The games marketer

He was one of those who liked to message a lot. We’d met the once but were planning to fuck the second time.
The first date we got on well but I messed up at the end by appearing too keen. I didn’t even like him that much – I’d been out of the dating game too long and was very rusty.
He was younger than me, a sort of blustering posh boy. I think he even wore a scarf. (Never trust a man in a scarf)
The second time we met in a pub closer to mine. We drank red wine and sat opposite each other across a huge table. It could have been an interview. We were both nervous.
He’d messaged me about wanting to fuck me over a table, which was amusing me no end. Here was the table and nowhere was the fuck. We’d shared fantasies and orgasms over Whatsapp but this was lame. We finished our drinks and left.
Back at mine I saw no signs of the dominance which had turned me on in his messages. I think I had to suggest we move activities upstairs.
He was bewildered by my body, unable to undo my bra. Yet an erection was forthcoming and he appeared aroused.
I climbed aboard and rode his cock to orgasm. He just lay there – which sometimes is actually just what you want. No strange moves, no thrusting from beneath.
I lay there for a while panting, hungry for more. My motor had just got started and I was ready for a night of it.
“I think I’d better be getting home” he said suddenly.
He dressed quickly and at the door said “I’d really like to do this again, maybe next week?”

I never saw or heard from him again.

Contains scenes of a strong sexual nature

He was the first and last guy I’ve watched porn with.
It started when I bought him a Polaroid camera. He took pictures of me sucking his cock, in the bath, naked on the bed. it got him hot.
I hated the pictures. I looked weird. He probably still has them.
It moved from there to obscure porn films. We’d watch them together on his sofa, all cosy while absolute filth filled the screen.
He had recently returned from a holiday in Thailand and had all these dirty movies on CD minidisc.
My favourite was called ‘Red Vibe Diaries’. It involved a very attractive blonde woman being fucked by a sex machine. Many times over. In different sexy outfits. She was incredible, I wanted to BE her.
(N.B if anyone can find me a copy I might marry them)
His movie tastes were quite strange to say the least and I spent many a happy hour on that sofa with him.
If we were watching ‘Red Vibe Diaries’ it was a different drill. he’d make sure the door was locked to his housemates. It wouldn’t take long after starting to watch that I’d be hot to trot.
I’d tease him terribly, and we’d try to keep our eyes on the screen without looking at each other while I unfastened his trousers, he fumbled at my zip until we absolutely HAD to put our bits in each other.
I remember one glorious viewing – we’d had a lot of wine – he fucked me bent over one of the arms of the sofa, my head twisted, eyes still on the TV. I came at the same time as the woman on screen, imagining his cock was the lubed-up automaton she was enjoying so much.
And then his dreams came true. He’d talked for ages about two animal porn movies he’d tried to get hold of – notorious apparently.
One was called Animal Farm, the other Dogmeat – it was the latter he’d managed to find.
We settled down to watch the “classic” porno. It was grainy and practically black and white, like CCTV footage. In it, a bewildered Doberman stood on a bed and a couple of women tried to arouse it.
What couldn’t we stop laughing at?
The dog was wearing socks. Like a man who can’t quite get undressed quickly enough.
It was probably the unsexiest porno I’d ever seen.

Message in a bottle

It was my first international work trip. A group of people I hadn’t met before from all parts of the UK – I was the youngest.
Our tour visited Korea and China.
I quickly bonded with a guy who was nearest in age to me. We had a laugh, and above all got along. We were from the same part of the country.
It was a weird time for me. I hadn’t been sexually active for ages. 18 months is some time, right?
Yeah – I said 18 months. That’s over a year. I’d given up. No sex, very rarely wanked, no libido at all. Not even a whimper.
The trip was pretty tightly scheduled and every evening we were guests at some event or other. One night we went clubbing which was an experience in itself. Never before have I made my way to a dancefloor only to find no-one was actually dancing…just sort of standing around. And for some reason the waiters were dressed as pool attendants.
I digress.
Our trip was a week. But then the ash cloud hit and our flights were cancelled. At first the group took it well and made the most of sightseeing.
But then panic set in and people peeled off – one flew to New York, others to Dubai.
There were four of us who stayed. Me and the guy included.
One night we stayed up drinking in the hotel bar. Not a care in the world. No idea when we could even get home or how. An odd yet liberating state of being. We talked about all kinds of things – the fact he was about to get married, my failed relationships. It was nice to be chatting with someone with no agenda. No pressure.
We all retired to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I was horny and I didn’t know why. I didn’t fancy this guy but something had awoken my libido. And once awoken, oh boy.
Of course I was travelling so I had no vibrator or anything resembling one.
I settled down under the beautiful crisp hotel sheets and tried to wrestle with myself. It wasn’t cutting it.
Then I remembered the mini bar. There was a bottle of mineral water with ridges all around the edge.
Freezing cold against my skin.
Not your average apparatus.
It did the job.
And so I can say I had an orgasm in Beijing.

