The regular

He is kneeling on the corner of my bed, cock in my face, happily playing with my pussy. He isn’t yet fully hard, and his cock lolls around above his balls. This time I notice its shades of purple, the fact the hair on his balls is shaven, but growing back and darker than that on his head. How small and neat the whole package is. His length is eye level, and I grab his buttocks and take him deep inside my mouth, enjoying his fingers inside me at the same time. With one hand he kneads my breast and I flush with pleasure. We’ve never done this before, his hands holding up my hair, a subtle control and steer from him, yet I have all the power. He never likes me to suck him for long, so when he pulls out and kisses me I lie back on the bed.

Wordlessly he travels up my body, kissing stomach, inner thighs, breasts, lips. There is no rush this time. His cock nudges my pussy, teasing me and I close my eyes. I remember that time in the toilet of the hotel. He begins to lick and nuzzle at my cunt, the feeling of his lips too good not to grab the back of his head and hold him closer. His fingers push inside and he picks up speed, varying his hand and tongue movements. All I can do is moan and wiggle, my legs flailing. His head is completely between my thighs, his lips almost forming a clamp over my pussy, sometimes veering deliciously close to my asshole. I can feel his stubble as he licks and kisses it, I’m trying to thrust against his rhythm. I hardly ever come with him for some reason – perhaps the anonymity of it all, perhaps because I never entirely relax.

This time is different. He employs fingers, tongue and lips in transporting me to a place I have never been. It feels like an orgasm, but is a muted whole body explosion with instant relief and utter delight. His hands are still working on me, my body relaxes and he stops. “Did you come?” he asks.

“It felt like it, I’m not sure”.

He comes back up to kiss me, kisses my breasts, bites them and still fingers me. I want more. I’m very very wet now.

He takes out a condom and fiddles to put it on. He pushes my legs together and enters me, I cry out and hold him around his neck. The angles are all wrong and I grab a pillow to heighten my ass. He pulls out and enters me again, slowly. This time it is perfect. He tells me he is close to coming already and pulls out again, neatly pushing himself down my body and kissing my pussy again with his cold lips. I go crazy, it is such a beautiful gesture. Dear reader, one does not see that in a porno.

And then I remember that this guy isn’t mine, and the victory is hollow. Yes, he is beautiful, yes his body is incredible. But soon he will be gone and I will wonder if he was ever there at all.

He enters me again and I grab the headboard with my arms to steady myself. This time he fucks me harder and looks at me and I look at him and I wonder if this is real and why he keeps coming back. He comes and his face is red as always, quickly he’s on his feet and cleaning up in the bathroom.

I bring him water and we make small talk about holidays.

“See you again soon” he says as he leaves.

The Property Developer Part Three

It’s morning now and she’s awake. She’s wondering whether to make the dash for the loo or hold it in. He’s still asleep, she can’t see his face. Fuck it. 

She shuffles to the end of the bed and uses the bathroom. She gazes at her face in the mirror, wipes the mascara from underneath her eyes and pulls a face. On the way back to bed she checks her phone, it’s around 6am. 

She settles back under the covers and sighs. He shifts position. And then the internal argument begins: does she reach for him, duck under the duvet, take him in her mouth, to start something? 

They fell asleep apart, there was no contact. She decides to leave it. 


He’s awake now, he reaches his arm around her and pulls her to him. “Don’t turn your back on me” he chides. 

They face each other as they did the night before and say good morning to each other. And again, with no warning he reaches for her, pulling her knickers aside at the front and fingering her. She is dry, dry, dry and awkwardly conscious of it. She reaches for his cock, and he makes a joke about it being too soft. 

They kiss and he holds her face, his fingers still insistently interrogating her pussy. She relaxes and goes with it, and it isn’t long before she is wet and he is hard. He climbs on top of her and she tells him they need a condom. His cock opens her wide and it is delicious. She wants all of him and she tells him to fuck her harder. He is red-faced and thrusting into her. She grabs his ass and pulls him harder into her depths. Oh god it is so glorious. 

And within a few minutes he comes. She is so close it hurts. 


She dresses, ties back her hair, puts on her heels. She does not expect a kiss or indeed anything from him. He gets up out of bed and gives her a bear hug. She remembers the last time a guy did that, and smiles. 

The Property Developer Part Two 

His cock was driving into her: the slap of his balls, the thrusting,and his expression of real effort all served to get her really fired up. She was loving this youth, this energy that he mounted her with. Goddamn it, he’s even arranged a pillow underneath her butt to lift up her pelvis and improve the position. He knows too much, this boy.

