The Business Analyst: Part 1

Here she is, naked on her back, legs apart, from having just had her knickers teased off her slowly. He tugged them down her hips, pushed her legs together to pull down the red lace past her knees and off her feet. He’s inspected them carefully, felt them and sniffed them – they are now just to the left of him on the bed, neatly folded.

He is naked except for his trousers. She hasn’t asked why. She’s already noted the belt. They have been kissing, his mouth seems to know exactly what hers wants – and they enjoy a battle of tongues. He’s a great kisser. His hand is fully groping her pussy, alternated with tiny kisses from his mouth. Her head is thrown back almost off the edge of the bed as he probes her. He takes one hand and places it around her neck, still teasing her with his fingers and she moans with pleasure. Her head moves from side to side and she inches up the bed, head unsupported.

And then he slaps her, clean across her right cheek.


They’ve talked about a few things before they meet for real. He’s told her about the girl he saw for a while who liked him to cum into her knickers in the loo at lunchtime which she would then replace and go back to work with. She’s told him she has pegging experience. He’s told her he dated a girl who liked being punched in the face. She’s told him about the guy who liked to be choked. He’s funny, clever and doesn’t seem to ask the same kind of questions about squirting or anal the other guys do. Or assume she is free at the drop of a hat.

They meet for a drink after work. She’s wearing a red low cut top and lipstick to match. She arrives first, and has an awkward few minutes at the bar wondering if it’s rude not to wait for him.

And there he is. Very tall. And hard to read.

They order and sit down. She guides the conversation and carefully selects topics to discuss. At times he nudges her, when he’s made a joke or she has. They have another drink, he moves closer to her and puts his arm around her back.


She sits up straight, head reeling with questions, a flashing neon sign in her brain says C O N S E N T.  She says something like:

“What the hell was that?” And he shrinks back, apologises. She can’t remember what he said – it doesn’t matter now. He kisses her again and blinks. He looks sheepish. They lie down beside each other now, she tells him there is only one place she’d like to be slapped.

His eyebrows do a funny dance.

“Oh, apart from my bum”

“I like your bum” he says, grabbing it and twisting the cheek.

“My pussy” she whispers.

“Why? Why there?” His hand moves to cup it.

” I don’t know, I saw it in a porno or something”

“Are you sure?” He asks.

“Yes, please”

She flinches as he pulls back his hand. He grins.

His first strike is soft. She tells him to go harder. He does and her pussy smarts with the sting of his palm. But she’s wet. He does it again and again until she tells him to stop.

“Get your cock out” she orders. He won’t let her.

” I need to make sure you’re pleasured first”


She sits on his face. His tongue darts in and out of her and his hands are all over her breasts. This surely is the greatest thing in the world right now she thinks, as with no effort at all, she shudders into orgasm and his hands hold her hips as she groans and tugs at his hair.

“I could lick you all night. I don’t want to sleep with you because I want to come back again”.

She is surprised at this but says something totally different and encouraging. She may even have said that he was sweet. But in her mind he needs punishing.

“I think it’s time you tried my pants on for size” she says.

He leaps up from the bed and puts them on the wrong way first. The fancy caged back is now framing his cock. He realises and takes them off to put them on the right way. She gets a good look at his bum, which looks great encased in scarlet lace and silk.

He pulls his cock out and offers it to her. He is not hard. She sucks on the end and feels the girth. It is thick with a very long foreskin which tapers at the end to look like a carrot. But she carries on.

He stops her and they lay side by side, kissing for a while, her still holding his cock. It is comforting to have such a weight in her hand and he tells her he loves it and he could stay all night.


He asks if he can speak with me, this guy I haven’t met yet. 

I’m pretty shocked. I’ve been online dating for a good three years now and this never happens. Yeah, I know – it used to be the only way to do it before you met someone. But sadly it’s not so prevalent now. 

So he gives me his number and tells me to call him. I inform him that I don’t call guys and he has to call me. 

I have to leave the building to take the call, my phone has no signal at work, and I’m unsure as to whether he genuinely wants to speak to me or just talk dirty to me. 

I’m cynical – I’ve had them all recently: the time wasters, the crackpots, the liars and cheats. The ones with girlfriends who want to fuck me in a hotel on the side. The picture collectors. I could go on. 

So he calls, and I stifle the urge to put on a silly voice. He sounds normal. His voice is assured, sexy and it sprinkles over me like icing sugar over a Victoria sponge. I’m laughing at his jokes, he’s laughing at mine. Actually I make him laugh a lot, I’m on form. I don’t make an idiot of myself for once.  

He’s going on holiday, this faceless voice. So we can’t meet until he gets back. 

9 days is a long time when you think you might have something. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

The Theatre Producer 

“My mind’s telling me no

But my body, my body’s telling me yes

Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody

But there is something that I must confess to you

[Chorus 2x:]
I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”

R Kelly – Bump and Grind 

Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometimes you need to let things happen and not worry about the consequences. 

I invited him over. A stranger. A stranger I had only started messaging a few hours earlier. 

