Playing House

I’ve finally pinned him down to see me. He’s in a very complicated situation involvingĀ  a nuisance neighbour and I don’t realise the enormity of the situation until I’m there and see the riot vans and the armed police. As a result we are using his friend’s house as a temporary base for the afternoon.

We meet in the park, it’s a beautiful day and I see him before he sees me. There is no picnic or plan, in fact I’ve already got lost and confused but here we are now. He looks tired, a little bloodshot in the eyes but even just to see him is everything to me. We walk to get ice-cream, he gives me a crisp note and lets me choose what I want. Like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop. We drive around for a while, as always he talks ten to the dozen and has about 15 things going on at once, his phone never stops and he knows everyone in the area. To be in the car with him eating ice-cream is enough for me, for now. I love him, after all. I just haven’t ever told him.

We get back to the house that he built for a friend. It’s not much from the outside and we go in the back way. The first thing I notice is the smell: fresh wood. The walls and ceilings are light Scandinavian pine. It’s beautiful, and I instantly relax. He shows me around, the stairs, a skylight – its like something out of a TV design programme. I’m open mouthed as I take in the detail, carefully going back down the stairs.

We settle down to watch some comedy – remember this is how he relaxes – and he lies his feet across me. I get orders to itch here, scratch there. He shows me how to massage his neck properly. We lie opposite each other and he starts to massage my feet. Wow. I’m shot back to the first time we met 18 months ago when he did the same, explaining sexual pressure points are in your feet. And then he pokes my pussy with his finger. I can feel it getting wetter as he strokes it over my knickers.

We both shift positions and he puts his head in my lap, still eyes on the TV, occasionally grasping my breast through my dress. The desire to take a photo of him like this is intense, I want to capture the moment and how he looks. I scratch his neck in the way he likes. I feel like I’m on holiday, in someone else’s house, with the boy in my lap. Lazy afternoons like this forever please.

We’ve spoken about me helping him shave his bits and I’m waiting for the cue. He leaps up and tells me he hasn’t showered yet – I mean no shit, I could tell. But I like a man who smells of man rather than aftershave.

He pulls off his clothes and is framed in the doorway. His dick, his beautiful dick hangs down and I take it all in. He starts the shower, telling me to find the clippers and I go scrambling everywhere for them. I pull off my dress and underwear and join him in the wet room. The floor is polished concrete and slippy. I have clippers in my hand and his beautiful thick dick in front of me. What could possibly go wrong?

Have I ever done this? I recall a guy doing it to me but never this way around. He holds his stalk out and he’s hard. He reaches down and kisses my breasts and I slide around a little. I switch on the clippers and start at the top. I don’t really want to shave off the hair, I like it. He’s not even particularly hairy, just a downy fuzz. We slip and slide around a bit and switch positions. I manage, with his help, to trim him how he wants.

I can’t remember which happens next: did he then shave me or did I kneel down and take his beautiful cock in my mouth?

I lick and suck the end then the length, a little like I had done with the ice cream earlier. He’s not 100% clean which is unusual for him, it’s not unpleasant but just a shock. Either way he’s showing me how to squeeze the end with my hand how he likes it, and is very soon grunting and spurting all over the floor, the white jets splattering on the black concrete floor.

He tells me he hasn’t come like that for a while. Oddly I don’t really care.


We go out to grab takeaway, a Lebanese and return back and eat it very quickly. It’s late now, around 8. He’s prepared some halloumi to go with it which also disappears. We chat a little bit about what’s been happening in each others lives. He’s poured me a glass of wine and I’m slowly drinking it when he tells me we’ve got to go.

I wasn’t expecting to or even sure if staying the night was possible. I grab my things and replace my clothes. I stalk out and he calls me back to say a proper goodbye but we don’t really do kissing.

Once again, I leave his house more disappointed than sated, the girl who always wants more.


The Teacher

He’s French, which is a surprise. I can’t quite place the accent at first but as he explains he’s from a small town near Bordeaux it unfurls from aural hieroglyphics into a recognisable Gallic twang.

One of our favourite all time fucks was French, so we kind of do an internal dance.

