The Civil Servant – Part Three

He climbed into bed with me. I couldn’t stop giggling.
“What are you laughing at? Is it me?”
I assured him it wasn’t.
We chatted for a bit. Normally I hate the inbetween-sex chat, but this was different. He was a gentleman, a scholar and made me laugh. And his eyes melted me inside a little. I could fall in love here.
Eventually I couldn’t hide it any longer. I nudged closer to him, resting the tip of the dildo on his leg.
“what is this?” He giggled again, feeling the dildo.
“It’s a big one” I chuckled.
He pulled the covers back.
“You look hot with that dick mistress, I think I want to swallow it”
As his mouth took it in, it butted up against my cunt. It was a crazy sensation. As he sucked up and down, his drool hit my pussy lips. He finished and we clutched each other, massaging each other’s perineums.
It was incredibly tender yet filthy.

He asked for some lube and coated his ass and the dildo.
“How do you want me mistress?”
“Lie back”
I knelt before him, dick in hand. He held his legs up and I thrust into him.
His face scrunched in desire or pain, or a mixture of both.
I had expected to tease him, to fuck his ass slowly and tenderly. To inch into him over a long period of time.
There was none of that. I drove in and out of him, my ass pumping his, my hands pushing on his chest, then around his neck, then holding his ass cheeks underneath him, driving further into him.
I felt power, I felt sexy, I felt control.
Reader, I came. I came from fucking a man with a strap-on.
It was an unexpected triumph.
I lay on top of him, panting.
We switched positions and I tried to fuck him from behind. The angle was all wrong, his ass was too far in the air and I was too low. I lost control of the harness and it flapped uselessly.
I pulled out of him and quickly tightened the straps. I grabbed him by the hips further down the bed.
And then I pumped in and out of him. I held him by the shoulders, by the hips, he cried out in delight. I grabbed his dick underneath him, and pumped it too.
I even did an American Psycho style salute twice in an imaginary mirror as I fucked his ass. The shame.


The next morning we sleepily fucked again. This time he was on top of me, and I enjoyed his lean body forcing into me. It was amazing. Neither of us could come, either already sated by the previous night or just permanently horny. He blamed the condom.
I asked him to wank for me again. He told me he’d never done it in front of anyone before. This time I didn’t interfere. He thrust his hips forward and rubbed the end of his cock up and down. He apologised and said it normally didn’t take him this long.
I pinched and twisted his nipples.
“Please lick it mistress” he begged.
I licked his balls again, soft and smooth against my tongue.
“tell me how it felt when I fucked your dirty ass”
“It was so good, it hurt but I wanted it to.”
I giggled, and swallowed the tip of his cock.
” Oh god that’s it” he cried.
I returned to my pillow to observe, my hand on his thigh. He thrust forward again and I felt his legs shudder.
His cock exploded and spurted eight, maybe ten times all over his belly.
I scooped up his cum and smeared it over his face, over his beard and lips, letting him suck my fingers.
“Oh thank you mistress, thank you so much”.

The Civil Servant – Part Two

I rode his face, unable to keep still. His beard tickled me, his tongue danced over my clit then flicked in and out of my cunt. He grabbed my arse cheeks and controlled my movements ever so slightly. It was delicious. His nose was actually buried there.
I came soon after, shuddering, grabbing the headboard, head banging against the wall, then slid down his slim frame.

“Thank you mistress, thank you for coming”
I pulled on his lead.
“What would you like to do next slave?”
“This isn’t about my pleasure mistress”
We kissed, hard. I could taste myself on him.
“I’m going to ride you hard now, okay?”
“yes please mistress”

I fumbled in the drawer for a condom and unfurled it onto his dick. Probably the first time in ages I’d been able to do it.
His dick looked perfect – uncut, small but was rock hard and very thick.
Inside me it was incredible, like some kind of magic fuck stick.
I rode him until my legs were stiff. Until my cunt was sore. Until I came into a million shimmering pieces again.

