The Return

I hadn’t seen him in 6 months. The last was the week before Christmas. Each time this year, his texts had come through at the wrong time or I had been in the wrong place. Of course there had been guys since him, but he was almost a myth: the dictionary definition of a no-strings arrangement. No dramas, just sex. I didn’t even know his real name. 

This time worked. Only just. 

He arrived looking as if he’d stepped off a St Tropez beach, in flip flops, long shorts and pastels. Like a Ralph Lauren model. I led him upstairs and we stood a little awkwardly. Small talk, then he kissed me. His smell, his smell. I had missed this. I was boiling hot and yet summer rain pattered on the skylight. A trickle of sweat ran down my back. 

He felt for my breasts outside my dress, cupped them hard. My hands went down to his belt and miraculously for once, unclasped it with one motion, his shorts falling down to the floor with a thud. 

I pulled out his cock from his clean white pants, he stepped out of them and I knelt on the floor in front of him. I looked up and he closed his eyes. I swallowed his cock and began to suck, my hands gripping the back of his thighs, his ass, whatever I could to stay balanced. I held his gaze and he threw his head back. I licked his balls and the underside of his dick. I pulled off the dress and unclipped the bra, his hand immediately cupping my breasts again. 

My nose touched his taut stomach, not once did he force me onto him or hold my head. My left kneecap buckled, I seemed to be knelt on a button or something. I reached down to finger myself.  He exhaled and we shuffled around so I was on the bed, him on top kissing me. 

Oh reader, how he teased me with the tip of his cock as he licked and sucked my nipples, first one then the other and my juices now flowing, the need to have him inside me was acute. His fingers found my pussy and he worked his way down from my chest to start kissing me there. I opened my legs and wrapped one around his shoulder, the other hanging awkwardly off the bed. He worked his magic with hands and tongue and I was transported, in utter pleasure but then one of our phones vibrated, someone calling one of us. It totally threw me. No-one ever called me so it must have been his. His wife, his girlfriend? I’d now lost my stride. He came back up to kiss me, the taste of me on his lips. I held his beautiful shoulders.  He reached over for condoms and unrolled one, watched me toying with my clit, sitting back on his haunches ready to dive in.  At this point I noticed he was sniffing a little and had a red nose. “Hayfever?” I asked ” yes, it’s terrible” he blinked.

“I’ll go on top then” I said – he fell back on the bed and I climbed onto his sheathed cock. I rode him hard, he submitted and lay almost still, but held my legs somehow and bit my nipples which drove me crazy. I was so close to coming, he grew redder and then grunted. 

“I’m sorry. I came” 

“Fuck you” I laughed. ” I was really close then”. I offered. 

I jumped off him and got dressed. He went to the bathroom and then ran downstairs saying:

 ” I’ve really got to dash” 

And dash he did. 

I was still too hot so gathered my things to leave and get some air. As I fastened my sandals I noticed an odd mark on my knee. It was where I had knelt on his button. A small indent surrounded by red dots. I grinned. 


Finally, summer had hit the city. And it seemed stupid to just go home and sit in front of the TV. I picked up a chilled bottle of wine from M&S along with olives, antipasti, bread and dips. 

I settled down on my jacket and waited, dropped a pin so he knew where I was. I’d chosen a shaded bit near a huge tree, the leaves casting dappled light on the scorched grass. I took my sandals off and watched an ant run up my shin. 

Other people had the same idea – couples snuggled together, a circle of friends or maybe work colleagues with a bottle for each of them and an assortment of snacks, picnic baskets and cool bags. Organised. 

I spotted him in the distance, with his rucksack and Raybans. He waved and jogged over. His kisses were salty and hot. 

“I got Prosecco and strawberries, that okay?” 

“Sure, fancy something savoury?” I asked, showing him the bag I’d brought.

“I can see your pants” he sniggered. 

I wriggled out of the cross legged position I’d been in. “Bloody hell, most men wouldn’t complain” 

“It wasn’t a complaint.” And he meant it. I flushed red. 

He flopped down next to me, pulling the goodies out of his rucksack. “You got cups?” he asked,  placing a hand on my thigh.

“Oh fuck, no” I said and blushed again, what an idiot. He popped the Prosecco and offered it to me. “Let’s drink from the bottle then”

I took a swig and giggled, dribbling a tiny bit down my mouth. He reached for my chin and licked it. Then licked my lips, slipping his tongue inside my mouth and grabbing my waist. Hello instant pant-wetting. 

He stopped and drank from the bottle. 

“I can smell you from here.” He tossed back his head to get his hair out of his eyes. 

I didn’t blush this time. I didn’t blush as his fingers toyed with the lace pants I had on, underneath my dress. I didn’t flinch as he massaged my clit through the material. I moved ever so gently at his touch. 

“You’re wet already aren’t you?” 