The drink at the pub is just a formality, after one we are riding a few stops back to mine.

He grabs me near the bed and we kiss softly, his stubble sexy against my lips. His hands smooth my body down, I grab his waist and feel how goddamn slim he is. I take off my jacket and his hands go over my breast, over the lace body I’m wearing. It’s too damn hot to be doing this so I switch on the fan and push him down on the bed, straddling him we kiss again and I grind into him.

I’ve already taken off my jeans and As I unpop the crotch of the body he gasps. Now I’m in my underwear, he’s fully clothed. I help him take off the shirt and then unbuckle his jeans. He’s hairy like a cartoon Frenchman with a thin silver chain around his neck. I pop off my bra and he buries his face in my breast, kneading them and sucking the nipples. Very soon he is pulling down his boxer shorts – red stripes – and I take him in my mouth. He’s got and oddly not hairy but no evidence of manscaping.

I tease a little and he groans, I take the length and then let it flop out. He makes noises like he loves it. I come up for a breather and we kiss, tongues of course. God he’s good at this. Now he’s pulling my knickers down and traces one finger down my cunt lips then buries his face there. Oh my goodness. A pleasure, sir.

I moan and writhe for a bit until he jumps up to get a condom. One if the first guys in a while to bring his own. He slides it on with an ease I haven’t seen in years and pushes his length inside. Oh good grief, what a glorious fit. Mon dieu indeed!

We missionary for a bit and it’s good, he knows how to move to get a good rhythm going and I fixate on how hairy his shoulders are for some reason. I ask if I can ride him and we switch, me sliding back onto his Gallic member and finding the sweet spot. Meanwhile he actually motor boats me, burying his face between my tits and really enjoying himself. Then grabs each one and licks and sucks and oh wow that’s it yes fuck oh god I’m coming that’s it!

I ride him for a bit longer then tell him to switch. Doggy style for him – as he grabs my hips I tell him to go harder and he explodes not long after.

We lie there for a bit and enjoy the fan. It’s begun to rain so I get up to close the window.

“You’ve got something stuck on you” he says as I peel off the condom wrapper from my ass.

I look at it “Large eh?”

It’s a Passante one but he’s pretty much punching above his weight. He’s a good size but by no means large.

Men eh? Especially French ones…


I haven’t seen him in around six weeks which for me may as well be six years. It’s a date of sorts because I am nervous and have been agonising over it all day. I’m even worrying what to wear which is ridiculous given he will probably rock up looking like he’s just fixed a car. Which he probably has.

I don’t really want to sleep with anyone else anymore, that’s how bad it’s got. We’ve talked about a lot of kinks but we’ve done very little together so far. Maybe he’s bread-crumbing me, maybe it’s legit. Maybe I will never know.

He’s driving over but we’re meeting at a venue near to mine, for the second time ever we are going to see some comedy. I get there first, grab some drinks and find a good seat. And then he is there, larger than life.

He compliments me on everything, and babbles on in his own inimitable way. I’d love to conduct a scientific study into why the fuck I fell for this guy and what it says about me, but for now I tell myself to stop overthinking. I’m with him in public and it feels delicious. I’m proud to be seen with a man, no, I’m proud to be seen with him. His beaming face, his gregarious nature. He makes me happy and I want to be with him. Is that love? Does it matter what it is?

We watch the two acts and we both laugh a lot. Towards the end our legs touch and I think he pulls away but then doesn’t. I’m just delighted to be anywhere near him. At one point he squeezes my cheeks and kisses me on the mouth. Mmm.

The evening ends and we both head for the exit, but he wants to take a little walk to look at the river. On the way he tells me he’s just going to drop me back and no funny business. The bottom drops out of my world and I can’t hide it. I’m keen and impatient to get back to mine and I wasn’t expecting this letdown.

He realises how disappointed I am. I direct him back to my house. It’s the first time in two years he’s been over, and sort of cements something.

I give him a little tour and for the second time he offers to help with some minor odd jobs. I laugh and tell him he doesn’t need to. Up in my bedroom he grabs my breasts from behind and then there we are.