I asked him to show me how he masturbated. As he pulled the head with one hand and held his balls with the other I could not resist getting involved.
I licked and sucked his balls, remarking to him how smooth they were.
“I shaved them for you today mistress”.
“very good”
I continued playing with his balls, then took his cock in my mouth.
He gasped and thrust deeper down my throat.
“you’re so good at that” he whimpered.
I teased him, stopping and starting, pulling up then teasing the tip with my fingers.
“Don’t you dare come until I tell you” I ordered.
I played with myself and fed him my fingers which he sucked with real intensity.
I returned to my task, swallowing his cock. By now I was getting tired and pulled up again, a long drool of spit and come trailing from my mouth.
It was then I remembered his fetish.
I spat the cum-drool in his face.
“you disgust me” I said, spitting in his face again.
“Oh mistress I’m so dirty” he giggled.
The more I did it, the more he loved it.


“I’d better wash myself” he said and trudged to the bathroom.
I watched him through the slightly open bedroom door. He stood up to piss, holding his dick. I was as wet as before.
Before he returned, I dashed to the cupboard and put on the harness. Positioned the dildo inside. Crept under the duvet and pulled it up to my chin giggling.

The Civil Servant – Part One

The package arrived on a Monday morning, I couldn’t get it open quick enough. The pictures on the box made me laugh, I wondered who’d had to design it. They hadn’t done a very good job.
The harness was just like a thong, with an open crotch. An assortment of three black dildos came with it, each incredibly lifelike with veins and heads. I stepped into it. Snug. I tried the biggest, thickest dildo first. It fit into the hole perfectly, flush against my cunt.
I stood there, in the morning sunshine, holding it as if it were mine. I let it fall and enjoyed the weight of it between my legs. I brought up my phone to take a photo but just enjoyed the view. It looked incredible.
I fucked myself with all three, finally reaching orgasm with my vibe and the dildo recommended for anal use right there in my ass.
I was ready.
An hour before we met I tried it on a second time. I imagined what I would say to him, how he would react. I was wearing tights and pants underneath it and I was so wet through both it was disturbing.
I lay face down on the bed with the dildo between my legs, its base prodding my mound. I wanted to come. I returned it to the box and set off.

I will never know what he had expected. I hardly knew what to expect myself. It was the first time.
I needn’t have worried. From the moment he entered he was under my spell completely. He wore the leash well and was happy to be led around the house on all fours. We got to the bed and I pulled off my already wet knickers.
“Put these on” I ordered.
He crammed himself into the frilly panties, his cock pushed up through the waistband. They were big on him. The lace contrasted with his dark hair and skin. He looked really happy and cupped himself with his hand.
“They look good on you – how do they make you feel?
“Dirty mistress”.
“Good. Now lie back”
I straddled him, and let my breasts fall out of the cups of my bra.
“Now lick”
He obeyed and greedily sucked on each teat, bringing his hand up to pull it closer to his mouth.
His cock was rock hard through my pants. I wriggled in delight.
” You know what’s coming next don’t you? ”
He nodded.
I repositioned myself on his face.

