Mon Dieu 

It’s my day off, a beautiful sunny afternoon and he’s coming over. I only have half an hour to prepare. I select stockings and suspenders, a bra he hasn’t seen before. Modest heels and a jumper and skirt – it’s too cold for anything else. 

I see him coming down the road before he sees me. My knickers are wet.

He stands in the hallway and he grabs both my breasts, kisses me. I grab his crotch and he asks what I’m looking for, pulling out his cock for me to suck. I ignore it and guide his hand to my pussy which he grabs and holds. It nearly takes my breath away. He hold my throat and kisses me again, my hair clip cracks and breaks against the wall. 

I don’t want to do it here so I slowly walk up the stairs. 

But he is too quick for me. He stops me halfway and runs his hands over my ass, round my knickers. I moan, then his lips kiss my sex. I balance on the stairs, ass in his face. He slaps my asscheek and I continue up the stairs – although a fuck halfway up is tempting, it is too cold. 

I stand at the top of the stairs, lifting my skirt. He takes off his shoes and gazes up at me.

I walk seductively to the bedroom, him slowly following me. I sit on the bed and hold the door open. I pull off my jumper and sit legs apart. 


His fingers are freezing but delicious as they slip into my warm pussy. He works my clit softly with his tongue and hold my tits. 

It is delicious. He is feasting on me, eating me like I am a particularly delicious fruit. Every now and then he spits on my pussy and slaps it. 

I come really quickly : the combination of his finger, his tongue, together with the feeling of him between my thighs is too much. 


He takes off the rest of his clothes and we chat for a bit. “Why are they so big?” He says, grabbing at my tit, as he does his cock stiffens. I remember how much he likes having his nipples sucked so I oblige. And then move on to his cock. 

He likes me to deepthroat him. Although he is big i can manage it, and he fingers my pussy while I work. He hits my face with it. 

“You haven’t sat on my face in so long, can you?”

I’m surprised by his tone. He’s not been needy before but who am I to complain?


I come again riding his face – in a weird replay of the previous experience. Can I only now come from oral pleasure? It is not for me to worry about. Soon we are fucking anyway, in a whirl of sweat, panting, kissing, and passion. I slap his ass. He slaps mine. But this time he is gentler with me. There is no slapping of my face. 

We both hammer at each other, changing position, switching up the moves. He even ploughs me from behind – a position I hate, but he makes it enjoyable. By holding my hips, driving into me and groping my cunt he gives it a whole new perspective. I actually enjoy it. 

The Facilities Manager again 

She wakes up wet, the tops of her thighs sticky with her own juices. It’s a shame to shower it away but he will be here soon and she wants to be ready. She decides on no bra – she wants to feel his cold hands on her breasts straightaway. She’s slept in a black silk nightshirt and slips on some frilly knickers to match. She touches herself, checks her fragrance and ties up her hair. Then takes it down. 

She opens the door to him, it’s freezing and she quickly closes it again. He rubs his hands together and tries to warm them, apologising that he would touch her but…

She guides him upstairs and climbs back into the still warm bed. He’s wearing a posh shirt, he asks for a hanger to keep it neat for work. He lies down beside her.

She kisses him, hungry for his touch. His hands cup her breasts, yes they are cold but it’s delicious. 


He takes off his clothes and socks. She hugs his back and feels around his stomach for his bulge. He’s told her he hasn’t come for 5 days and he’s been semi hard on the journey. He’s rock hard now and she smiles behind him. 

Suddenly he gets up, pushes her legs back and feels her crotch, settling himself to kneel in front of her. 

She groans, this is what she has been craving. He rubs her knickers, his fingers touching skin. And then the slap comes. 


He starts to lick her clit, softly at first then building up, adding his fingers to the mix. She looks down – her knickers are still stretched around her thighs and his face is pushed against them making it look like he has a black blindfold on. It’s funny and she keeps looking because she couldn’t imagine him ever agreeing to wear one.


He makes her come with his mouth and his tongue licks up her explosion. He’s holding her hand the whole time which is new. She goes down on him but he stops her, saying he will comes straightaway. “69” he says and they move position so she is straddling his face and swallowing his dick at the same time. 

This, this feels like home for her. The familiar feeling of someone who knows what they are doing. She could sit like this for an eternity. And then suddenly she is coming again, even harder than the first time. She thinks about the guy who just broke her heart, and affirms this is the best way to get over someone. She climbs off him and he continues to play with her clit. 

“Stop, it’s too much” she tells him.


Later, she is sat on top of him. There is no condom between them. He pushes his cock into her and quickly pulls out. “That feels so so good” he says, and bites his lip. It does. She loves his cock better than any she’s had. 

He does it again. She doesn’t stop him. 

The condom goes on. She is red raw and lubes up, her clit is on fire. She eases herself down his member, his eyes roll back in his head and he bites her shoulder, her breast, her neck. He tells her he will come soon. But after a few moves she is too sore. He pumps his own cock and she watches. He asks why and she finds herself saying its hot.

