On the sofa

We’d been speaking for a while over email, a month or so. Long enough to know the first time we met something hot was inevitable. He’d asked quite a lot about my preferences, my fantasies and what I liked. I felt like I knew him already.

The window of opportunity was small: I’d come straight from a works leaving do, he was going on to a birthday do.

We met in a wine bar I know well but hadn’t been to for some time. I arrived first and selected where to sit very carefully – on a sofa in the corner, away from prying eyes. It was a baking hot day and I drank my wine like it was juice. There was a 2 for 1 offer which was immediately dangerous but also quite useful.

He arrived late and thankfully looked exactly like his picture – no surprises there. He was incredibly well spoken, tousled and gave off an incredible energy. I was intrigued. We chatted about this and that, where we lived, our plans for the summer and London. I wondered what would happen – he’d straight off told me he only had an hour or so before he had to join his party.

As we chatted his hand found the back of my neck. And pressed down on my spine, making me feel instantly hot between my legs. He was rubbing my neck and I turned to look at him. He kissed me –  a kiss full of urgency, lust and heat. And then again.

And then his fingers crept up my thigh to my knickers. Teased the lace aside and there he was, fingering me in the bar in public. A first. A delicious, naughty first. I glanced around at the few other couples in the bar. I bucked and squeezed against his digits, I could feel the wetness seeping out of me. No-one noticed a thing.

“You’re really tight, I can feel how tight you are” he said.

And then “You’re going to go to the toilet and remove your knickers and come back and sit down here again”.

I was throbbing. Throbbing with lust. Throbbing with anticipation as to what was going to happen next.

I did as I was told and returned to the couch with my knickers stuffed in my bra.

I settled down next to him and repositioned myself. His hand shot up my dress. I was riding his fingers and loving it. I could have come right there and then it was so good but I stopped myself. I almost cried out in delight, but the man opposite looked like he knew what was happening and I turned chicken.

He grabbed my hand and made me feel the hardness of his dick in his trousers. Gee whizz. Now this was awkward. Both hot to trot and nowhere to sate this crystallized lust.

“You’re going to check out the toilet upstairs and if it’s big enough stay there and I’ll follow you in” he whispered.

I went up there. I did actually need the loo so went, and swayed a bit. Put the loo seat down and sat on it. I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing. What we were doing.

A few minutes later the loo door opened and he knocked on my cubicle. Threw his bags down. We kissed again and he pushed me back onto the seat. I lifted up my dress and offered my cunt to him like a sunflower turning towards the sun. He buried his face there for a while and lapped as I bucked and writhed, trying to get comfortable. Trying not to think about how bad we were and what if someone came in. I put those thoughts to the back of my mind and enjoyed the feel of his stubble tickling my clit and pussy. And came all over him.

I wanted his cock, and pulled it out like a woman possessed. Ate it hungrily, he was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck me. I licked his balls, I licked his shaft, he had a beautiful dick.

We had no condoms, he ordered me to bend over and quickly came all over my arse, the hot come running down my ass cheeks.

“Lick it all up” I heard myself say ( I still blush at this now)

And reader, he did.

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