Locker room

It is a marvellous place, a voyeurs’ paradise. Here women transform from sweaty sticky messes to sleek and sophisticated with a flourish of the straighteners and a slick of eye liner.
All body types are covered: the tall, boyishly framed woman who swims every single day; the elderly Pakistani lady with massive boobs, the orange Essex girl who won’t leave without full makeup; the busy mum who doesn’t bother with any, the Turkish fitness trainer with abs to die for.
Their bodies fascinate me. Of course, I compare theirs to mine. There are fake tits, full bushes, tattoos, ribcages protruding, piercings and tan lines. Then the stockings, thongs, tights and the legs. The woman with seven bras hanging in her locker, one for every day of the week. I watch them all and I make mental notes. My eye is inevitably drawn between their legs, a flash of pussy, a glimpse of an ass. Tantalising.
She’s usually there when I am during the week, sometimes on weekends. She is tall and slim, with darker and longer hair than my own. She has friends there, sometimes they chat, about the class they’ve just done, or their jobs, or holidays.
We catch eyes in the mirror as I’m combing my wet hair. She’s peeling off her gym kit, her legs lean and toned. We both look away. And later, again our eyes meet as I’m putting on lipstick, her back arches as she lifts her top over her head.
Her eyes are full of sadness. It feels like she needs something.
I want to go over there and kiss her on the lips. See what another woman tastes like. Gently play with her nipples and feel them harden at my touch. Put my hands on her shoulders and guide her to sit down on the bench. kneel before her and leave a trail of kisses from her knee to her inner thigh.
She would push my head close to her so my lips brush her pubic hair, so I can smell her lust, her excitement. My tongue would start to lap, start to taste her. She would moan, and lie back, her legs opening wider. My fingers would push inside her to feel the wetness, feel her warmth. I would work faster, my tongue in rhythm on her clit, digits pushing in and out of her. I would feel her orgasm vibrate on my tongue, and right at the quick of my own cunt as she shudders and spasms, her thighs closing around my head.
The next time we catch eyes, she will smile and blush.

The fashion designer

He was late. But he’d apologised already – train were delayed.
We were on a time limit – half an hour. I was as hungover as fuck, I nearly hadn’t bothered. My curiosity got the better of me.
He arrived, apologising again. He was cute. Checked how my hangover was. Asked if I wanted to grab a cup of tea instead.
“We’ve got 15 minutes – really?”
“I’m sorry, the flat is five minutes walk away as well”
“Let’s go then”
It was then I noticed he was carrying a cool box.
“Big lunch?” I joked
“I sell tropical fish, it’s a side project”
He offered me a cigarette, stopping to light mine for me. We chatted all the way.
He led me to a beautiful private gated block with a beautifully lit garden.
“Sorry, it’s the top floor”
I hoofed it up the stairs after him, out of breath at the top.
The door said 21. He unlocked it and led me inside.
We stood by the bed, I threw off my coat and he started kissing me.
The cigarette had made my mouth dry which was annoying. I fumbled with his ridiculous huge buckled belt.
“I can’t do it” I sighed.
He unhooked it with one flip.
I pulled my dress over my head, as I was sweating by now.
He pulled one of my tits out of my bra and held it tight, licking and kissing the nipple. I moaned.
I reached down to his pants and unfurled his dick.
Always the anticipation – how big? How hairy? Is it hard?
It was a splendid one. The best looking for a while. The sheer weight of it in my hand. long and thick. Shaved, hardly any hair.
I took him in my mouth, teased the end and then swallowed the shaft.
He pulled it up.
“Lick my balls” he ordered.
I did of course. They fitted perfectly in my mouth.
I gave his dick another suck and he held my head gently, my hands on his ass.
“Are you ready to be spanked?”
I shot up from my knees.
“Bend over”
This, dear reader, was why I had come. Why I was content to tolerate the time limit. I craved this more than I craved chocolate or a nice glass of wine. I hadn’t found a man who wanted to do this to me for years.
I was still wearing my tights and boots. Naked top half only.
I felt the weight of him on the bed behind me. His hand snaked up to hold my breast, twisting the nipple. His other hand grabbed at my ass, then the back of my thigh sizing me up like a piece of meat. He was a pro, I smiled to myself.
He slapped me, square on my right buttock. Quite softly. Then a little harder.
“You have a nice ass” he said.
“And you have a nice cock” I panted back.
He held my tit again, tweaking it. Planted tiny kisses on my shoulder.
And then again, grabbed the flesh of my ass and then slapped.
“Do you want it harder?”
“Yes please”
He obliged. The anticipation of the spank is all. Oh god it was too good. I felt like it was my birthday.
His hand snaked between my legs and ran over my pussy, still encased in pants and tights. I half expected him to peel them down, but secretly enjoyed the sensation. His hand rubbed back to front.
He kept slapping, he kept asking and checking. He slapped me very hard four times to finish, like a staccato end to a marvellous symphony.
I was soaking wet, probably more turned on than I had been in ages. his mastery of the art was too much.
“where do you want me to cum?” He asked
he flipped me over, I looked at him through my hair.
“My face? my tits? My arse? ”
” I don’t want to make a mess”
“you can cum in my mouth then”
I bent down and took him in my mouth again, he was rock hard.
I looked up at him, his eyes closed and he shot his load straight down the back of my throat. Perfect.
I fumbled in my bag for a hair clip, and started to put my bra back on.
He gazed at my breasts and sighed as I popped them into the cups.
“Fuck, they’re so big”.
I grinned and retrieve my dress from the bed.
“So when can I fuck you properly? How long is a period? A few days?”
I smiled at him. “I’ll let you know”
I made for a quick exit and he twisted me round to kiss me.