He tells me to lie face down on the bed and watches as I swing my legs with the heels still on. I undo the crotch of my body, he pulls my knickers down and quick as a flash his tongue is between my legs.

This is a far cry from what he’s just told me and I’m struggling to catch up. His fingers caress my clit and I pull off my bra. Somehow he’s already naked and I admire his chest and arms. He asks me what I want and all I can manage to say is “fingers” so he thrusts one inside me. I moan and rise up to get purchase, propping myself up with a pillow under my ass. He asks if I want his cock and I giggle.

He knows I always do, even though penetration isn’t his thing. But to feel his cock inside me is all I need. He pulls out very quickly, going down on me again and then repeating.

I know already I’m not going to come. His about face has confused me but I’m enjoying his attention on me and I feel sexy. But I’ve been really greedy and wanked alone earlier with my vibe. I don’t tell him that.

Next he is furiously wanking – reader he won’t even let me touch his beautiful solid dick because he is in the zone. He kneels over me and again I lust over his chest, arms and thighs towering over me.

He can’t come either. He gets me to play with myself – something I don’t really enjoy but want to turn him on. I’m still wearing the heels. I grab my breast with my other hand and he catches on, doing the same when I let go.

It’s a hot night and we both stop to catch our breath. We are both sweating and I can smell his smell on me. He asks if he can have a shower. But soon realises my handheld one isn’t going to work for him.

He says he has to get home. Clothes go on. I see him out of the door. And again, the little time I have with him is not enough.

The Michelin star chef

I can’t read him at all when I meet him: he’s quiet, polite and possibly not an axe murderer. He offers me a drink as soon as I get there and we do the chit chat you do when you don’t know where the evening might end.

After one drink I’m thinking that he’s just not that into me, I ask if he wants another one. And then he says “shall we go and play” which is a clear signal that oh my god it’s on.

He has previously sent me a photo of his bag of tricks which to me was like catnip. My only proper master lives a very long way away and I wanted someone real to experiment with, not a faux Dom.

We take a short train ride then walk to his place. I’m really glad I changed into a mesh body which shows off my boobs but not too brazenly.

His place is probably the most stylish I’ve ever seen a man inhabit. Bespoke wooden floors, cabinets and interior. But this ain’t Homes and Gardens.

I’m waiting for him to make a move, but he wants to make me a drink. I sit on a leather swivel chair in the lounge and spin around. I’m hoping he might pin me to it.

Instead he sits opposite me on the sofa, one leg up. Dammit.

I get up and sit beside him feeling stupid. Is he going to make a move? I think I ask for the loo and then when I come out he’s somewhere in the bedroom so I go through to take a look. It’s huge and stylish and all very bare – no art on the walls anywhere.

Although who cares. I’m here to be fucked. He tells me to get undressed so I do but leave my underwear on. He lays me down on the bed and places two leather shackles around my wrists, clipping them together. Oh my.

He teases me a little, running his hand over my body and nudging my pussy a little with his cock. Which seems oddly flaccid. And then my pants are peeled off and his mouth is on my pussy. Oh my, he knows his way around. I’m very close to coming. And then : turn over. He asks if I want to be spanked and I giggle. Flogger or paddle – I choose flogger.

I’m on all fours with him behind me. He teases first, running it down from the nape of my neck down to my bum. And then it comes. He’s soft at first but increases the pressure gradually and the area he’s covering. My rear smarts.

After a few strikes, he arranges my knickers and runs his entire hand over them – I guess to check how wet I am. I’m certainly ready to go.

He unhooks my wrists next and pushes my head down to his cock, telling me “no hands”. Wow. I hadn’t even looked at it and now I’m right up close. It’s totally shaven and hard as a rock, a beautiful specimen. It fills my mouth. I really want it inside me, and he knows it.

Soon I’m riding him, he fills my pussy and I ride him as if my life depends on it. I really want to come. I get close and then he flips me over. Torture. He’s on top and it’s just as good, a perfect fuck in fact.

We switch again and I ride him to orgasm. It’s a delicious one, building up and then dying beautifully inside. He pumps his cock into my mouth and soon his milky white cum is done my throat, over my lips and dripping over his stomach. I try and clear up as best I can.