On the sofa

We’d been speaking for a while over email, a month or so. Long enough to know the first time we met something hot was inevitable. He’d asked quite a lot about my preferences, my fantasies and what I liked. I felt like I knew him already.

The window of opportunity was small: I’d come straight from a works leaving do, he was going on to a birthday do.

We met in a wine bar I know well but hadn’t been to for some time. I arrived first and selected where to sit very carefully – on a sofa in the corner, away from prying eyes. It was a baking hot day and I drank my wine like it was juice. There was a 2 for 1 offer which was immediately dangerous but also quite useful.

He arrived late and thankfully looked exactly like his picture – no surprises there. He was incredibly well spoken, tousled and gave off an incredible energy. I was intrigued. We chatted about this and that, where we lived, our plans for the summer and London. I wondered what would happen – he’d straight off told me he only had an hour or so before he had to join his party.

As we chatted his hand found the back of my neck. And pressed down on my spine, making me feel instantly hot between my legs. He was rubbing my neck and I turned to look at him. He kissed me –  a kiss full of urgency, lust and heat. And then again.

And then his fingers crept up my thigh to my knickers. Teased the lace aside and there he was, fingering me in the bar in public. A first. A delicious, naughty first. I glanced around at the few other couples in the bar. I bucked and squeezed against his digits, I could feel the wetness seeping out of me. No-one noticed a thing.

“You’re really tight, I can feel how tight you are” he said.

And then “You’re going to go to the toilet and remove your knickers and come back and sit down here again”.

I was throbbing. Throbbing with lust. Throbbing with anticipation as to what was going to happen next.

I did as I was told and returned to the couch with my knickers stuffed in my bra.

I settled down next to him and repositioned myself. His hand shot up my dress. I was riding his fingers and loving it. I could have come right there and then it was so good but I stopped myself. I almost cried out in delight, but the man opposite looked like he knew what was happening and I turned chicken.

He grabbed my hand and made me feel the hardness of his dick in his trousers. Gee whizz. Now this was awkward. Both hot to trot and nowhere to sate this crystallized lust.

“You’re going to check out the toilet upstairs and if it’s big enough stay there and I’ll follow you in” he whispered.

I went up there. I did actually need the loo so went, and swayed a bit. Put the loo seat down and sat on it. I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing. What we were doing.

A few minutes later the loo door opened and he knocked on my cubicle. Threw his bags down. We kissed again and he pushed me back onto the seat. I lifted up my dress and offered my cunt to him like a sunflower turning towards the sun. He buried his face there for a while and lapped as I bucked and writhed, trying to get comfortable. Trying not to think about how bad we were and what if someone came in. I put those thoughts to the back of my mind and enjoyed the feel of his stubble tickling my clit and pussy. And came all over him.

I wanted his cock, and pulled it out like a woman possessed. Ate it hungrily, he was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck me. I licked his balls, I licked his shaft, he had a beautiful dick.

We had no condoms, he ordered me to bend over and quickly came all over my arse, the hot come running down my ass cheeks.

“Lick it all up” I heard myself say ( I still blush at this now)

And reader, he did.

The Alarm Guy

I was training to become a manager at a very unfashionable chain restaurant. This brought with it all kinds of ridiculous responsibilities, including locking up, being a key holder, putting takings into the safe and setting the alarm when I left.

The building was old and clunky and at least once a month the alarm wouldn’t set properly. I’d have to call the company, give them the automated message, get a guy to talk it through, and then I’d be able to leave.

It happened so regularly I kept getting the same guy on the helpdesk. And as mine was a lonely job late in the evening – as was his, we would get to chatting about other things.
Normal stuff, nothing crazy. 
Eventually he asked me out. 
This was a risk. He was just some random alarm dude. 
But you don’t get anywhere unless you take a risk, right?

We went for drinks in a part of town I don’t know. We got drunk. I didn’t really fancy him, he was cute but not really my type. 
He invites me back to his. Except its his brothers. We get into bed, and sure enough there’s a picture of his brother and his partner on the shelf above the bed. It’s all a bit odd. 
We start kissing and cuddling and I’m feeling awkward and he’s obviously feeling awkward. I mean – who does it in their brothers bed?

