Booty Call

He is late. An hour and a half later than expected and I am bored. No longer feeling sexy in the outfit I carefully selected, this feels like more of a chore than anything else.

He arrives in jogging bottoms and trainers –  minimum effort – and my libido takes another dive. We go upstairs and I listen as he talks about the interview he’s had today. He undresses down to boxers and slips under the covers, complaining of the cold. I start to kiss him and his hands slide over me hungrily, his lips sucking on mine in that strange kissing technique he likes. He tastes of spices and cigarettes, something I don’t mind at all.

He doesn’t quite push my head down to his cock but I can tell what he wants. I oblige as that’s what he likes and that’s the role I’m content to play for now. He lies back, eyes closed as if in prayer. He says nothing but I remember how he’d said stress lately had made him crave a long slow blow job. He holds my head tenderly and pulls the hair out of my eyes so he can watch me.

Suddenly he asks for a condom and flips it onto his dick. I’m surprised and touch myself, making him touch me too. I slide easily onto him, his eyes are still closed and he barely moves as I ride him. I feel nothing, remembering that this is a meaningless transaction. But at the same time his insignificant member is raking my insides so deliciously I cannot help but moan. He tells me to slow down but I know I’m going to reach my crescendo soon. He pulls my feet higher somehow, I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

“I want to fuck your ass” he growls.

“Wait for me to come” I say.

And I do. I come slowly and really savour it. He isn’t anywhere near and I’ve just used him, I take great pleasure in that because this man means nothing to me. I don’t even like him.


He takes me from behind and I know what is coming. We’ve discussed it, and because his cock is small I don’t think it will be an issue. Firstly he asks for the buttplug, lubing it up himself and pushing it roughly into my quick. He pushes again and holds it there, asking how it feels. It’s quite delicious, and he resumes fucking me. But he wants more. I can’t recall how exactly he asks me, but he ain’t winning no Pulitzer prize. I say yes because I want to please him for some reason. The buttplug is thrown across the room. He’s at an odd angle so we try a few times to connect and break my seal, him lubing up his cock and me slathering with my own ass. Up until this point he has barely touched me. His cock goes softer each time we try, I’m thinking maybe this is his first rodeo.

Eventually he is stiff enough to open me, but he goes too hard and I have to tell him to stop. I don’t think he’s done this before. He asks me to use my vibe at the same time, but I’m at such an odd angle it’s difficult. I use just the clit stimulator and he groans as he thrusts into me. It’s not very enjoyable but it’s also not the worst thing in the world. Eventually he is lying flat on top of me, seizing the back of my neck in his grip, telling me he wants to do this regularly.


He tells me to use my toy again, he wants to watch. This is something I am not used to, so edging myself in front of him adds a different dimension. I go down on him again, taking off the condom and using more lube, still fucking myself electronically. I can’t tell what his vibe is – again his eyes are closed and he could be close to orgasm or a million miles away. I’m frankly bored of swallowing down his cock and his directions on how to suck and coax it. And I’m desperately trying to concentrate on my own orgasm too.

Suddenly, rather like the last time my mouth is full of his cum. Again he makes no sound, doesn’t move and yet keeps spurting down my throat for at least a minute. I manage to swallow it all, the taste isn’t amazing but still. I keep the vibe in my pussy and he continues to watch me, fascinated. And then jumps up to take a shower.



