hand supporting my head.
Suddenly he took hold of his cock, pumping it very slowly with his fist, my mouth still on the end. and without any noise or warning, he filled my mouth with cum. He shot his load right down my throat.
I lay back on the bed and swallowed it.
It had been a long time since anyone had done that and I had forgotten just how satisfying it was.