Je ne sens rien: fin

I dash upstairs, hardly believing what is happening. I grab another condom and run back down. He can’t decide how he wants me, but this time we are on the sofa. We don’t go back upstairs. First I’m sat swallowing down his cock again, him standing over me like a true Dom. After a while my eyes are  watering and I’m gulping for air afterwards, falling back on the cushions each time. 

I pull down my tights and knickers and beg him to fuck me again. “Keep your shoes on” he says and I am constricted in movement by my tights, trapped in his hands and by my nylons. He carefully bends me over the arm of the sofa and thrusts into me slowly then build up speed gradually and god it is delicious. I could stay here all night. I hug the sofa arm as he pounds me until my legs can’t stay standing up. He pulls out, and slaps my ass three times. There is blood on the condom and he gets nervous, it is just the start of my period. He slaps my pussy again. I can’t explain how much I love this when he does it. 

He stands over me, still furiously rubbing his cock and I take out my breasts. “Come on my face” I tease, not really wanting him to. He pulls and adjusts his balls, but keeps his trousers on. He groans and rubs his shaft, sometimes pausing to slap my tits and somehow after all our exertions his come slowly leaks onto my tits. I rub it all over them making them slick and shiny and my nipples hard.

je ne sens rien : deuxième partie

He takes some lube from the drawer and smears it all over his cock and hands, probing behind me to feel my ass and slide a finger there. He discovers I’ve been wearing a buttplug the entire time and laughs. “A pinkie” he says and spanks me hard with his hand until I tell him to stop.


I’m sliding my hands up and down his cock. I’m teasing him, I’m the one holding all the cards at the moment. I lick the tip and then stop, looking back at him for approval. He holds his balls and says something. I slap them. “No, no, I said lick them”.

“I heard you”. I tease him again and let my tongue trace over his smooth balls, down to his ass. He cries out in pleasure but steers my head back to his cock. I swallow it and go down, deeper than I have been before, my throat making a cracking sound with the extra girth. Then I quickly come back up for air. I manage that three times before something happens. My gag reflex goes and my hand goes up to my mouth, ashamed.

He holds my hand and says “It’s all part of the game, don’t worry”.

I flush red and clean up in the bathroom. I had heard about that but never experienced it.


I’m on top of him, there is no condom and his cockhead is sliding around near my pussy. The temptation to fuck him without one is so great, but I reach for another and give it to him. I am obsessed with his stomach muscles which ripple as he moves. His arms. HIS ARMS! I know what is coming, he knows what is coming. He tells me we don’t have to but I want to try with him. We keep eye contact, he lubes himself up and slowly eases himself into me. “Oh so tight” is all he can say as I look into his eyes and shift slowly. It is the weirdest feeling, but so damn hot. All I can think of is “more lube”and Girl on the Net ‘s advice. I know, I’m weird.

“You want all my holes don’t you?” I ask and he nods.

“Relax” he says and I do the opposite. But soon we are there and he’s pumping into me slowly because I tell him to slow down. “Imagine another guy’s dick in your pussy right now” he says. UNF.

Finally he fills the condom and sweat seeps from his brow as his orgasm reaches a crescendo. “Happy New Year” I say.


We both dress and exchange pleasantries in the hallway. He kisses me and grabs my cunt again and pinches my tit here we are again finishing the way we started and he’s hard again somehow, pulling his cock and balls out in a neat little package for me to swallow again.

“Get a condom” he growls. And I obey.

je ne sens rien

I open the door. He steps in, kisses me, grabs my arse and holds it. As agreed, I sink to a crouching position and start to undo his trousers. It’s difficult as his crotch is bulging and I have to work the fabric into submission. He helps me pull out his cock and I take it in my mouth. He’s very quickly hard and pushes my head back. I hit the wall. He groans and I hold his legs. As he moves a picture falls off the wall. He pulls out a breast from my dress, my bra and pinches it hard, making noises of approval, of pleasure.

We go upstairs. As I climb the stairs he slaps my bum, hard. In the bedroom he pulls off my tights and takes his trousers and shirt off. I sit on the bed, wiggling with excitement. He forces his cock into my mouth. I tie my hair back this time. He slaps my pussy, working a finger inside to try and make me squirt. He spits and rubs and makes me cry out in utter pleasure as I try to concentrate on swallowing his beautiful cock. It’s almost impossible.


I beg him to fuck me. He slaps my neck and suckles on my tits, almost swallowing one whole. He urges me to suck his which drives him wild. we climb up each other and kiss. He slaps my cheek. “Putain” I say.


He asks for a condom and pushes into me slowly. The angles aren’t right but he ploughs into me and I lift my ass into him, grabbing his arse to get a better purchase. Sweat is dripping off him onto my face and I grab his shoulders. We shift positions a few times and then he looks down at my pussy and spits on my clit, rubbing it. “Is this how you masturbate?” he asks.

