Repeat visit

The text came on a Friday night while I was out with friends. Asking if I was free the next day

As soon as I saw his name pop up on my screen I was excited. We arranged a time and he texted me before he rang the bell :

“A naked welcome would be nice”.

I opened the door.

“Not quite naked” I said.

We stood in the hallway. He kissed me hard, his mouth was warm and tasted of oranges.

He slid my already fairly moist knickers slowly down my hips and bent down and started lapping at my pussy.

I steadied myself against the wall and looked at half my face in the mirror. I moaned as his fingers brushed my pussy, then remembered my neighbours could probably hear.

He came back up to kiss me and pushed himself against me pinning me to the wall. I unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his trousers. His cock was standing to attention already, I bent down and took the whole length in my mouth, making sure to maintain eye contact.

His head was thrown back in ecstasy. We were both totally butt naked in my hallway. I licked his balls and cupped his ass, running my tongue from the base of his cock to the tip.

He pressed himself against me again, kissing me hard, with his cock warm and stiff against my belly.

“Shall we go upstairs?”he said.

I slipped off my wedges and lay back on the bed. He pushed my legs wider apart and started licking my cunt lips, working a finger inside and varying speed. I was lost, it felt so good.

He was really taking his time…kissing the inside of my thighs, brushing my clit with his tongue, I was close to cumming all over him but couldn’t quite make it.

He came up to lick and bite my nipples, squeezing my tits hard and pressing his cock against my groin. His body felt hard and hot against mine.

He asked for condoms, expertly rolled one on and I climbed on top.

Oh god it was too good. I rode him hard and rhythmically and was about to come straight away so slowed down.

He bucked like a horse and came at me quicker, I couldn’t take it, I had passed the point of no return. I came hard – my first fuck in weeks – and moaned into his face, my hair tickling his.

“Did you come?”

“Of course I did”

He pulled out.

“You can keep it in if you want”

No, I don’t wanna come yet”

He pulled my tits closer to his face, licked and kissed them, then me, then back to my tits. He looked like he wanted everything all at the same time. I didn’t blame him.

He pushed me over and started fucking me from behind. Slow slow slow then faster faster faster, being pumped from behind got me hot.

And then he pulled out. Flipped me over again. Started fucking me with long hard strokes. Oh gosh I could come again easily, I thought. I was so wet again.

And then, like something out of the best porno movie, he pulled off the condom and sprayed cum all over my pussy like confetti.

“That was a pleasant surprise” I said

“It was to me as well” he said.

He ran to the bathroom for tissue, and wiped me clean.


A while after he’d gone I went to the bathroom. The smell of his spunk was overpowering. I looked around – he’d left a wad of toilet roll on the dresser full of it.