The Facilities Manager Part Five

I go first, flicking my hair as I climb, breathing heavily with excitement. I can hardly believe he’s here, let alone about to fuck me. He stops halfway up the stairs muttering about emptying his pockets. I stand and wait for him in the bedroom. I hear a cascade of change and phone and keys hit the table.

And here he is.

His hands are all over me, but he takes his time. His hair is heavily waxed as usual, his beard trimmed to perfection. I start to unbutton his shirt as he kisses me, neck, cheek, lips. His trousers bulge and I feel him prod against my stomach. I take off my dress as he comments on how much it suits me. “Look at you” he says in that soft Turkish accent which makes me weak.

I unfasten his belt and his cock is stretching his underwear into a triangle tent. He has fancy pants on with a name around the waistband. I try to pull out his cock but he tells me to stop rushing and sits down on the bed. I go towards him but he spins me around until I am facing away from him. Oh my god. The mastery of that move.

I remember we joked about me stripping for him. I wiggle a bit and his hands hold me still. He kisses me around my knickers, I hunker down and dance in his lap, brushing his cock through his trousers. I am reminded of a scene in the film “The Lobster” but he won’t have seen it. I smile.

He laughs anyway and pulls me on top of him, undoes my bra with one hand. This is it.


He keeps licking me from back to front, legs in the air. I come riding his face, his beard deliciously ticklish against my pussy lips, his tongue not leaving the area even when I shudder to climax and move onto my back.

His fingers and tongue play with me, putty in his hands, craving all of his body.

His thumb presses my asshole, a delicious feeling of control and abandon. We almost fuck without a condom, he rubs his cock slowly around the entrance to my cunt behind me- a move which drives me wild. I push back onto his unsheathed cock and he says no. I realise that I would do anything for this guy should he ask.

He saddles up and we fuck for ages. He wants me to come at the same time as him. ” What are you doing to me?” he asks. I could ask the same of him.

I rest up and start to suck on his cock. He gets nervous and his legs shake when I deepthroat him, he can’t quite cope with that just yet.

We move to the edge of the bed, kissing again. He tells me to sit up but I don’t want to get off his cock. He tells me again. I don’t obey him and I tell him why. I am obsessed with his cock.

He bites a nipple, I bite his ear.

The Facilities Manager Part Four

It had been six weeks or more. I had stopped counting, utterly puzzled as to why I hadn’t seen him. Oh, he was still in touch, pawing at me occasionally like a lazy cat with a mouse. I wanted him so much I had stopped seeing anyone else.

Well, almost. They didn’t come close though.

He was- without doubt- the first one in a long time I had completely lost my head over.


I had an hour to get ready. He’d mentioned he liked suspenders so they were on. I changed my dress to a lower cut one. I lit a fire and threw about 5 logs on there so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with it. The time flew by and soon he was at the door.

He kisses me before I have chance to close the front door. I melt. This man. Why? He stops to take off his shoes and looks at the Christmas tree, then catches sight of the fire. “My hands are freezing” he says and I draw him closer – he says he’s never seen an open fire before in someone’s house. I have impressed him already. Woman make fire.

We sit on the sofa, and as before we chat about stuff and I hold his freezing hands to warm them up. His hand then rests on my knee and he realises I am wearing stockings, but pretends he hasn’t seen them. His lips brush my ear, my neck and I shiver.

What is it about him? Is it his eyes? His hair? His gentle voice which drives me crazy? Is it his soft touch on my neck? Am I in love with him or is it just a crush?

He starts to kiss me properly, teasing me, biting my bottom lip. His hands run over my thighs and grab a breast, then move away. His head nestles into my shoulder and we hold hands – the same as each time we’ve met.

We talk a little more and then he becomes rougher with me. We kiss and I turn towards him, lifting my ass slightly to move closer. His fingers cup it and he pokes my cunt through my knickers. I am wet. I move to straddle him and he asks for my tongue. He sucks and twists it, I grab the back of his neck, he holds my throat.

I’m grinding on him, I can feel his erection through his pants and his trousers. He pulls out my breast from my bra and sucks it, biting the nipple. How does he know that this is exactly what I want?

“Shall we go upstairs?” I whisper.





The Policy Advisor Part 4

I hadn’t expected to fuck him again. He was supposedly dating someone so I hadn’t seen him for a good two or three months. But he kept messaging me, on and off. And then inevitably his relationship ended and the promise of sex hung in the air.He fucked up of course, expecting me to be free when he wanted. Friends told me not to go back. “You don’t want to be second best”.

I struggled with it, but cock is cock and I wanted to see if it would be as good again.

“Do you want to come and fuck me?”

” I didn’t expect you to ask me that again”

“I like to surprise”. 

He arrives on a cold and windy Saturday after dinner with his parents which I tease him about. I had forgotten how marvellously good looking he was. I’ve dressed up for him which is new. I had laid out all my toys ready for us to use, but something has made me put them away again before he arrives. 

He audibly gasps when I take off my dress. Earlier he had asked what I wanted. 

“Lots of oral. That cock again” 

“Good answer”

“What do you want?”