Tall and lean he nervously stood on my doorstep then started to kiss me hello straightaway. We disappeared upstairs, the scent of him filling my nostrils and giving me goosebumps. He slowly pulled me on top of him and kissed me greedily, pawing at my breasts and his hands running through my hair. God he smelt good. Our clothes came off slowly. His top first, then mine. My bra, his trousers, then mine. He swirled me round until I was legs off the bed, him standing in front of me. He removed my knickers, pulling them down my thighs and over my ankles. Oh god. He knew exactly what he was doing. His hands brushed over my pussy softly which drove me mad, I cried out in ecstasy. 

He pulled me towards him and I took out his cock from his underwear. I hardly looked at it before I got it into my mouth. He moved around and ending up standing on my bed with me slurping on his end, kneeling as high as I could. Did I mention his height? Back and forward he thrust, me grabbing his bum, him steadying himself. Suddenly he withdrew from my gaping lips and made noises, I clamped back onto the tip in an attempt to swallow his cum and felt him shudder, his hands jerked the base of his cock and cum sprayed everywhere. On my shoulder, over my shoulder, across my arm, over  my breasts, in my hair, around my mouth and all over the bed. The cover had a myriad damp spots.

He apologised and asked if I wanted help clearing up. “Sorry, it’s been a while” he mumbled. 

After I’d washed my face I asked “How long is a while? for a bloke I mean?” 

“Two months” he giggled. “Now let’s get you on my face” 

Who was I to protest as his hands guided me up his body until I was straddling his mouth? 

Oh reader, how do I describe the delights I had aboard this gentleman? I felt bad for literally jumping into bed with someone I didn’t know. But that only heightened my pleasure. My mind was all over the place, my hands were in his hair and my pussy riding his mouth. I was convinced I wouldn’t come, but I worked up a rhythm, and was stimulated by the feeling of his tongue and fingers inside my cunt and circling my asshole. He appeared to be loving it. I looked down and grabbed the headboard, shifted a little and saluted the heavens as that familiar feeling ran through my body. 

His tongue lapped up every quiver of my lips and I climbed down. 

“That was fucking hot” he said. 


We chatted about work and our accents amongst other things. He was really handsome and his body was an Adonis like beauty, smooth and lithe. He kept saying I was hot which I had trouble believing – after a roast dinner and a lot of booze I felt anything but. 

His hands quickly began to caress me again, toying with my breasts, kneading them. Again he brushed my pussy with his hands just enough to start my heart beating faster and suddenly he twisted me around until my face was in his crotch. I had no problem swallowing him down again but had issues concentrating on the job in hand with him attending to my cunt at the same time with lips and hands. quite the distraction. 

Again he guided me to the position he wanted me to be in. His gentle touch, not forcing me but a slight suggestion of dominance stayed with me for days afterwards. He asked me for condoms and slipped one on, he guided me into a doggy position pulling back my hips and started to feed his fingers into me. 

“oh god you’re really tight” he exclaimed as he tried to push into me. I jiggled, he moved but something wasn’t quite right. He stabbed away hoping for the best. I grasped his dick and realised he wasn’t hard. 

“You put the condom on too early” I chided. His wordless response was to thrust himself backwards, lift me up on my haunches and start licking my asshole. 

Reader, it had been a while. his tongue lapped at my most intimate place. his fingers then replaced it and I was in raptures. His other hand filled my cunt and I was trapped by this hungry sex beast. He kept taking his fingers from my pussy then furiously wanking himself. hot. 

Again he pushed his cock into me, this time he thrusted a few times and and fell back exhausted onto the bed. 

” I didn’t realise how hard I came the first time” 

He left, not wanting to outstay his welcome and keen to let me sleep. And a few minutes later via message he thanked me and apologised again for coming so quickly the second time. 

A few days later as I was going to bed I noticed a makeup stain on the wall above the bed where my forehead had rested while I rode him. 

I smiled to myself – it deserved  a blue plaque, a plastic screen over it to preserve the print. “Here I came”. Instead I wiped it clean. 

The City Trader

He called me when I was drunk: I thought it was a good idea at the time. He sounded young, German and giggly, his nervous laugh punctuating a lot of the conversation. 

God knows what I said, but the next day I seem to have suggested we meet. 

And here I am now; heels, knickers, stockings, perfume. heading to a place I feel comfortable in: with the promise of sex and an overnight stay on the cards. 

My heart is in my mouth at this stage: which one is he? I gaze around then look at my phone. ah, that’s him maybe? no, too old. 

He arrives and I look down at a man a good foot shorter than me. And I am by no means tall. He is eye level with my breasts. It is laughable, but I don’t laugh. He stares at my lips and suggests we go to a bar nearby. 

He buys us drinks, we sit and chat. Sitting on a stool, height doesn’t matter. He isn’t a bad conversationalist; we talk about work, keeping fit and make jokes about the barmans bad shirts. It is like a date.

The conversation quickly moves to sex: he’s a connoisseur of the threesome and teams up with a buddy to find women. He has called him tonight just in case I’m game. He shows me a picture – a Robert Pattinson lookalike stares back at me. And then he shows me a picture of his cock. It’s big. It hangs down, even in black and white it’s impressive. 