We get to the key moment, the bit when he’s got to deliver. 
“Oh god I’m sorry” he says
He’s kind of fiddling about down there and I’m ready and waiting and hoping. 
“I just can’t do it” 
I lift up the covers and he’s not packing an erection. He’s desperately trying to revive it by grabbing it and pumping it.
I say “Don’t worry about it” and try to go down on him.
He doesn’t want that.
We try some other stuff but it’s all wrong. It was wrong as soon as I saw his brothers photo. Especially as he was much better looking.
I made my excuses and left.

The next time the alarm wouldn’t set it was a different guy on the helpdesk.

Perhaps it was best.

The other Romanian

He had been emailing me for months. We kept trying to meet but he had a girlfriend and wanted to play away, he could only hook up when she wasn’t around. Not my ideal scenario but I was intrigued.
He’d sent me only a couple of pictures. When I met him he was around 4 stone heavier than the picture and with longer hair. If I’m honest he looked a little like my first boyfriend. I wasn’t attracted to him hugely. But I was still curious.
He came back to the house with me. It was raining and I wasn’t sure how to play it. He’d talked about wanting to lick me and how he found oral sex much more a turn-on than penetrative. As we made small talk I wondered what his body would feel like on top of me, it had been a while since I had been with a bigger guy.
We got to mine and I led him upstairs. I whipped off my dress and got into bed, underwear still on. He did the same but kept his Tshirt on. And leant over to kiss me. He ate my face off – all I could think of was “he could have used gum”.
He fondled one tit, and grabbed me between my legs which took my breath away. He started massaging my cunt outside my pants. Mmm it felt pretty good. He looked at my breasts in my bra as if trying to size them up. Then he cupped one in his hand and pulled out the nipple. I enjoyed his tongue flicking over it. he grabbed more of my tit from its bra cup and I sighed.
I felt his cock through his pants – not much happening there. I decided to ignore it. By now he was pulling down my pants anyway.
He had a sort-of-beard and the minute he went down there with it I knew he was a pro. All of the sensations, all of the nibbles, sucks, licks and slurps and concentration with maximum effort. I couldn’t stop pushing myself into his face and he didn’t seem to mind one bit.
I looked down, couldn’t see his face for his hair. He was absolutely buried in me.
He was there for some time and I bucked and writhed as he pleasured me. As soon as he put his finger inside me as well I was gone, he was gentle at first; then more insistent and rough. It didn’t take long for me to explode – during which he clamped himself to my clit as I tried to climb back up the bed, the hit was so intense.
He came back up to kiss me. And then I realised he had a massive erection. He lay back and I took it in my mouth, slowly sucking from base to tip twice or three times. He cried out. I stopped and asked him what was wrong.
“Nothing – I want to come in your mouth”. He spurted a little and I quickly swallowed him again.
He made more noise than me coming. Talk about quickest blowjob ever. Lucky me.
We made small talk, lying beside each other. I was 50/50 on wanting him to leave and wanting him to stay.
We chatted for a while and then he said “Would you like me to go down on you again?”
Actually I wanted him to stick his cock in me. But I didn’t say that.
He went between my legs again. For half an hour. I know because my clock is within my eyeline on the mantelpiece. Again it was incredible.
At one point I was so close to coming I almost cried. This time he didn’t fuck me with his fingers.
“You can stop” I said.
I reciprocated, taking him deep throat, my mascara running down my cheeks. Switching positions, taking him between my breasts, making sure he could see what was going on.
I then lay next to him while he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while I grabbed his arse. God that was hot.
“You can stop” he said – mirroring me.
“I really want to sit on you” I said.
We fiddled with a condom, by which time he was soft as a marshmallow.
We chatted some more and then he said he had to be going. Which was good as I’d been raising my eyebrows behind his back.
“Do you have something like an apple I could have?”
I rolled up laughing.
“I have donuts” I said.
“I want something to hide the taste of pussy in case I run into a neighbour”.
I gave him the donuts laughing to myself.
“Maybe next week we can do this again?”.
“yeah sure” I said, knowing how difficult even this meeting had been to organise.
He left and I was glad. But telling the story again has made me wet…


He’s coming over.
I’ve showered, done hair and makeup. A bra that shows off my tits. Knickers with a lace up back.
A red sundress he can pull off over my head. Heels.
I’m wet of course. Was as soon as I got home. My fingers toy with my freshly shaved cunt. I want him to kiss me there.
I’m stomach down on the bed, imagining him behind me, massaging my ass. Grinding my pelvis into the bed to tease myself.
I can come without a cock but doesn’t it feel good to have it inside?