“To make you cum again. To see how much you like spanking.”

I kneel down and begin to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoning his fly. His cock bulges against the fabric and I pull it out, letting his trousers fall down. It flinches at my touch, I lick around the end and feel the warmth of his skin. I look up at him and he puts his hands behind his back and thrusts into my mouth. 

“Are you with your parents yet?” 

“On the way there now” 

“so it would be bad to send you this {insert picture in naughty underwear}”

“Are you wearing that right now?” 

“you’ll have to find out won’t you?”

We get onto the bed, he’s confused by my knickers and is either teasing me royally by pulling them off and snapping them back over my pussy. We kiss and then move into a 69 position, my view is of his asshole and a fold of skin which runs from there to the base of his cock. I take one of his balls in my mouth and he cries out. I go back to swallowing down his cock. He is fingering my pussy, by now my knickers are off but his mouth isn’t anywhere near although I can feel his breath on it. I am in the perfect position and occasionally he thrusts deep into my mouth. 

He dances his fingers inside my cunt and I buck and writhe with his cock still in my mouth. Occasionally it pops out as I take a breath and moan at the pleasurable feeling he is creating. I want his mouth on mine. We move as one, the feeling is intense and I grab his chest, moving to thrust on his mouth as he thrusts into mine. Soon the pleasure is too much and I come, shuddering as he laps up my juices and doesn’t stop.


I didn’t have long to get ready. Straight after work he’d said. I already had one of the favourite lingerie sets on. I selected the trompe l’oeil tights that look like suspenders. Knee high boots again. A black silk shirt, undone. A quick top up of make up, lipstick and scent. I feel like a hooker, which is part of my turn on.He arrived, towering above me and bundled up in a scarf, sniffing from the cold. He started to grab me and kiss me, I told him to get upstairs. I followed him, tottering on my heels. 

I stood in the doorway, craving approval. I think I even put my hand on my hips. “You like?” I asked.

“Oh yes” he said, pulling off his jacket.

His hands ran up and down my legs, over my breasts. I sat on the bed and waited for him to take his shoes off. He pulled apart my legs and buried his face in my crotch. His tongue licked over my tights, his thumb pressing my clit through the fabric. I moaned, he moaned.

I had missed this. 

What followed is best described as a fight. We had discussed what I wanted and what he was keen to explore with me. We grappled with each other. He teased my pussy, brushing his fingers lightly over the gusset of the tights and occasionally licking. After a while I told him to rip my tights and he pulled them apart for the prize inside. I swung around to hang off the edge of the bed and he thrust into my mouth. His lips and tongue teased my pussy, he slapped it and groaned in that accent of his.

The next two hours were spent in pursuit of lust; pure and simple. His body was smoother than I remembered, his cock much larger.

He spat and rubbed at my pussy, his fingers close to triggering my orgasm. We thrust in unison; him in my mouth, his fingers in my cunt.

He threw me across the bed and fucked me until my head hung off the edge and I couldn’t get up. His mouth starts suckling on my nipple until one breast is almost completely inside it, his hands squeezing it tight. His sweat dripped over me from his head but his feet were stone cold.I came on top of him, at the same time as him. He cried out more than I did. We stopped for a while then picked up the pace again. He’s telling me about his recent swinging adventures with a couple, which could never fail to get me hot. The thought of him fucking someone else is hotter than anything I can think of right now. I cannot tell you how much I love hearing about other people’s sex lives in great detail.
I go to the loo and on the way back I see him picking up his trousers.

I hear myself saying ” You’re not going are you?” and instantly tell myself off. Of course he has to go at some point.

“No, not yet” he replies. “Come here – I want to try something”.

I am practically upside down and his hands are still slapping my pussy as he alternates between spitting, slapping, rubbing and coaxing it into submission. Like a potter at the wheel he moulds me into my finest form. He grabs my legs and manoevers me into a position that he likes. I have lost my shit by this point, all I can think of is how has no-one else brought me to this crescendo before? His fingers are triggering all kinds of things, maybe it’s the length, maybe his touch. I am utterly his and as I hear the wet sound of his hand slapping my clit and the lusciousness of his lips on mine something happens which has not happened for a long time. He is crying out with pleasure too and lapping up my juices.

Something feels different. 

“Ah someone has not touched your G-spot before?” he says softly in my ear.

“Is that what happened?” I ask, shocked.

“A little, look at the bed” he gestures.

I look and the bed is wet. “That was me?” I blush.

“Mais oui” he grins from ear to ear.

I lay beside him as his cock slipped in and out of my mouth; hitting the back of my throat as I gagged. On purpose each time I came up for air I made sure a string of drool was left on his shaft because I knew he loved it. I can feel him stiffen in my mouth, my lips close around the base of his shaft and marvel at the smoothness there. He has no hair anywhere and the thrill of him slamming his cock into my mouth is addictive.

 “Putain, Putain” he cries and I think he’s said something else. His juice flows straight down my throat.
Later I ask what he said. Putain can mean anything from bitch, prostitute or “damn it”. 
What a fabulous word.