“No” I say

“Like this?” he asks, rubbing my pussy lips as he fucks me.

“No” I giggle

“How then?” he asks

“Vibrator” I bite my lip

“Filthy girl” he teases.


We are both tired and covered in sweat. He is still inside me, neither of us have come just yet. But we both shift and suddenly, deliciously I am there and it builds and the stars are there and I feel everything and I realise I feel nothing for this guy except utter admiration at his techniques and stamina. Soon after that he fills me, grunting and groaning and rolls off, the bedcovers soaked in his sweat. He is human after all.

Happy New Year

He’s on the same bus as me. But he doesn’t know it yet. I’m so excited I could burst, and I don’t want the mundanity of the bus journey to spoil it. I’m sitting at the front and he’s confirmed he’s standing at the back. As we get to my stop he notices me and is surprised. Stupid, I know. We get off together.

I open my front door and step over the post. He scoops it all up and hands it to me. I take my coat off and put a light on. “Can I have some water?” he asks as he takes off his shoes.

I go into the kitchen and get a glass, start to fill it from the tap. Suddenly his hand snakes under my dress and grabs my cunt from underneath and holds it for maybe 20 seconds. However long, it takes my breath away and I turn to start kissing him.


Upstairs, he does the same, pulling me towards him as we kiss. I climb on top of him as he strokes my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail. And then he pulls my hair. “Let’s get these off” he says, meaning my tights. I take everything off. He bites my ass cheeks, one at a time. His hand probes my pussy. “Lie down” he tells me.

I obey of course. He settles down and starts to nibble my pussy lips, teasing them apart with his fingers, changing speed and technique regularly. I can’t relax, my brain is throwing all kinds of things into my head which are irrelevant. Suddenly I’m worrying that I’m not wet enough. And then, his hand slaps the entire area and I shudder.


We 69, and I try and swallow his monster cock whilst sitting on his face: no mean feat. His lips and fingers are alternating between my ass and pussy and I’m so close to coming it’s frustrating. I deep throat him and his thighs clamp around my ears, he moans at me to stop and giggles. He bites the skin right at the top of my thigh. I squeak and jump off. His lips won’t move from my cunt, and I orgasm kneeling on the bed with his head sideways, me thrusting into his face.

The Property Developer Again.

 I really didn’t want to fuck him. But he was here now and there was nothing I could do. Everything about him repulsed me. Why?

I had become choosy with my partners, once I had tasted the most sublime sex I had ever encountered, why should I settle for less? 

Despite his ridiculously young age he had the air of a businessman just wanting to get it over with. And I the willing hooker. Yes, I admit to fuck someone half my age is an ego boost. But still, I felt uncomfortable this time. 

I sat astride him, having obediently serviced his cock. I couldn’t go down on him for long – his foreskin had to be over his cockhead or he protested. 

I rode him, praying for this to be over quickly. He just lay there with a strange expression. “You could do something with these” I gestured to my tits. 

Begrudgingly he took one in his mouth and suckled, then bit. 

I craved cunnilingus, for someone to lap between my thighs to warm me up for the main event. Even to touch me there.

We changed position, him thrusting wildly and intently into me. I wanted slow and passionate. 

“Come for me baby” he urged. 

Reader: As soon as these words are uttered, I lose the plot. They are like a verbal block, something to stop me doing what I am urged to. I feel pressure – I want to come when I like, not when I am told to. 

He shoves my legs into a different position, his cheeks are red with effort. I am strangely turned on by the weight of him on top of me, his belly hair brushing against me. It reminds me of my ex-husband. Ugh. This is not an image I want. 

We change again and he tickles my pussy with his fingers “God you’re soaking wet” he exclaims and then takes his hand away. Torture. 

I climb onto him and he jokes about wanting to fuck my ass, brushing the tip of my anus with his dick. 

I stubbornly move so he slides straight into my pussy and his eyes close in delight. 

This time it’s easier, I get into a rhythm. He tells me to do the crab – crouch over him and do all the work. I slide up and down his thick cock so he can see. He loves that. 

Again his face doesn’t tell me anything and I decide then and there this will be the last time. 

New Year and all.


I come finally, probably thinking of someone else. He doesn’t realise, my throbbing pulsing pussy flinches and he doesn’t feel it. 

“Are you okay?”He asks as I close my eyes in bliss. 

“Oh yes, I just came”

“Now it’s my turn, I’m gonna come all over your face” he threatens and pulls out, furiously pumping his cock with his fist, condom still on. He sits over me.

I watch as it fills and he grunts. 

“Merry Christmas” I say, grinning.