Room service?

It could have gone either way to be honest. We’d chatted online for a while, long enough to decide we wanted each other.
And I was hoping it would go the right way.

He was in town only briefly, there were two chances to meet or not at all. But we happened to be in the same part of town, a coincidence that made it difficult to ignore.

I was at a work thing, then a dinner. As we settled up, I messaged to see how he was doing. His thing had finished – next thing I knew I was making excuses to leave and hailing a cab.

I ordered a cocktail once I arrived. It was late, past eleven on a work night. A Tuesday, no less. But I didn’t give a fuck.

He walked in and we immediately got on like the proverbial house on fire. I had the feeling this was going to be fun.

The bar emptied out, we were suddenly the last ones there.

We left, and with no negotiation or discussion I was in his hotel room.
And what a hotel room.

Like the ones in my ultimate fantasy. Big bed, white sheets, more pillows than is ever necessary.

We ordered room service drinks and I suggested we get into bed. The room although stylish, wasn’t very warm. I got into bed fully dressed. He followed me. I wouldn’t take my knickers off until he’d seen and admired the back, sexy little lace up numbers.

The rest is a delicious blur, a string of sexy tableaux or dirty hot vignettes in which we moved seamlessly from one to the next. I wasn’t drunk and neither was he, but our inhibitions left us as soon as we hit the sheets.

He was a total gentleman and nothing felt strange or wrong.
He went down on me the first time and I exploded, shudders going through my body as if I’d had an electric shock. I moaned the place down, I’d lost control of my body.

Then later again, but him crouching beside me with his dick almost in my face, I rubbed it and teased him into a 69 position, adjusting myself to take the full length of his cock in my mouth as his lips teased and swelled my clit and built to another incredible orgasm.

I wanted to try for the first time with my head upside down hanging off the edge of the bed, him behind me feeding his length into my mouth, gently, carefully, with no danger or threat. It worked perfectly.

Then me kneeling between his legs, him holding my hair off my face so he could see me deep-throating him. My eyes watering, I gagged. I loved the feel of it at the back of my throat, filling my mouth. I could have stayed going up and down his beautiful cock all day. I pulled up and drooled a little, coming up for air. I looked up at him. He pulled my face up to his to kiss me.

Him feeding me his fingers whilst his other hand was busy fingering my pussy, one two, three fingers and one in my ass for good measure. It was gorgeousness and gorgeousity itself, as Alex says in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Excuses were made about condoms, but for once I had come prepared. It was a shame I only had three.

We’d sleep for maybe 10/20minutes at a time and then start up again. Teasing each other into submission, feeling under the sheets for wet bits, hard bits, bits that seemed to fit together so fucking perfectly.

I came three times from his tongue alone that night. I was in another place entirely. Utterly insatiable, I couldn’t get enough. Each orgasm was more delicious than the last, and the pleasure was intense.

Early morning, him half asleep and snoring a little, I moved under the covers to give him a special wake up call. I licked the tip of his head and circled it with my tongue. Then took him in my mouth, sliding up and down his cock and softly cupping his balls, him moaning and starting to realise what was happening, me rubbing myself with my fingers slowly and then faster as his moans became quicker.

The final flourish – climbing on top of him, both of us still half asleep, him sliding his cock inside in one smooth movement, riding him with the most delicious orgasm building. I bent over him, tits in his face and pulled him closer inside me, riding and grinding the most delicious feeling so ready to come again. The orgasm rose and fell, rose and fell. I couldn’t tell if he was close or not, if I stopped moving he started again, it was like clockwork. Both our faces contorted in pleasure, the feeling was incredible, so close to losing it, then oh god there it is there it is then suddenly oh god oh god oh god that’s IT.

We came almost together, neither of us able to speak our mouths were so dry.

I had to leave at 7.30am in order to get to work. How on earth I made it through to 5pm I will never know.