He slowly pulled my knickers to the side. The fresh air hit my cunt and I bit my lip. I lazily glanced around and grabbed the bottle again. His finger slipped inside and reader, I gently rode it. No-one was looking, no-one had any idea what was going on. The group had all got up to play frisbee, a dog barked somewhere behind me and couples lay down enjoying the last of the sun. 

“Lick it. I dare you.” 

He didn’t need asking twice. 

It was about time

I’m opening the wine in the kitchen – just for him. I’m not having any because I have a big day tomorrow, sensible as usual. suddenly he’s in there with me, behind me, pushing my dress up past my hips, fingers in my pants, probing. I feel his cock, he pushes my hands behind my back to hold it, he’s already hoicked it out of his skinny jeans. It’s smooth and hard and hot.

I spread my legs and he slides my soaking knickers down my legs, I step out of one hole, the other is still around my ankle. my dress rides up to my waist. 

quickly he enters me, I gasp and steady myself on the worktop. I gaze down at the floor and realise it needs cleaning. he thrusts into me and I bend to find the right angle. it’s naughty and dirty, I’ve never been fucked in the kitchen before, and that alone is a turn on. he slowly stabs my pussy and I love how the angle is deliciously not quite right. 

Horny, unsated and hot ; we retire to the sofa. I’ve already told him I need head and he bends me into an uncomfortable position, one hip on, one hip off. I go with it, but I’m focusing too hard on trying to come. I hold his head closer as he laps and licks inside me, but my legs and hips are out of kilter and I can’t relax. his fingers are inside me and I push them out, preferring the soft nibble of his tongue at my clit. 

I can’t take the teasing anymore, I’m desperate to come. Nikes still on, I squat on him and bounce up and down on his perfect cock. I take off his shirt, he takes off my bra.

he grabs at my tits, biting and sucking them more then he’s done before, squeezing and holding them tight. it hurts but it’s good. 

he says something about me being great at this. we are both covered in sweat and my hair resembles a nest. he looks good. I feel good. 

I stop and change position slightly, angling my legs differently but still riding him as if my life depends on it. both my feet are on the cushions, legs bent and his dick is popping in and out. our mouths clash and bite and suck each other hungrily. he moves, or switches up the rhythm and I’m gone, his teeth clamp my nipples and that is it, oh god that is what I needed.

The Certified Gas Engineer

It was a spur of the moment decision. He’d suggested he drive to my workplace to meet – apparently he was 7 minutes away and just about to walk into the tanning salon. 

I had a meeting and was pretty sure 20 minutes wasn’t enough time. I said no. 

And then I changed my mind. I was having a stressful day, week, month. The sun was shining. I was lunching outside and the meeting would end by 2.30pm. What could go wrong? 

He arrived early and tried to call me. Instead of heading back to my desk I walked out of the building and around the corner, my pussy already throbbing. 

I called him back and directed him to where I was. I climbed into the passenger seat of the van, disregarding everything about not talking to strangers. “How old are you again?” I asked. “30”. He looked younger. 

He was ridiculously tanned, with white teeth and beautiful brown eyes. His arms taut as he gripped the steering wheel. We drove to a place that wasn’t so crowded and he asked for a kiss. 

I asked what we were going to do and what was in the back of the van. “It’s full, I mean you can have a look if you want?” 

I climbed into the passenger footwell. “How about like this?” I suggested. And then glanced out of the window. It was way too public. 

“Come and have a look at the back then, I can move the boiler out of the way”. 

I clambered out. And climbed into the back. There was a bit of room, it didn’t smell and wasn’t dusty. I told him to get in. 

I pretended to look at the racks of drills and “spaners” – everything was neat and labelled. He held my chin and tilted my head to his. 

I undid his jeans and underneath were pants as white as his teeth. Then the lights went off. 

“I can’t really work in the dark” I giggled. 

He locked the van from inside and switched the lights back on. I knelt, he half bent to free his cock and gently put it in my mouth. He smelt clean with a hint of sweat. I hardly looked at his cock but noted his balls were shaved and very quickly he was stiff.

He groped for my tit and I threw my dress over my head. He twisted my nipple hard and my cunt seeped. He pushed the back of my neck onto his cock and I said no. He pulled one breast out of my bra and bent to suck it. He thrust into my mouth, his thighs around my ears. 

I tasted what I thought was precum and carried on sucking, pulling his cock out of my mouth and concentrating on his balls, lapping them like the cat that got the cream. 

His cock softened, what was I doing wrong? He held it and massaged his balls. I went at it again. 

“I came ages ago” he suddenly said. “You should invite me over, it’s such a shame you’re on your period, I could have fingered you”

I was shocked, how did I miss that? He’d come within a minute of me starting. 

We climbed out, returned to the front seat. He drove me back to work. 

I went back with a huge grin on my face, the smell of his cock on my hands.