Guest banger: @StillDating

I am now divorced but years ago the night before my wedding I was alone just relaxing after having dinner with my brothers. My bride Lisa who had been living with me in sin had moved to her parents two weeks earlier. Actually to her dad and stepmom’s house. She had been estranged from her mom but had recently reconciled with her within the last six months. I had only met her mother, Marie, in the last month.
Marie had given birth to Lisa in her senior year at University and had divorced Lisa’s dad when Lisa was a teenager. Something about an affair Marie had had. The divorce had left Lisa upset and wanting nothing to do with her mother for years. 
Lisa resembled her mom and when I met Jane with Marie I immediately found her attractive. We met for dinner two weeks before the wedding just before Lisa moved out. I thought I picked up a feeling that Marie had a similar reaction by her glances and the touch of her hand. Her kiss goodbye on my cheek after the dinner seemed to linger.   Later that night Lisa teased me that I found her mom attractive. At the same time Lisa had reservations about her mom coming back into her life. She always felt overshadowed by her. I felt there was more to the story. But I did not push. 
After my brothers dropped me back at my apartment the buzzer rang and I thought my younger brother had forgotten something. It was not my brother but Marie.  She saw my surprise and stepped into my apartment before I could say hello. Marie asked if she could speak with me for a few minutes as she wanted to let me know how much she loved her daughter. She sat down on my couch asking me to join her. She brought a bottle of wine insisting we toast to her daughter. One glass lead to another and soon the bottle was gone. 
As I became tipsy the line between Marie and Lisa grew thinner. Marie was sitting right next to me and as I turned to remark on their similarities Marie’s lips were right in front of mine and without intending to we were kissing. I stopped but Marie leaned forward and this time not only were her lips tantalizing my own but her hands were opening my pants. 
What she found was my hardening cock. As she freed my desire I leaned forward my tongue entering her mouth. I knew this should stop. I said so but my desires clearly showed I had no intention of stopping. Marie stood up and unbuttoned her dress revealing a figure and body that my cock stood fully at attention for as I sat on the couch. 
Marie straddled my cock grinding her pussy on top of me.  Our kisses were intense as I lifted her ass pushing aside her thong as my cock entered her. My thrusts hard and deep as I suckled hungrily at her nipples. 
She moaned my name and confessed that the night we met she decided she must fuck me before I wed her daughter. Riding my hard cock she moaned loudly as I bit her breasts and slapped her ass. Where my lovemaking to her daughter was good something in this woman awakened a desire so guttural to take her and pound her body with every ounce of need I had. 
We fucked for hours on the couch then moving to my bed. A bed I had last shared with her daughter only two weeks ago and would next do so as husband and wife. This further inflamed my need to explode inside this woman as she begged me to use her body, to feel my cock deep inside her.  If my cock was not in her pussy she had me in her mouth exhibiting a prowess I had not known in my life. 
Finally as it became lighter outside she clawed her nails into my back begging me to cum into her. Her own orgasm building, her moans louder and louder.  My neighbors either must have thought Lisa returned for a last fuck as an engaged couple or that I had brought home a hooker from a last minute bachelor party. 
Marie’s orgasm had her screaming my name as I screamed hers into the pillow as I came harder than I ever have with any woman into her. Into a woman that in a few hours would be my mother in law.  
After collapsing on top of her, Marie kissed me deeply. She stood knowing she needed to gather her clothes strewn across the apartment. She again stated that she knew weeks ago she had to fuck me. But where she thought it would be a one time occurrence she now knew this would be something she did not want only once. 
As she kissed me again at my door, as we heard the morning birds outside the building, I knew I would be having an affair from the start of my marriage and that the other woman would be Marie, my mother in law. And I could not wait. 


It’s been a month since we last got together. So much so that I crave his touch, his French whisper in my ear and his brute force, his possession of me.We’ve talked about how this time will play out. No foreplay, no oral entrees. I just want to be fucked hard, no frills. 

We’ve done this enough times for me to trust his judgement. He normally knows what I want, how and when I want it. This alone is enough of a trigger for me. 


He arrives and asks to use the bathroom quickly, I climb back under the covers. It’s cold and as usual I’m wearing very little. 

He undresses quickly and lifts up the duvet from the bottom, covering both of us. Pitch black. His hands travel upwards, stroking my thighs, up my sides and over my chest. He fumbles with the buttons and pulls my breast out of my bra. I am shocked at how good this feels, despite not being able to see anything. His fingers skim my knickers and pull the lace aside. I delve into his pants and stroke his sleeping dick, rubbing it against my hot cunt. We writhe, as he confirms this is what I want. We kiss like we haven’t kissed before, his lips are urgent and warm. 
“Did you miss me?”

He reaches for the condom and without any ceremony he plunges into me, holding my chest down with his palm. I moan, the pleasure is intense and the fear is thrilling. He moves his hand and holds my thigh down until it hurts, muttering in French in my ear, and I pull him off. 

He takes a break from fucking me and now his freezing cold fingers are sliding inside me. I can hear myself squelch, he spits onto my pussy and starts to massage my clit. Very soon I lose control of my body and I can feel the bed get wetter as he continues to rub me off. How does he do this? A combination of skill and patience and trust. It sounds boring but that combination is clearly the key. For me anyway. 


We manoeuvre to the other side of the bed to avoid the wet patch and continue. I start to grind on him, marvelling at his body and happy to be impaled there. He pulls and slaps at my tits and I arch my back enjoying the ride. He holds my ass in place and places his thumb on the entrance to my ass. He should be using lube, instead he’s licked it. I tell him to fuck me from behind and he switches with me. He goes hard, and holds me by my hair. 

We swap again and he’s on top, my legs are wrapped around him. He holds me by the throat and puts his hands on my neck. I grab his ass pulling him further inside me – it’s not as tight as I remembered. He stops and licks my pussy lips with his tongue and I pull his head into my crotch. It feels so damn good. He alternates a few times. It drives me crazy. 