An hour later, as I fucked myself with a vibe his message came through:
“You suck good”.
I grinned to myself.

That guy

It was our second date. The first was a lunch, and I was on a lunch hour so it didn’t really count. I wasn’t sure about him – he seemed far too keen. We’d said goodbye and he’d gone for a full body hug, outside M&S in broad daylight.
He was a bit older than me. A man rather than a boy. He also had a belly, something I’m not normally into.His trainers weren’t cool. He wore polo tops.
We met in a cool part of town. I was driving and so was he. So not many drinks were consumed, perhaps a good thing on this occasion.
It was a chance to get to know him better – he was actually really sweet. we got on well, had enough to talk about without awkward silences.
it didn’t take long for things to develop – a touch on the arm, a kiss, you know the drill.
I invited him back. This was before the days of Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, sexting. I was keen to see the goods.
We raced each other to mine in separate cars. He followed but overtook when there was a dual carriageway. It was also a massive turn on – me and cars.
Back at mine, I poured some wine into two glasses. he snuck up behind me, arms around the waist like in all the good movies.
We didn’t even drink the wine, it was a ritual played out, a kind of clumsy foreplay.
I led him to the bedroom after a lot of kissing and there began the unveiling. He had a gigantic cock. I couldn’t wait to get it out. It went everywhere. in my mouth, my jaw opened wide as it could go. it teased my nipples and rubbed against my ass. He was as hairy down there as he was up top. it was a turn on, I’ll admit.
The feeling of being astride a man larger than me was quite a thing. okay his cock was one thing but his size was another. really having something to ride and rub my clit against. Something to hold on to. The comfort of flesh on flesh. and the hair! His chest was like a rug – in a good way.
He smelt good too – he wore Joop, and very soon we smelt of each other. I came pretty much as soon as he got his cock inside me. and again and agin though out the night.
We stopped when I got too sore. His dick was ample for me, we kissed and fell asleep.
It was a night of passion that I hadn’t experienced for a while. in the morning he left and there were many jokes about his girth. My mouth was sore, my cunt was sore and aching, my legs wobbly, my lips red raw from his stubble. it was a triumph of sorts.
it is a truth universally acknowledged that when you find someone who fits so perfectly inside you, you shouldn’t give it up.
Reader, I married him.


