The Plumber : Sunday afternoon

He has come to measure a radiator, and then indulge me. He is coming again because last time was so good. It shocked me, this intimacy we shared. Will it be as good? 

He has very little time, he’s on call for other clients. Ones who explain what the problem is and probably make him a coffee. Ones who watch him, arms folded and ask what he’s doing. Ones who don’t take his cock in their mouths and groan when they ride him

We talk about the radiator, it’s an essential job that needs doing ahead of winter. As he speaks, I enjoy his soft voice and gentility. Maybe he is nervous. I kiss him first, and quickly we are taking off our clothes. He tastes faintly of beer and curry and I almost tell him. I lie back as he caresses my breasts, teasing them with his tongue. He kisses my neck and my ears and I drink it all in. His tenderness is refreshing: my exploits of late have involved restraints, role play and roughness. A woman of my inclinations needs both – from different sources sometimes. 

He travels down my body and grasps my thighs. His tongue flicks between my pussy lips and clit, it is a delight. He is feasting on me, an afternoon delight and I revel in it. His fingers softly enter me and he continues his manipulations with tongue, lips and fingers. My legs shudder. He looks up at me and wipes his mouth. 

I take his cock in my mouth, while he kneels before me on the bed. I stretch out, wriggling so I can feel my pubic bone against the bed. His hands travel slowly from my shoulders down my back to my ass. It is a simple movement but it is beautiful. I go deeper, feeling the soft hair at the base of his cock against my lips. He groans. I pull back and his hands hold my head. 

I pass him a condom and mount him, while he holds my hips. the radiator is now directly in my sight line and I grin. We adjust and move together as I ride him and I cry out in pleasure – I have broken my bad run finally. All kinds of rubbish enters my head -mainly involving my paranoia over what I look like during sex. And then that golden itch starts to be scratched; I know I’m going to come soon. I pull back a little and he starts to pump from underneath. Game over and I explode in the most pleasureable orgasm I’ve had for a month. 

We switch places and he lifts my legs until they are over his shoulders – it doesn’t take him long to announce he’s coming. He apologises for having to leave: I see him out and fall into a delicious afternoon sleep on the sofa. 

The Supply Teacher: Redux

This time I have brought a suitcase. Handily it has a zipped compartment which contains all the equipment we need. We check in, like normal people and take the lift up to the 6th floor. He’s wearing a tweed jacket which is a nice touch.

Of course the entry cards don’t work. We fumble together to try them different ways, after a long interlude we are in. The room is swankier than the last one. And then he growls “Get changed”.

I lock myself in the bathroom with the suitcase. I dress quickly in a short black skirt, a white top with ample cleavage, and then white knee socks with T-bar heels. I scrape my hair into pigtails and step nervously out.

He makes an approving noise which sounds like “wow”and I smile. He tells me to sit down at the desk and take out pencil and paper. He asks me to write out why I should be fucked. I start well and manage three sentences. He strides about the room, looking over my shoulder, once reaching down and cupping my breast. And then I get the giggles. Probably because the situation is so funny and I’m so goddamn happy. He does too, I can hear him also chuckling.

He crosses out everything I’ve written and merely writes ” To please sir”.

The shackles come out and I am bound with my hands behind my back. He makes me kneel on the carpet before him and he unbuttons his trousers. He is wearing women’s knickers and I audibly groan. He orders me to lick him through the fabric, and I do as I’m told. This is going to be tough, he won’t even let me take him in his mouth. He makes me stand up again and tells me to bend over. He lands several smacks on my butt, most landing on the tops of my thighs where it really hurts. I beg him to stop.

He fastens shackles around my ankles over the socks. And then the blindfold goes on. I’m ordered onto the bed on my back. I have no idea what he’s going to do next and I love it.He pulls aside my knickers and rubs his cock over my pussy. ‘you’re soaking’ he exclaims and pushes himself into me. It is so good I moan straightaway while he taunts me. “I’m not even going to fuck you this weekend, what do you think about that?’he says.

The thought destroys me until I realise its part of the role play.