“I love fucking old pussy” he says with glee, his cheeks rosy.

“Never fucking say that to me again” she spits, her face metaphorically slapped. 

But the sex is so good, so wanton, so wrong she forgives him. 
They switch positions, she is now on top. This is her favourite position, the one that ALWAYS makes her come. She’s riding him with no shame, he’s apologising for his puppy fat, his hairy chest. She gives not a fig. He has a man’s body and he is between her legs. She comes hard whilst he is sucking her breasts, and she has to tell him because he’s asking every five minutes if she has yet. 
She rolls off and lies next to him. 

“Just so you know, I’m not looking for anything serious” he pants, still out of breath. 

She doesn’t laugh, but grins to herself. “Who said I was?” Is her retort. 
He keeps joking that she can leave now they’ve fucked. It’s now midnight, they roll together to face each other, like kids at a sleepover. They chat about this and that for a while, his upcoming holiday, her job. 

Suddenly he roughly inserts his fingers into her pussy without any warning. It takes her breath away. She feels for his cock, soft at her touch. He apologises. 

She goes down on him, slowly lapping around the head, swirling her tongue across the shaft. 

“God you know how to do this don’t you?” He whispers. 

She grins again and swallows his length. 

“Can you touch my belly with your nose?” 

She does and gags on his cock. She’s enjoying teasing him. 

She stops and looks at him. Hands behind his head, the cad. 

“Don’t ever stop” he urges. 
She doesn’t come this time but she feels him fill her despite the condom. He pulls it off and continues to wank himself, saying he wants to come on her tits. 

He furiously fists his cock in her direction, her tongue lazily licking the end. 

“You’ve already cum babe” she suggests. 

“Yeah, it was the BJ. Classic” 

They fall asleep with the lights on. 

The Property Developer Part 1

She’s in a cab, crawling through the London streets during a tube strike. It’s hot and the air con is on, she’s now a little too cold. He’s messaging her the whole time, saying he’s excited to finally meet her. 

The journey is talking too long, the driver keeps stopping and starting. As a result she feels sick. Not with nerves, but the sudden feeling that this was a bad idea. What if he’s an idiot?


Two days earlier, she’s in a bar after work. Alcohol is needed and it’s a beautiful day. She’s with a colleague, chewing the fat, gossiping and putting the day to bed. 

A brood of suits walk past with a swagger and amongst them a familiar face. Although she never met him. They continue around the corner. She goes to the loo, checks her makeup. All good. Then dashes out, after him, trying to find where they went. No sign. 

She returns to her colleague and her wine. ” I don’t believe it. A guy I chatted to for months but never met. Here of all places!” She fumbles for her phone and messages him via Facebook. He denies being there. More wine is consumed. 


She steps out of the cab, her heart in her mouth, still feeling queasy from the drive. He’s outside his flat calling her name. He’s kissed her before she’s even through the door. She asks for water, and sits down. “You look stunning” he beams and hungrily kisses her again. She gazes around the room – it’s not what she expected. There are family photos, cards from his 21st birthday, clothes drying. 

” I promise I was going to come to yours – look I even packed a bag” he shows her his shirt neatly folded in a carrier. Despite the ridiculous age gap, she feels immediately at ease with him. And incredibly turned on. 

“Are you going to give me the guided tour?” She offers. 

“you first” he points 

He follows her upstairs, playfully slapping her ass. 

He points out his brothers and fathers room – they live here together but are often out of town. 

“Look what you’ve done to me” he moans, pulling the bulge in his pants. 

” I haven’t done anything” she replies. 


Home a little later, she gets another message from him. 

” I lied. It was me in the bar. I didn’t see you. Thanks for not approaching me. What’s your number?” 

She asks how old he is now. 

“Twenty -one” 

She is not yet 38, but often passes for 30. Slightly better than when they first started chatting two years ago. 


In his room, they both kneel on the bed. He feels up her skirt, nudges her knickers to one side and fingers her roughly. 

“gosh, you’re soaking wet” he exclaims. She rides his fingers and moans. “Shhhh” he urges. She slips off him and slides down his boxers. His cock is big, uncut and already hard. She takes him in her mouth, it’s a pleasure to suck him. Keeping eye contact she gives him the special treatment, savouring the length and girth. 

“Oh god you really know how to suck a cock don’t you” he says, his arms stretched behind his head, occasionally coming back to hold his hips and thrust into her mouth a little.

She can no longer wait to feel him inside her. The condom is fumbled for, and applied with care. She wants to mount him but he wants to be in control. He enters her, and it is delicious, a perfect fucking fit.