He stood behind me and undid my bra slowly. His hands supported my breasts as it fell to the floor.
He squeezed them both tight and whispered in my ear:
“Have you completed your task?”
I nodded.
He slapped my ass hard. And again.
I fucking loved it when he did that.
I wanted to touch myself. Hell, I wanted him to touch me.
But my hands were bound, and he had gagged me. I was his fucktoy tonight.
He forced apart my legs, kicking my ankles with his brogues. Ouch.
I thought I knew what was coming.
I was wrong.
He rolled up my skirt and his fingers roughly pulled aside my knickers.
“Fucking slut” he rasped in my ear.
“Bend over” he ordered.
I did as I was told.
He traced his finger around my asshole. Then blew on it.
He was teasing me. Royally.
Something brushed against my pussy, I looked between my legs and saw a vibrator.
His fingers probed my arse.
“Good girl” he chided, inserting the vibe slowly into my pussy, without switching it on.
I thrust onto it but he pulled me back.
“Not yet, baby girl”.
He slapped my ass so hard I blinked away tears.
I heard him unbuckling his belt and his trousers dropped to the floor. He tossed away his shoes.
He forced me forward until my shins hit the bed. He guided me to kneel down on the bed, vibe still stuck in my pussy.
His cock nudged my arse.
“You want my cock inside you don’t you?”
I nodded.
He pulled my hair back. Adjusted himself and coated my ass with lube and slowly pushed inside.
I was never a huge fan of anal.
But the way he did it.
I pushed back against him as he slid further in.
The vibe dropped out onto the bed I was so wet.
He grunted as he thrust into me, really slowly.
“Oh fuck you’re tight”.
His hands were in my hair, his cock plunged deep in my ass. My cunt literally dripping onto my sheets.
I closed my eyes.
He came a few minutes later, I could feel his hot jizz fill me.
My arse got a few more playful slaps and he turned me over.
“To speak or to see?” he asked, and switched the blindfold from my mouth to my eyes.
I felt his fingers tracing the outline of my cunt lips.
And then he started kissing it. Leaving a trail across my stomach, down my thighs and over my pubic bone.
For the first time since he’d arrived, I relaxed a little.
And then he slapped me. straight in the cunt.
I like it rough.


He crams himself into me, the tip of his cock teasing the entrance to my cunt.

I’ve already had it in my mouth, me kneeling before him, him thrusting himself into me, gently holding my head.

“It’s like a vice. The deeper I go in the more my cock gets gripped”

His words absolutely got me wet, no doubt.

He’s not fully inside. I want ALL of it, but he’s teasing me royally.

I’m lying down, he’s standing at the side of the bed.

My legs are flailing, unsure whether to grip his ass and pull him closer or hang unwanted off the edge and submit.

I want to pull him deeper inside me.

But this guy knows how to keep me hanging, physically and mentally.

He slips out again and eats me out, greedily, fingers pulling apart my cunt lips, other hand pressing my mound.

I’m on another plane.

Suddenly he stops

Goes over to the drawer

Fumbles about for a while

Throws something on the bed

I can’t see, it’s something black

“whatthefuckisthat” I pant

“You asked for it, remember?”

My mind goes temporarily insane.

He fiddles about a bit.

It’s a cock ring.

Oh boy.

I mount him, slipping on a condom.

Oh fuck it’s good.

The ring tickles my clit.

“How does it feel?” he says

“Like there’s something there…I mean as well as your cock”

We came almost simultaneously.


I accompanied him to the bar.
“It’s all off” he said.
“What? Why?”
“My bag’s at the table, go sit down and I’ll explain”.
I sat down with a thud. I could hardly breathe. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was shaking. My head pounded. I didn’t understand.
He brought the drinks over and explained how he’d placed an ad online. He got a few responses but they were the best. Maybe he fancied the girl- I don’t know. I mean, I did too but I wasn’t going to tell him that.
They’d been emailing all of the night before and then nothing until 5pm that day.
The guy wouldn’t give out his number and then eventually cried off entirely, saying they’d already had sex that afternoon and didn’t fancy it again but did we fancy joining them for a night out?
“Please tell me you said no?”
He nodded. He looked really sad.
“So, what do you want to do?” I asked.
“Let’s just have a drink” he said.