She tells him she wants to swallow him, like they’d talked about. He agrees and she tries to lick his balls. He stops her, saying it tickles. He takes off the condom and she teases the tip with her tongue. Slowly she moves her lips around his shaft and he shudders. “I’m gonna come really soon” he says. 

He unloads into her mouth, she tastes his cum and manages to swallow. He keeps saying sorry, his face is flushed. 


Under the covers he snakes his hand to her moistness. And they start again. 

The Compliance Analyst #2

Oh reader. I know what you’re thinking already – him again? Even with the sex faces? This time I’m cooking him dinner. I’ve asked a male friend what to cook and in pushing the boat out and practically setting sail with what I’ve prepared. 

Straightaway this is odd because I’d very recently sworn I’d never do this again. 

The lamb shanks are roasting along with the dauphinois and the martini glasses are in the fridge. The dessert is set and chilling. The table is laid and again I’m nervous about letting someone in. 

I’ve even bought a fucking apron. But my plan is to play it cool. 

He arrives with his usual swagger – one of his most attractive traits. A guy with a confident walk is hella hot, am I right? 

He’s brought wine from a specialist shop, and he’s a bit earlier than he said. 

I serve the food and we eat, and we talk about family and it’s lovely and we listen to music and he wants his dessert straight after, surprisingly. 

Again, we retire to the sofa like in a Jane Austen novel except there are no conventions here and oh fuck he’s lifting up my skirt and pulling my knickers down slowly just the way I like it. I can’t remember the last time – if any time – any guy has gone down on me in the living room. 

Of course this plays on my mind as he licks me like I’m a particularly delicious gelato. 

I can’t fault his technique. I can’t. But something isn’t right. 

We move to my bedroom and of course he continues to lap at my cunt. I know I can’t come, even sitting on his face his tongue goes too quickly or too furiously despite me trying to manoeuvre it in my favour. 

He pulls me to the end of the bed and puts on a condom, holding my legs and thrusting into me. It’s a new position for me but again doesn’t seem to work. 

Eventually he lets me sit on top, the way I love it. His stalk deliciously rakes my cunt and my clit bangs against him. I almost forget the sex face until it happens. 

He isn’t good on the breast handling, that’s a black mark. That’s the one ticket to my orgasm – they’re hanging in your face as I fuck you so at least give them a tweak. 

Somehow I slowly crawl my way to coming and cry out as he’s asked. He finishes a second after me and I bury my face in his shoulder so I can’t see his. 


In the morning he leaves early and I feel pretty empty. I wanted more. 

Late that night he sends a sweet message “Thanks for a cracking evening, and your hospitality” 

And then he disappears.

The Compliance Analyst #1

It’s our second date. We meet late, after a concert and I realise I really fancy him. We have a great night and flirt outrageously. He ends up asking to come back to mine- some excuse about needing to charge his phone as its dead. I say yes. And I decide I’m not going to fuck him because I’m on my period. And because he needs to earn it.

I fix us some drinks, I’m nervous. He pulls me closer and we kiss. His kissing isn’t amazing, a little like a bird pecking at a worm, but I think like him. 

I say to him how kissing is underrated and he looks at me and agrees. Soon I’m straddling him and his hands are in my bra and I’m torn between wanting to stop him and wanting to fuck his brains out. 

“I can’t really do anything tonight” I admit sheepishly. 

“I understand” he says and continues to kiss me, cupping my breasts in his hands. 

‘Do you want to stay then?’ I ask. 

We go up the stairs quicker than anything. His hand snakes over my pants and starts to rub. It’s infuriating I can’t do anything so I start to unpack his goods to take my mind off it. 

He is big, deliciously big and not very hairy. I sit on the bed and lick the end of his cock, getting the measure of it. 

He lies down and immediately starts giving instructions, something at the time I find incredibly hot. 

I take his length in my mouth and he tells me to look at him. 

Oh reader. 

His face. 
It’s hard to describe – a cross between a grimace and ecstasy but it’s kind of funny. I ain’t never seen a boy do that. Okay, he actually gurned. Like a proper comedy face. His hand goes to the side of his cock and presses down – it seems like he’s in pain or pleasure or both. 
He comes straight down my throat and that’s it. He tells me how amazing I am at it. We kiss for a bit and fall asleep.

I wake with a banging headache at 7.30am, disappear downstairs and find paracetamol, slug it down with water and bring some back for him. 

We start to kiss again, and fumble a bit. He spoons me, the first time in a while and I delight in that small pleasure. 

His hand snakes again to my pants, which are still on. The flat of his palm is against my warm pussy and I am so frustrated I could cry. 

I don’t say anything but pull off my knickers and take out a condom. 

I hand it to him and he wordlessly fits it onto his giant cock. 

I mount him, and he slides straight in. It’s a perfect fit. 

And then the comedy grimaces start. 

I try not to look but it’s hard, and quite off putting. 

But his cock feels so good inside – and he is enjoying me riding him, as he keeps telling me. 
He asks to fuck me from behind and I decline because I’m so close. I come easily and he tells me to scream. He comes soon after and I wonder if I like him really. His face looks like the Eduard Munch painting when he comes, his jaw going crazy, his eyes opening and closing like a doll. 
Oh dear.