Farewell Fuck

It was a goodbye shag. I’d only been dating him for 2 months and we’d been split for over a month but I really couldn’t get him out of my head. It was terrible, the worst kind and I knew he was really bad for me. 

He’d already blown me out of our planned meet and that was before I found out he was seeing someone else ALREADY. Git.

He called me at 5.30am on Saturday, aggressive, high and drunk. He told me he’d pay for a cab to his, said he had the money. I refused. He said he wanted to chat. I doubted that. He was high and horny, I’d wager. He suggested he come to mine. I said no. I ended the call and ignored his calls. 

20 mins later he was at the door. I was pretty scared and shocked that he’d bothered, but also massively turned on. We sat, I made tea, he commented how I had a new rug. It was ridiculous. He asked for a hug, I hugged him then tried to pull away. He nuzzled at my neck. A switch went on in my head, I felt nothing.

It was freezing downstairs so I suggested we go to bed. I think he went faster up the stairs than I did. And then began that dance – pretending not to want it but wanting it. Not removing clothes. His cock was suddenly outside his pants, his hands were all over my ass, gently, softly teasing me. I was a wet sopping mess but he didn’t touch me there.

I climbed on top. Kissed him like he always wanted to be kissed, all over the mouth, teasing, sucking. I could have come right there and then I was so turned on. His hands went up my nightshirt. “oh god your tits are so fucking fantastic” I smiled to myself and thought ‘yes, yes they are’. He bit me hard, right on the tit. I wanted to slap him but wasn’t brave enough.

He pulled me up to his mouth. I came instantaneously at the first flicker of his tongue there. I stayed riding his face until he was covered in my come.

I slid down to his belly. He was harder now than before and I inched him inside me and rode him like a donkey. It felt so so good to be fucking this guy who had hurt me so much. I knew he wouldn’t come so I teased him, whispering his name in his ear and telling him to fill me up. He couldn’t of course, he was high as a kite. I came again, a delicious orgasm during which I didn’t even make a sound. We spooned for ages, him fumbling around my ass and pussy, me falling asleep in a delirious revenge.