The Romanian

He was another young one. But he’d approached me, so that made it okay. I’d practically auditioned to be his ‘FWB’ and passed with flying colours

He came back to mine and we chatted for ages, sharing a bottle of wine despite it being a Monday and neither of us had eaten. I felt like I was 16 again as he moved closer to me on the sofa and started to wind my hair around his fingers, pushing it behind my ear.

It was late so we went to bed. He took off his t-shirt to reveal a tattoo of an owl right across his chest. We climbed in, both still with underwear on and I wondered how it would start.

Sometimes, you want to be undressed by the guy you’re about to fuck. Slowly teased out of your pants, your bra unhooked and your breasts cupped by eager hands and lips. Sometimes you undress for them with a flourish, perhaps leaving your knickers on, or your suspenders if its a special treat. Sometimes you can’t get your underwear off fast enough, the guy’s buckle gets in the way and you have to squeeze in their belt to release them – or they can’t unhook your bra quickly enough with one hand.

This was none of those times. We lay together in a half-light pretending sex wasn’t going to happen. And nuzzled into each other, gradually feeling our way towards intimacy, towards the inevitable. He was skinny, bony and with a tiny waist. I felt huge beside him but there were no complaints. We lay facing each other and the owl stared me in the face. TO-WHIT-TO-WHOO I thought I traced the wing span which ran across his chest with my fingers. 

I’ve never been one for tattoos but this was something else. So huge and beautiful and in-your-face. He guided my hand down his body towards his pants. Oh my. He was big. It was straining against the waistband of his shorts. My pussy ached.

We continued touching each other, but he never touched my pussy. Didn’t want me to go down on him. He nuzzled at my breasts so gently, so softly. I was going crazy inside.

Eventually he got the message – climbed on top and pushed inside me, pumping rhythmically and methodically, face over my shoulder. I pulled my legs up and battled against him lifting my pelvis higher to meet his thrusts and bring him deeper.

I remember thinking how delicious this was, but also how strong and contained his movements were. Such a turn on. No noise, no words. Just a guy pumping me like his life depended on it. The rhythm and the regularity a massive turn on. I was overpowered.

I thought to myself, this is amazing.

He came. loudly and with feeling. I fell asleep almost immediately as did he.

He had to be at work very early so I woke up and gently shook him awake. Accompanied him to the tube.

Two days later he emailed me to say he didn’t think the ‘with benefits’ thing was going to work. I asked why.

‘I need more benefits’

Like what? I probed

‘Like every time we date, you pay for dinner. And every month you buy me clothes’

Putting my tongue in my cheek I asked how much.

‘£300 a month’ Deal or no deal?

It was a great bang, but not worth that sort of money.