We both come within a minute of each other, probably the quickest ever session. He groans and buries his face in my tits. 

I already know he doesn’t have much time. But he doesn’t make to leave. 
As usual he’s still hard after sex. I fucking hate sucking cock that smells of latex but for him I make an exception and go to work. I marvel at his dick, a two-tone wonder with a thick shaft and beautifully shaven hair. It is perfect. I play with my own pussy as I suck him. 

He pushes my head onto him, forcing it down my throat. I ask him if he wants to come on my face – of course he says yes. 

He kneels over me, cock in hand, rubbing it around my mouth. Very soon I’m coated in his load, grinning as he goes to clean up. 

The other Business Analyst part 4

I’m beat. He doesn’t know I came in my pants earlier, about an hour before he got here. The ritual of dressing in stockings and suspenders never fails to get me off but I took myself by surprise. Just fingering my pussy lying on the bed, I created a muted orgasm that felt amazing. But the guilt and fear I wouldn’t be able to repeat it with him overtook the pleasure.


Still, he asks for a condom and I slide onto him again, a familiar feeling except this time we are both closer shaven and the sensation is tantalising. Slowly I ride him, he twists my nipples and I tell him to suck them, then bite. He bites so hard my right breast is flowered with a purple bruise and the left just a small mark. He pushes my legs this way and that on top of him trying to get a rhythm he likes. But today it isn’t working, he’s soft again.

“Show me the buttplug” he orders. I pull it out, slick it with lube and slide it into my ass. He turns me round to look and pushes on it, holding it in place. I climb back on and try to clench to keep it in. He holds it for a while but it pops out soon after. “Leave it” he says.

He pulls off the condom and I take him in my mouth, reaching for the lube and teasing his ass again. My finger eases in slowly and his head is thrown back, eyes closed in pleasure. I spit on his cock and work the shaft – asking him to show me how he likes it. I want him to touch my cunt but he’s miles away, too preoccupied with his own orgasm.


Again he fills my mouth, ass and cock twitching and legs shaking as he spurts down my throat. I’d told him to save it for me, he’s been good and obeyed me. There is hope for this boy yet….

The other Business Analyst – part three

So my head is between the pillows, my ears are between his thighs and his cock is in my mouth. His ass is in my eyeline and he is teasing my clit and pussy. A 69 is always a complicated set up: a test of concentration between giving and receiving pleasure but this one is a challenge: he’s saying something but I can’t hear a thing. And are his thighs clamping my head because he’s enjoying this so much or is he controlling me?

Either way I’m frustrated: previous to this I’ve opened my legs for him and he’s gone down on me. But not in the normal way: I’ve had to tell him to use his fingers and his head has rested up on my thigh more than once and I’m kind of paranoid I smell or he doesn’t like what he sees. Yes, I hate myself for thinking this but a girl gets worried about these things. I want more, I don’t want a little tongue on my clit I want his lips all over it, I want him properly tasting me, lapping my juices. Or maybe he is just a very experienced tease? Either way he seems to be looking at my pussy more than touching it.

He moves to the position described above. This time I notice he has shaved but I can see where he’s stopped. I move him around a bit before its comfortable and I have to hold his hips and grab his thighs to stop myself being smothered. From this angle I can slide up and down his cock right to the quick which he seems to enjoy – his balls touching my nose. And I enjoy making him moan, this mystery man who doesn’t make a sound when he comes. His ass is cute, I enjoy watching his little arsehole pucker up as I slide up and down.

After a while I have to push myself out from under him for air; he’s still fiddling with my clit and lips but my push sends his mouth further down there and I’m suddenly sort of grinding on his mouth from underneath. That is more like it. And then I realise I can lift him and put him back in my mouth he’s so light. And then he backs up and his fingers go inside me – one then two and he rubs them hard against my Gspot.  He’s saying something which sounds like “bubbles” but I have no clue because somehow he seems to have triggered the most fantastic orgasm and my legs go crazy and thrash about and I moan with his cock still in my mouth and I have to push him off me because it hurts now but it’s so damn good what did he even do then because I can’t even breathe am I squirting i don’t know it feels like nothing else


The other Business Analyst – part two

His cock is cut and half light brown, half dark brown like his skin. He’s shaven a bit but isn’t perfectly manscaped. His size is kind of smaller than my regulars but pleasant to have in the mouth and hand, enough to get a grip on. He gives me a lot of direction: he wants me to look at him while I do it, he wants it sloppy and he wants me to hold it in a certain way.

