The Supply Teacher part 2

What I’ve forgotten to tell you is that he’s wearing ladies knickers and has been since the morning, when he boarded the train for his 3 hour journey. He’s found out one of my biggest kinks and gone and bought them specially. Black with lace trim, his cock bulging out. He gets a kick out of it just as much as I do. Of course I suck him next. I have the contented feeling I always get from having a cock in my mouth – I don’t care what you think of me. The smell, the texture, the control. He whispers encouragement like “good girl” and my reward is him going down on me. Whilst he wears my soaked knickers. 

We roll around until I’m properly astride his face. Grinding into his beard as his mouth and lips slide over my clit and lips. I try and swallow his cock whole but always so hard to concentrate. I come twice in quick succession and he lets me, this time.


My obsession with shibari started very recently after I got sent some porn by a fuckboy; in it the woman had her tits tied. I tried to work out how it was done. When D said he could do it, I was hooked. 

Slowly, tenderly, he cuffs and locks my wrists together and ties them behind my back. My breasts are bound with silk rope and somehow attached to my wrists and a collar. My ankles also have cuffs, they feel cold and unfamiliar but sexy. 

And then he clamps the blindfold on to me. I lose it for a moment, then remember to breathe. He checks I’m okay and I relax. It’s my first time. 

I’m still standing up and he whips my breasts with the tasselled flogger, pinching my nipples and slapping them. Next my pussy is hit with the riding crop – it is indescribable the feeling of utter submission and mystery of what is coming next. 

He lies me on the bed, arms bent behind me and goes to work on my pussy. I am surprised that this is my treatment – I expected harsh punishment. His lips move to my breasts, my neck, my arms and he kisses my skin in reverence as if I am a queen. 

His fingers enter me, a little cold and a huge thrill. I cry out and he clamps a hand over my mouth, then feeding me his fingers to taste myself. And then my arms can’t take the weight anymore, I cry out for him to release me. He helps me up and loosens my wrists. I laugh with sheer pleasure, hit between the eyes with euphoria and I can’t stop. He takes off the blindfold and kisses me. 

The Supply TeacherĀ 

I have instructions. He has asked me to wear love eggs and a butt plug. It’s the first time I’ve worn either outside of the house, and the former ever. 
We’ve had several Sessions of phone sex already : this I’m equally embarassed and turned on by. Something I have probably only had a handful of times if at all. But of course it’s different with him.  We were supposed to deny ourselves orgasm but failed. I am to call him sir, he is to call me by my name, as so few people do. 

We’ve also discussed many scenarios but I don’t want to get too presumptious. You never can tell. 

By the time I meet him my I’m really uncomfortable. The love eggs seem to have had no effect but my knickers are soaked. The buttplug is probing just too hard into my ass and I can barely sit down properly, certainly not in any unselfconscious way. The bus journey was particularly irritating. He enjoys this and savours his coffee as we make small talk. 

Later, as we descend the escalator to the underground his fingers reach up my skirt and infiltrate my knickers, he puts his fingers in his mouth and nods approvingly. It is perhaps the filthiest and most exciting thing anyone has done to me and it makes me feel like a goddess. 


I kneel before him, hands on my thighs. The sense of anticipation is unreal. I start to undo his belt but he stops me. He holds my chin tenderly, looks straight in my eyes and bends down to finger me, then makes me lick it clean. I feel my pussy throb with anticipation and my knickers getting wetter. He has already let me take out the buttplug, because I looked so upset about it. 

He pulls my knickers off and inspects the wet crotch, sniffing and licking it with moans of approval. Then he puts it over my mouth and kisses me through it. 

Mirror 2

Many things go through my mind – “you know what to do, you have one”, “hurry up” “figure of 8”. She is smoother than me and I blush as I remember I haven’t shaved as closely as usual. 

I start to lick her outer lips, tasting her saltiness, she is very wet and I can also taste the condom and part of him. I remember to focus on the clit and nibble and suck the top swirling my tongue down her opening. 

And then the familiar feeling of his cock rubbing around my pussy and then it’s in. Oh god what delight. This is easy. He pushes into me, I dive deeper into her pussy, my mouth and part of my nose breathing her in. He grabs my hips and fucks me hard – part of me wants him all to myself and the other part enjoys this show I’m putting on. I slide a finger into her, not wanting to scratch her with my nails. She only cries out more. She feels warm inside, and now I understand the lure every woman has. 