I lie there for a bit and realise I need to go. It’s been the most amazing fuck I’ve had in a while but I have no idea of telling if he wants to continue or go to sleep.

I hop up and get my knickers on, quickly dress and find my trainers. He walks me to the tube and kisses me goodbye.

I take the ride home feeling incredible smug and satisfied.


It’s rained all day. He’s grumpy. I’m grumpy. It’s my first day in a new job. I’m late arriving at his because my boss wanted to take me to the pub.

We get back to his after buying some small snacks. Always his! I let on I hadn’t eaten so he insisted I get something. He tells me to relax and eat while he gets on with some odd jobs and calls. When he sits down I leap onto him and kiss him which startles him, he thinks I’m going to bite him.

I realise he’s either nervous or busy to calm down. He chats about what he’s been up to, and bless him, asks how my day was.

Later he runs me a bath and I sink into the depths of it while he goes out on an errand next door. I do actually relax. I wonder if he’s going to come and join me but don’t want to hope for too much. I’m not even turned on and I’m pretty sure he isn’t either, he’s barely touched me.

I don’t know whether to get dressed again or get into bed. I decide to put my underwear on and wear my shirt dress as a robe. I go back down to see what he’s up to. It’s gone midnight and I am at work again tomorrow.

Finally we climb into bed together. He asks if he can spoon me and play with my boobs so I agree and take off my bra top. The warmth of him against my back is so delicious : coupled with his fingers caressing my nipples I’m actually in heaven. Being wanted, being held. These are simple things which are not regularly available to someone like me; someone who shuns relationships but falls in love with someone she meets on a swingers site.

I nuzzle into his chest and his arm enveloping me is everything I need. He asks me about my new job and I choke up. Tears roll down my face as I explain the pressure I’m feeling, the pressure of being alone and having to survive. I tell him about a project I’m working on and he tells me to come downstairs and take a look at something.

His house is always a tip, but there’s one room I’ve never seen. He pulls the door open and I gasp. There are about one hundred glass globe jars with acorn trees growing out of them: every surface is covered. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while.

We both shiver as we go back upstairs- we return to him spooning me again. His hands go down my pants and he plays with my clit for what feels like forever. He tells me he can’t get an erection but by this point I don’t care. A sleepover is enough, the warmth of his body is enough, his attention is enough – for now.

In the morning I shower and try not to wake him. He’s promised me a lift to the station but he’s dead to the world. I kiss him and say goodbye, leaving feeling disappointed again.

The One?

I haven’t seen him in over a year. I had to wean myself off him, delete his number – you know the drill – dear reader you were there.

But when I do a random search of his old username and find him on the site I get the feels. Big time.

Before you can say anything he’s calling me at past midnight and I’m answering like the old days. We speak for about fifteen minutes which is a record. We agree to try and meet up.

I don’t get too excited : disappointment is a normality these days. Even with casual dalliances the desire to meet can quickly evaporate, and nothing ever happen. WhatsApp penpals.

We meet for a coffee in a delightful place near his place in almost a duplicate of the first time we met. I get all the feels when I see him come in. He’s grinning at me but I don’t stand up when he gets to the table and I certainly don’t make any moves. He’s full of compliments for me. I try not to fall for him all over again.


We drive around his ends and I accompany him on a few chores. He talks ten to the dozen as always, I try to keep up and absorb everything. He’s doing up a house, installing decking, painting a garden, laying turf. I guess anything to keep him busy and earning money. His hand touches my knee as he tells me about his mum in hospital. He keeps telling me he wants my opinion on a paint colour for his bedroom – it’s cheesy but I follow him upstairs hoping it might all happen again.

He’s already asked while we are downstairs if we are going to have sex – I try and keep it low key and say “let’s see how it goes.”

As I write that now I realise how cool I was. But the truth is I just didn’t feel confident or sure if I wanted to.

In the bedroom he strips off and his cock literally flops out of his jeans – he’s wearing no pants. I absolutely emoji heart eyes his cock because my god it’s huge.