With guys like this it’s hard not to get offended, but I’m used to – and enjoy – being told what to do. His waist is tiny and he thrusts himself into my mouth, with his hands buried in my hair it’s easy to enjoy. He isn’t rough with me, just measured and methodical with his movements.


He asks for a condom and fiddles to get it on. I lower myself onto him and feel an instant wave of pleasure just from him entering me. He tells me to go gently, that he hasn’t had sex for a while and he doesn’t want to come straightaway.

“How long is a while?” I ask, intrigued. He never answers.

I don’t care when I come, and I’m not concentrating too hard on it because the feeling of bobbing up and down on his cock is enough. The feeling is divine. Sure, he wriggles a little and holds my ass but I’m pretty much lost it’s such a good fit.

“I want to see your buttplug” he says suddenly.

I’m not moving, and I explain I’m having too much of a good time to do that. He thrusts into me a little harder and grabs my tits. He suckles on them but it’s not hard enough for me, he’s too gentle. We switch and he fucks me from behind, holding my hips and my neck and driving into me at just the right angle for me to moan a lot. He squashes me on the bed and lays on top still thrusting and this is how I come.


He tells me this is the first time he has made someone come from penetration. I’m shocked and tell him so. He is still hard and we try again with me on top. Then he swings me around and is driving into me sideways. He sucks my breast nearest him and tells me to suck the other one. This is the hottest thing I’ve heard and seen in a while and as his beard brushes my nipple I come again, not as hard but enough to make him realise.


He wants me to suck him again and this time his legs are around my ears and my tongue decides to stray down towards his ass. He seems to enjoy me sucking and licking him there and I feel the veins in his cock throb and stiffen through my fingers. I switch to fingering his ass and swallow his cock again, my throat now sore, almost wondering what else I can pull out of the bag.

And then, his cock constricts in my throat, his ass tightens around my finger and I swallow down a gallon of his cum as he flails about with no sound at all, his cock and ass pulsing around my mouth and finger.

The other Business Analyst – part one 

Where do I start with this one? Reader I don’t know. Do I tell you about how he took my breath away when he walked into the bar? 

Do I explain how we ended up in bed despite me having no idea if he liked me or not? 

Should I mention the kissing technique? 

Okay, okay all of the above? From the beginning… 

It’s a Friday night. The week has been long and ardous and I’m on the way home. We’d loosely agreed to meet but he sounds like he’s not as keen. I go shopping and dawdle home, resigned to pajamas and a Netflix night. 

But I’ve got it wrong. He does want to meet but later. I don’t know what this means but he says he’s going to drive and he’ll come to me. 

It’s freezing and I have no idea what to wear. I settle for a harness bra with the straps showing and a simple figure hugging black dress. 

I get to the bar we are meeting in – hoardings all round it and it’s a refurb. Fuck. This area has no decent bars : I walk into two which have terrible live bands and one which smells of cheese. The forth is actually a restaurant with a bar at the front. They have wine so I buy a big glass and wait. 

He calls me – he can’t find it. I guide him in and suddenly he’s here, rearranging his hair, leather jacket and driving gloves. I’m speechless. He looks nothing like his photos – in a good way. He is smaller somehow, his nose isn’t as big, and his eyes are just beautiful. 

We talk about a lot : his interview, my job, Netflix (no this is not a sponsored post) holidays and food. 

He suggests we go for a drive, and says he can give me a lift home. 

His car has heated seats and a turbo boost feature which makes me feel a bit sick. But this is a novelty for me, being driven home, and one of those small pleasures I can delight in no matter what happens next. 

He pulls up in my road and asks if it’s safe to park. I ask him if he wants to come in for a drink. 

And then I’m lost. I don’t know where this is going to go – but then I stop myself and realise that’s the exciting part. 

I pour him an OJ and me one too except mine has a slosh of amaretto. *winks to camera*

We sit on the sofa and I try to work him out. We talk for a long time about other things, things which I’ve forgotten about apart from Jujitsu. And then he snakes an arm around my back and pulls my face to his and starts playing with my hair. He had been telling me about his hair..then winds strands of mine around his fingers and wow I say no-one has done this for a long time. 

And then he’s going for the boobs of course, trying to pull them out of the bra and the dress but the angles are awkward. His kisses envelop my lips in his mouth and he kind of does the fandango with them. 

We go upstairs and my room is so cold the only thing to do is get under the duvet. We both just have pants on. He guides my hand to his penis which is funny because I was about to do it anyway. I am keen to discover what he’s packing, my hands fumble and he guides them to his stalk. He’s hard as a rock, so I lower myself down underneath the covers. He pulls the duvet up to watch me.