My arms are now hurting and she’s close, I travel up and knead her breasts which are sort of conical shaped, I kiss her so she can taste herself on me. We share a moment of intimacy as she looks at me and says “don’t stop”. 
Bringing the strap-on was a flourish, braggadocio on my part. She’s up for it of course, but I could have left it at home. I put my knickers back on, soaking wet from anticipation and fasten it on. He is now spent, not yet ejaculated but his cock is soft again, mournful even, with the condom still on. I compare my dildo with his cock and ask him to suck it. He won’t of course, but kisses the end. 

She lubes it up and I slide right in, mounting her and driving into her depths. It’s almost too easy. He’s lying beside us watching me, idly playing with his cock. The sweat is dripping off me as I try to find purchase and the best position. I vary the speed and pump her like my life depends on it. 

And I realise immediately why some guys prefer anal. She is too slick, too wet, too open. And then she opens her mouth and cries 

“Oh god L you fuck better than a man”. 

That is my trigger, I am lost in my own orgasm now, the ultimate compliment. She grabs my breasts and says they are amazing. And then she comes too. 

I take off the harness and offer it to her. She takes clean knickers from a drawer and puts it on, remarking how heavy it is. He’s now totally hard, kisses me and squeezes my hand. “You’re an animal” he says in my ear. 

She mounts me and plunges the dildo inside. Wow. It’s like my birthday. But she can’t sustain the thrusting I need. He kneels over me and put his throbbing cock in my mouth. So this is what it feels like to have two. 


We take turns again sucking his cock, rubbing the shaft and giggling, looking up at him. he quickly reaches orgasm and spurts cum over both of us and the bed. 


I always worry about what to wear. Tonight is different though – I need sexy underwear and a dress I can pull off easily. It’s not that warm so boots and a coat are in order. Casual, but chic.

I get the same train as him. He’s told me which carriage he’s in, but I’m fucking useless at counting carriages. It’s clammy and I’m already flustered. Eventually he finds me and we sit together, unable to comprehend what is about to happen. I brush my fingers over his cock to feel a tight package in his suit trousers, he reaches for his rucksack to hide us. 

We get off at the station and it’s not easy to get a cab. We’ve still not had any word from our destination. Luckily Uber still works there and we are soon at a front door, him in front of me ringing the bell. My heart is in my mouth. 

She answers the door in a white silk robe and has no shoes on. She grins a welcome and we go inside. No going back now. 


Upstairs, I quickly visit the loo and check my reflection. My hair is frizzy from the heat and my lipstick is smudged from the champagne glass. But hot. I grin. 

She already has a teddy on, I suspect Ann Summers. She has slipped off her robe and for a moment we all stand there. And then I pull my dress over my head and whirl it around like a toreador.  I stand there, looking at her and notice she’s a little bigger than me. There is an unspoken bond between us already and we unbuckle his belt together, I rub my hand over his pants and then motion for her to feel. We both grope him, she pulls his trousers right down and then his pants straight after. She doesn’t hang about, I note. His hand is fumbling with her pussy, her knickers come off and are kicked across the floor. He kisses me, and then her. 

We both kneel to take his cock, I tell her he likes having his balls sucked. We alternate for a bit, and I relax. This is a lot of fun, like being in a porn movie. She talks about her sex drawer and I pull out some bondage tape – she helps me bind his wrists and I laugh at how much I enjoy it. 

We lead him to the bed and he remarks how now he can’t touch us. I sit astride his face and enjoy his tongue fucking me, almost tempted to suck his dick but realise our friend needs something to do. She’s there already, and it’s hot to watch her technique and feel him beneath me at the same time. Her hands grab my breasts and he moans. I tell her to swap and we clamber to alternate ends. 

I can taste her on his cock, which is odd but again a new turn on. She’s moaning now and I am jealous of her riding his face. I spit on his cock and rub it, licking the end. He’s rock hard now and my cunt twitches. 

I’m on my back, she’s licking my pussy and I can’t quite cope with how good it is. I look down and her hair is in her face so I hold it up for her, cradling her in my hands gently. 
He’s licking and sucking my tits and I close my eyes, flailing a bit and amazed at how good this feels. 

I hear a condom packet being opened and my eyes flick open. He’s fucking her from behind now, the devil! This makes her stop licking me and she groans and pushes herself back on him. And then her lips are on my pussy and his cock pounds into her pushing her into me. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. 

He mouths “I’m fucking you next” to me, giving me a thumbs up and I giggle. I love the concentration on his face, the way his stomach wobbles as he fucks, and his hands on her hips, the sheer force he uses. Her eyes are screwed up in pleasure and she comes loudly. It’s beautiful. 


And then we move around to swap positions. I’m suddenly confronted with a pussy in my face ready to be pleasured. Weirdly, it’s like looking in a mirror.