The Anaesthetist

He was the last guy I slept with before I got married. Only the once. I didn’t know that at the time, of course. Fascinating thing, hindsight.

The bang itself wasn’t very memorable. The bit that’s stuck in my mind, over 10 years later, is probably one of the most erotic things a guy has ever done.

At the time I wasn’t that experienced. You could probably count the number of men on both hands. 

The image I have ingrained into my brain is of him kneeling in front of me, me laid back on the bed. He was popping his fingers in and out of my pussy and licking his fingers covered with my juices while I watched, agog. Now there’s licking fingers and really LICKING fingers – he was the latter.

He looked like he was tasting the best thing in the world, and at that time I wasn’t very confident or aware of my body or what it might taste like. Maybe he said something while he did it, those words are lost in time. But the vision of him enjoying me was sublime. It wasn’t dirty, or wrong but just goddamn hot, and the more he did it, the wetter I got.

Maybe it was the first time a guy had gone down on me, I don’t know.

I do know that image will stay with me forever.