I’m still fully clothed and start to coyly take my clothes off. I haven’t been fucked in two months so my confidence is low. I ask him if we can get under the covers as I have a thing about it. He starts by cupping my breast and licking it in a measured way, no sudden movements or nipping. But as soon as his fingers start to stroke my pussy over my knickers the lights are on and everyone is home. He talks to me the whole time asking what I want, what I need.

My body knows what it wants and he is giving it to me. But my mouth won’t connect to my brain. There is something about the angle of his fingers inside me which is better than anything I’ve ever felt. I’m sort of straddled on top of him, and he grabs my thighs.

He’s asking me if I want him to go down on me and I nod. We switch so I’m on my back and he’s between my legs. It’s delicious but his fingers are better – almost as if he’s read my mind he moves to stimulate my clit.

It’s his cock I crave but I know from our few previous sessions he’s not going to come from penetration. He tells me to use his cock but he won’t come inside me. This turns me on so much I wrap my lips around his head and tease him playfully.

He enters me and I moan at how good it feels. He’s still playing with my clit and I have to ask him to stop, it’s too much.

I straddle him and start to ride him, I can feel my body start to rise into its crescendo. It’s delicious. I feel him get harder and he starts to whisper what he’d like to do to me which sends me over. My orgasm is like an earth shattering explosion inside me, a huge relief. I want to laugh and cry at the same time – this ridiculous man with the messy mind and house and something wonderful which I can’t quite put my finger on or give up.

He flips on top of me and I play with his cock just as he likes it. I remember he likes having his back scratched and start to do it but he says “just hold me” which I almost weep at : the intimacy kills me. Doesn’t everyone just want to be held?

And then he grabs me and we are up into the bathroom, the shower, my hand his cock and it’s all over. His doorbell rings and he leaps away to answer. It’s never simple. I shower and go back to his room, feeling out of place now. I hunt for my socks and knickers, and then see something at the end of the bed where the duvet is.

A pair of black lace knickers.

They aren’t mine. I freeze, my arms go numb and I lose the plot.

There is no explanation in my mind for this – he probably fucked someone else right before me. The humiliation- the couple of hours we’ve spent together ruined.

I’m now dressed and boots back on, I ask if I can come down. My face feels weird and must look weird as he asks if I’m okay.

“No I’m not okay” I spit out.

“What on earth is wrong?” He asks.

“Next time you fuck someone else just take her knickers out of the bed”.

I make for the sofa where my makeup Bag is and start furiously re-applying powder and lipstick. I don’t even want to hear an explanation.

He gives me several of course – they are clean, he doesn’t usually use that bed, he hadn’t been with anyone. Who knows, do I believe him? He’s giving me a lift to the station, I have to get out of there.

The Electrician

He’s not my usual type but he’s made me laugh on messages and he’s available during the day which is what I need right now.

We meet in the designated coffee shop which he struggles to find. Very quickly we are back at mine and he pushes me against the wall to kiss me once I close the door.

Oddly I’m not as turned on as usual- maybe I’m craving a cock just for the sake of it. I do wonder sometimes. When you’re not in a regular relationship you can clutch at straws.

He’s very ginger and slaps my ass as I lead him upstairs. He undresses me and caresses my breasts expertly. Soon he’s nuzzling and kissing my nipples. It’s the attention I crave. Soon he’s down between my legs and lapping away, working my clit with passion and speed. I like his eagerness and go to return the favour but he stops me.

“I’m gonna come really soon” he says and he resumes licking my pussy.

This is the terrible thing about fucking – if a guy gets too turned on he’s gonna blow very quickly. I’ve not had a guy like this for a while, truth be told.

I tell him I want him to fuck me.

I help him put on the condom. He plunged into me, he’s a good size and I tell him to fuck me harder.

Game over. He comes pretty loudly straightaway.

He leaves soon afterwards and I don’t even wank myself to orgasm.

The Copier Repairman

It’s less than 24 hours since the last fuck but I still need some more good hard dick. This guy is at least in the area and I’m working from home. No-one will notice I’m not online for half an hour right?

Fuck, he’s much better looking in the flesh: neatly trimmed beard, freckles and piercing blue eyes. And a shirt and tie. I love a shirt and tie even if it’s a work uniform.