He texts again. He’s going to be late. I groan and roll onto my back. The breeze from outside dances around my open legs. I place my palm on my crotch and feel the heat radiating. I can make myself come but that would spoil our time together.
He texts again, requesting a naked welcome. I can’t.
He arrives and I open the door. He’s unbuttoning his shirt as he comes in. I pull the dress over my head and shut the door.
I tell him off for keeping me waiting and run upstairs, he grabs my ass and pulls my pants down before we reach the bedroom. I fling my bra off and sit on the bed watching him.
He unbuttons his shorts and stands there with white Calvin Kleins. Oh god oh god he’s so beautiful.
I pull them down and he starts to kiss me, pushing me back onto the bed.
His kisses are urgent, wet and hot. Like my cunt. He grabs my breasts and hungrily licks them, then back to my mouth. I ease back onto the bed and he pulls me onto my side. His fingers start to explore my pussy. And its delicious. I’m ready for his cock but he’s going to tease me. I was ready for his cock an hour ago.
He finishes licking my breasts and moves downward. Gently his tongue explores my folds, licking softly, finding the rhythm.
He’s never made me come from this. But I’m determined and so is he. It takes a while. My legs start to go first and I buck into him, pushing my cunt into his face. I want it harder.
To my delight he tongues and fingers me simultaneously using his palm. I’m gone.
He laps it up, face still buried in me as I scream in delight. He doesn’t stop and I’m thrusting in pain and pleasure moving further up the bed. He licks up every last drop and kisses my inner thighs softly.
And then he kisses my lips, I can taste myself on him.
He falls back and we lie side by side. I start to lick his cock but he doesn’t want it.
He pulls out a condom and rolls it on, making himself comfortable with a pillow behind his head. I climb on and we start a sweaty climb to the peak. Its hot, and its hard. He tries to get a rhythm going, we’re both drenched in sweat and its like our bodies are a fucking machine being lubricated. We have to keep stopping. Then going faster and slower, varying the pace.
we try a few other positions, him behind me, him on top. I’m close to coming again but he is miles ahead.
He pulls out and whips the condom off, kneels beside my head feeding his cock into my mouth. I’m at the wrong angle and he moves the pillow to make it easier.
His cock tastes of condom and I choke it down, spluttering a bit. My eyes are watering and my hair is a messy bush by now.
But that’s enough for him. His face goes serious, he doesn’t make a sound. His come spurts over my mouth and around my face.
Salty and hot.

The Postman

We met in a bar and he scribbled his number on a flyer. And thus began an odd arrangement, unlike any I’d had before. .

He lived in a bedsit somewhere in South London. The bed was a futon and when we fucked it always felt like it was breaking. I always went to his, he’d cook something involving pasta and cheese, we’d fuck like rabbits and then he’d go to his night shift and I’d stay the night, leaving either when he got back or earlier the next morning.
The bus I’d have to get back home always said “Penge” which never fails to make me giggle.
He was hung like a horse. Tall with big hands. Dark and brooding. Again, the memory of the sex is sketchy but I do remember him once holding me down hanging off the edge of the bed while he pounded my cunt from behind. It was uncomfortable but did the trick on more than one occasion.

Of course I couldn’t sleep after he left. I’d go snooping. I couldn’t help it, I’m too inquisitive.
There was a baseball bat under the bed. A shoebox of holiday photos with a girl in the wardrobe. Tampax in the bathroom cabinet. Sometimes condoms in the bin. Once, an empty packet of contraceptive pills.
It ended when he started cooking beans on toast. I just couldn’t go with that one.

The Printer

I had fancied him for ages. Could always catch a sly glimpse of him through the window of my office. He was the tallest of all of them – strong jawline, not too skinny and very quiet. The other guys in the factory shouted and swore but he rarely said anything. Just moved among them like a beautiful Neanderthal.
I never had any reason to talk to him unless I had a client in to pass their job down on press – an approval procedure.
Even then my boss and the client would be around – hardly the time to start a seduction.
It was all in the eyes. I would look at him, he would look at me. That was as far as it went.
He also had no reason to come upstairs to the office.

As a result I rarely heard his voice and started to piece up information about him. It was said he had a fiancée. He had a very fancy car. He lived in a small village in Kent that was hard to pronounce.
That was about it.
This went on for months. I found out his name. The other guys caught on that I liked him.
There was a company Christmas party one year. Somehow he came back to mine.
I couldn’t believe the guy I had fantasised about for so long was in my bed.
We lay in the dark, side by side chatting. He wasn’t like the other guys, he was clever and could actually hold a conversation without swearing.
I don’t think we actually had sex. Either he refused, or we had no condoms or something else. Maybe we fooled around a bit. He definitely commented on my tits and told me I should show them off more.
But the feeling of having someone seemingly unattainable in the bed next to me was a incredibly powerful thing, more so than any orgasm.