We made small talk like the first time we met. It was odd. We looked like a normal couple out having a drink. Not fuckbuddies who normally only met in the bedroom.
He even told me about how difficult it was getting planning permission for an extension on his house. Sexy, right?
Relief was flooding over me but also disappointment at not being able to get laid.
I caught him looking at my dress.
“How far down does that zip go? he grinned.
“Just down to here” I said, pointing at my belly button.
“Hmmmmm. The toilet here is pretty promising – spacious even”
He indicated to his left, he’s already cased the joint.
I probably rolled my eyes at that point. I’d have preferred a hotel room with a comfortable bed.
But I couldn’t ever resist him.


I walked to the loo and locked it. Tried and failed to pee. He knocked and I opened the door, slinking back against the wall – setting off the sodding hand dryer.
He laughed and pulled me close to him, arms around my waist. He kissed me, softly at first then his tongue greedily explored my mouth. His hands nudged my knickers down to my knees and groped for my pussy, finding it wet and throbbing. I pulled off his belt and unzipped him, finding his cock semi hard. What a beauty it is, nudging past the waistband of his Calvin Kleins.
The loo had piped in cheesy Muzak which I found hilarious. But there he was kissing me, unzipping my dress and pulling my tits out. I was quickly on my knees with his wonderful dick in my gob. Soon he was rock hard, his balls swelling and growing pinker. He took his trousers and socks off and pulled my dress off over my head.
This was no quickie.
He laid my jacket down on the marble floor with a flourish as if we were at a picnic.
“Bum down there” he pointed.
I lay back on the jacket, my head against the wall. He started licking my pussy, my legs spread wide, a finger teasing my clit. I was in raptures, flailing about on the ice cold floor with a beautiful man tending to my cunt.
He finger-fucked me like no-one else. Properly going for it, finger and tongue. I was so close to blowing my top but couldn’t quite make it. I thrust myself against his fingers while rubbing my clit myself, every time I did this his cock stiffened and bobbed up.
“I need to pee” I told him.
“Well you’re in the right place”
“Would you like me to pee in your pmouth?” I offered. This was one of his kinks that I’d never indulged in.
He nodded. We switched positions and I sat on his face, his lips brushing my pussy lips. He expectantly waited, mouth open but looking down on his handsome face it felt all wrong. I just couldn’t do it.
I climbed back down him and he grabbed my ass. Slipped a condom on and pushed hard inside me.
I rode him on the floor, my knees on the uncomfortable cold marble trying to get purchase, work up a rhythm – his body making funny squeaky noises as I drove onto him and he squashed on the floor.
The incongruity of the situation kept playing on my mind – a disabled toilet (which luckily didn’t seem as if it had ever been used) and this gorgeous, horny gent intent on fucking me on the floor.
We kept switching positions until I bent over the loo seat, arse in the air, him behind me.
Man, I’d forgotten what a joy it was to fuck in heels. Him bending his legs behind mine, his hands on my hips, my legs taut, him thrusting in and out and me holding the seat. I even caught him looking in the mirror, American Psycho style. Damn it felt good. Even if I was over a toilet.
I straightened up and he pushed me back down on the floor. We writhed around and clashed against the bin and the sink. He held my tits hard, squeezing them together.
At one point a weird beeping started – and I stopped dead.
“It’s just the air freshener” he laughed. “Your face”.
He continued bearing down on me, my arse now making squeaky noises against the floor.
“Fuck me harder” I implored.
That did it for him, a trigger. He exploded into me and went bright red.
“I came” he whispered.
I got up and put my knickers on. Bra next, checked my hair and makeup.
He left first. Then me.
As we walked back to the station he asked me what DP and rough sex was. I couldn’t believe his naivety. Apparently the guy we’d meant to meet was into that. I was pretty relieved we didn’t hook up, if that’s what we had in store. My guy was always gentle, loving and sweetly tender.

It wasn’t a foursome, and it wasn’t in a hotel room. But my god don’t I love fucking a hot guy on the floor of a disabled toilet when the moment arises.