I’m gushing over him, I can tell. I’m away for the weekend and he’s already offered me a lift there.

We leave and walk the short journey back to mine.

As we go upstairs he grabs my ass and I feel my knickers go wet.

He’s wearing flat fronted trousers, I undo his shirt buttons and his chest is revealed, a beautiful gorilla haired chest. I want to put my face in it. Meanwhile he is undoing my shirt and pushing me back onto the bed.

I literally blink and he is now naked standing over me pushing his cock into my mouth. Maybe he is saying things but I am being used as a fuck toy at this point so my brain is spliced. I feel tears running down my cheeks as he pushes me into positions and throat fucks me, roughly. Is this too much? I can feel his fingers in my pussy and hear how wet it is. So maybe it’s what I like, what I need. He calls me a lot of things – filthy little slut is one of them. I giggle.

He doesn’t want to go down on me, he wants to fuck me. I give him a condom and he flips it on then teases me. I climb on top and he tells me to go for it. As soon as he slides in we can both tell it’s a good fit. His eyes widen and he tells me he’s coming back for more in the future. He tries to pump me from underneath and I tell him to slow down. I ride him but know I’m not gonna come so easily. Until he licks his fingers and plays with my clit. Oh my. He’s a royal fuckboy, goes straight to the top of my list.

He kneads and bites my tits and I ride him harder, properly grinding him and come within a few minutes. He’s slower and follows me a while later.

He agrees to call by later and give me a lift to the coast.

It’s about 10 mins before I need to leave before catching the train. He tells me he can’t make it back in time to give me a lift. Who cares anyway, would have been an awkward ride down.

A few hours later I realise he’s blocked me on the site. What a dick.

A day later I wonder why my throat hurts so much. Filthy little slut.

The guy in advertising

Both of us have been drinking and we end up meeting later than I’d have liked. But my run of being sensible has ended in a flaming glory of hormones and lust.

Earlier in the day we’d wound each other up so much that I ended up wanking on a business webinar (audio only but I covered up my camera just in case) but only edged myself to frustration not orgasm.

No, I don’t fancy him on sight but I want to be fucked.

We get back to mine and are all over each other. He’s got soft wet lips and we kiss well together. He smells great too. We move upstairs. And kiss a lot more.

So when I run my hand over his trousers and find very little there I’m a little disappointed. I’m no size queen but I do like a girth. He’s promised me a massage and I’m stressed like a monkey who can’t get hold of bananas so I’m game with bells on.

He’s brought some jojoba oil with him which is new one on me so I lie on my front as he tells me, still with knickers on.

He starts by dripping oil over my back, and massaging it in. He’s still got trousers on at this point. I can’t stop groaning as even I can feel how smooth and sexy my body is with a light coating and his hands all over me. Sometimes his hands stray underneath and massage my boobs, and sometimes the inner thigh. I push back and have my bum in the air craving him to touch me there. He takes the oil and drips it in the small of my back. And then takes off my knickers. Massages my butt cheeks and cheekily smoothed his hands underneath. It’s driving me wild.

Once all the oil is rubbed in he tells me to turn over. Now his cock is exposed I can see it’s small: and he doesn’t want me to touch it, pushing my hands away. And then he goes down on me.

Oh my goodness I am in the hands of a pro here. He seems to know exactly what I want and how I tick. I come immediately, and then around 10 minutes later due to his mouth and fingers working in tandem. It’s a welcome return of my orgasm skills. I ask if I can return the favour and guide his cock into my mouth. Oddly he has no reaction – it doesn’t grow harder, he doesn’t groan, in fact it’s like he doesn’t actually want it.

I ask him to fuck me, he tells me he’d rather make me come again. Which I guess isn’t as selfish as the average guy. We end up in an awkward 69 position but I have to keep pulling him off my pussy as his stubble is somehow causing too much friction and my clit is now on fire.

He kneels beside me and pumps into my mouth, during which, worryingly I can simultaneously smell something that smells like his feet and his ass. His balls hang down and bang against my cheek. But he’s done.

Off he goes into the night. I’m exhausted, and still somehow missing something.