“Yeah he has a big cock” the guy brags. “Do you like it?” I ask, excited for his response. 

“I don’t do anything with it except wank, I like to watch” he giggles again. 

“a girl likes to be abused by two guys, it is every woman’s fantasy!”

I disagree with his use of the word “abuse”- the second man who has found this acceptable parlance recently. 

But a drop seeps through my knickers: my mind is running wild with this scenario already. I sip my wine. 

He asks what crazy things I have done; I replay a greatest hits, edited of course. He is most intrigued about pegging; he doesn’t even understand gay sex. At this point I should probably have thanked him for the drink and left. But I listened to his homophobic rant for a little while longer. 

He is arrogant, yet intriguing. Small in stature yet big in ego. We finish our drinks and leave and outside the bar we stop and I say “oh I don’t know which way we are going” as my feet stumble on the wet pavement. His flat is allegedly round the corner. 

“Oh I’m sorry, this isn’t really working for me- you’re not my type”. 

“oh okay then” I spit and luckily the revolving door is right there to revolve back through.

I walk back to the station. The heels are rubbing now and the suspender belt slipping down as it’s too big. in years gone by I would have cried, but not now. It is most definitely his loss 


Later he messages me to apologise – he wasn’t feeling it and hopes I have a good night.

“That was cruel to tease me with your friends cock in the bar if you weren’t interested”. I reply. 


I get home and rip off the underwear. I could masturbate, but I don’t want to. I call my mate and we laugh about small men and online dating. 

I delete the app. 

The Property Developer Part 4

He’s in a cab, not far away and she’s excited. Really, feelitinthegut excited. He’d not been sure he was going to make it. She’s celebrating.

She’s wet, she’s dressed up with stockings and suspenders and lipstick and hair done. She’s even played with the buttplug, slicking it first with lube and wearing it around the house. Just in case. She touches herself, but stops herself from coming. Just. 
He arrives in an Uber, blustering in and kissing her with hot lips and hands holding her face. She wants him more than anything. 
She takes him upstairs and laughs as he asks if she is wearing anything special. She lifts up her dress to reveal the underwear. He whistles and starts to undress, folding his suit up carefully. His insistence on doing that is infuriating yet endearing.
She giggles and lies back on the bed, he’s on top of her quickly and feeling for her cunt. They kiss and he’s hungry, it’s hot and he wants to close the door. They fumble for each other, a familiarity now – but not enough to be comfortable. He wants her as much as she wants him. 
He is hard quickly. She sucks him, he adjust his foreskin and explains it’s too tender. She asks him to lick her pussy and he tells her he doesn’t do that. 
She leans back, hands on hips and tells him off. He’s had a bad experience, a girl on her period. She tells him he’ll grow out of it and takes him in her mouth again. 
She kneels between his legs and swallows his length, happy as anything, content to have him there in her mouth. He groans a little and moves his hips ever so slightly. 
“I could fall asleep like this” he says. She stops and a long trail of spit/cum slides from her mouth. 
“Sit on it now” he says.
She needs no encouragement, slipping a condom onto his hot member and guiding him inside her with her hand. 
And here they are again, in her favourite position with a guy who fits her perfectly. Something about his body hair even makes her feel safe. And this time she is confident, controlling. She tells him to suck her breasts, to grab her hips as they clash together and eventually to spank her. She tells him “harder” until it hurts and he says “Come for me baby” and she comes. 
She rolls off him and he goes to the bathroom. They both put their pants back on like a married couple getting ready for bed. 
“I’m thinking I want a girlfriend” he says. “Which is bad news for you” 
She rolls her eyes to the heavens: this is his let’s-keep-her-at-arms-length comment. It doesn’t hurt but it stings, there was no need to say it. 
“I never expected to see you again anyway” she whispers. 
They lie there; eventually she is drawn to look inside his boxers again. he apologises for being soft – she works her magic and this time he pushes her onto him and she lets him. She kneels beside him this time, him playing with her at the same time. 
“I can’t go again, I don’t have the energy” he pants. “Use a toy”.
She gets out the bigger vibe. “Wow, I’ve never even seen one of those” he gasps. She repositions herself and inserts its length inside her juicy cunt, switching on all the buttons. 
She’s ashamed, she never performs like this for anyone – usually alone. It’s too much and she can’t concentrate on him anymore. 
He tells her he wants to fuck her ass; she throws the bottle of lube at him. For someone who hasn’t used it before he does a good job and she’s quickly writhing on the bed with his fingers stabbing in and out of her arse. 
He pulls her legs up around his shoulders and enters her pussy. he’s dripping with sweat and beads of perspiration falls on her breasts. He swings her around, pushes her legs together then apart and pounds her. 
He comes quickly and leaps off her. she opens the windows and they lay there in silence. 
“I have to go” he says and talks about having a shower. “can I use this towel to rub my face?” she nods. 

He dresses again and leaves. She’s happy.