Afternoon delight

The text came while I was at the gym. I had gone for a workout because I was horny as hell and unlikely to get any relief in the way I wanted it. Or so I thought.

I had met him once before, maybe six or seven months ago. I’d forgotten about him if I’m honest. I mean, he’s on my list and all but not prominently. I wouldn’t have written about him here. Yes, hence the first bang since starting the blog *INSERT KLAXON*.

He arranged a time to come over, checked if he could park. I watched him pull up, fiddle around and then stand outside, texting me to say he’d arrived.

Oh god. Oh holy moly. I had forgotten how goddamn good looking he was. Tall, tanned and so very young. His hair was nearly parted, a crisp clean white shirt, jeans with turnups and brown brogues.

We went straight upstairs and he started kissing me, his hands on my ass immediately, pulling my pants down slowly. I knelt on the floor and awkwardly unbuckled his jeans, pulling out his cock as if I’d been ordered to.

It was smaller than I remembered. But perfect. And what a body! And how lovely he smelled. .

I swallowed him whole and looked up at him. Softly, gently he held my hair and reached down for my breasts.

I pushed him back down on the bed and continued to pay his cock, balls and shaft a lot of attention as if I had just discovered it. I climbed up him like a woman possessed. He kissed my mouth and undid my bra, cupping my breasts and going down to kiss them. Wordlessly we enjoyed each other’s bodies, he seemed to have all the time in the world.
His cock nudged my pussy, it was driving me wild to have this guy in my bedroom. We switched positions, I lay back and he expertly positioned his fingers inside me, with the other hand palm down but somehow on my clit, working it.

It felt wonderful to be indoors on a beautiful sunny afternoon with this delicious boy tending to my every need. He offered his tongue and I declined. “You liked it last time” he said grinning.
“I didn’t remember you did that last time” I said.

He pulled me further down the bed and we switched around, me twisting out from underneath him and sitting on top again. He grabbed, licked and kissed my breasts and I marvelled at how delicious this all was.

He asked for a condom and flipped it on. I climbed on top and rubbed my pussy up and down his cock, eventually guiding it home. Oh what a delight.

I rode him for a while, enjoying his body. taking it all in, him grabbing my ass and inching me further in. Smiling down on him them lowering my tits to his mouth. He asked to switch and flipped me over and plunged into me, I held my legs up high and enjoyed the feel of him going deeper. Suddenly he pulled out.

“I was about to come but I don’t want to yet”

Was this a dream? A considerate lover for once?

He started his hand technique again. And, oh reader I was transported to a pleasure not experienced for some time. I was fixated on the muscles in his arms, the pressure he applied in all the right places, and his mouth on mine. But yet no orgasm.

He thrust himself back in and it felt harder and faster this time. I was so close to coming but he beat me to it, making no sound at all but pumping me into the bed.

He made some small talk about last time having to get the bus home and it took ages but now he had a car it was easier. I showed him out with a grin the size of a Cheshire Cat.