The Personal Trainer

It took us a while to meet. He could only do pre-5pm, I’m normally working at that time.

He’d asked me to dress sexily. At that time, I didn’t have much in my repertoire. I’d thrown away the stockings and suspenders I’d worn on my wedding day and most of my lingerie was everyday. When I say everyday, I don’t mean greying cotton knickers though. Back then I was a fan of the lace shorts. Picked out a sexy black bra and the lacey shorts.
But what to answer the door in? I couldn’t bare my underwear to the street?
I found a satin dressing gown my Mum had left last time she stayed. Tied it up and donned some red sparkly heels.
I was nervous, of course. Paced up and down, necking glass after glass of red wine.
He arrived shortly after 8. Tall, skinny and not quite like his photos. But he smelt good and immediately put his hands all over me and seems to like what he saw.
I offered him a glass of wine but he declined. This was going to be tough, or so I thought.
I made some joke about him helping me with my gym training. He admired my place and the awkwardness melted away.
We went upstairs and I quickly undressed him. His cock stood upright already, bursting from his boxers. He undid my robe and started touching my bra, running his hands over the smooth lace and reaching for my pussy.
I was pretty turned on, both by the situation and the fact I was going to get laid. His body was ripped, his stomach was defined and hard to the touch. It was rude not to shove his cock in my mouth and as I took it I could feel where he’d shaved it.
He gently laid me on the bed and teased off my panties. His tongue traced my cunt lips and I sighed. I moved my hips in time to his motions and he must have felt my clit throb with desire.
Very soon we were kissing and stroking each other, his cock poking at my pussy.
“I want to be on top” I said.
He obeyed and lay back on my pillow. I sat astride him, teasing his cock with my hands. It was a good size.
I passed him a condom and he saddled up.
Reader, if I’d have known then what I knew now, I would have played it very differently.
You see, when I’m really hot for fucking I just want to climb on top and scratch that itch. Get sated and then start again – all night if possible.
So there I was, slowly manoeuvring myself down that amazing pole, feeling all delicious and ready to bust out my moves.
At this point may I remind you of the title of this post. He was a personal trainer.
I got him all the way in and he started up what I can only describe as a human vibrator.
I mean usually if you’re going on top you do quite a bit of the work, or you work in tandem, no?
This guy basically fucked me like a reverse pneumatic drill, I was rendered immobile and all I could do was moan and grab my tits. It was incredible, and totally took me by surprise. He was practically doing reverse press ups into me but so quickly it was driving my cunt crazy. I can also normally feel myself start to lose the plot in my toes. They kind of go all tingly, that’s the warning sign. His stamina and rhythm was so staccato that I very quickly reached a very intense orgasm and collapsed onto him, landing kisses all over his face, every inch of me still tingling.
“That was fucking amazing”I said.
“I could feel you come, I think you had a multiple orgasm”
“yeah” I said. “I’ve never been fucked like that before”
“My turn” he said and got on top.
He pushed inside me with the determination and physique of an Olympic athlete.
But something wasn’t quite right for him. He asked me to bend over and banged me from behind, shooting his load and resting his head on my ass. We were both covered in sweat.
It was a great session, and he didn’t even charge me.

The guy from work

He made me laugh a lot. He wasn’t hot or sexy or good looking. He just had that glint in his eye and such a good sense of humour that every moment I spent in his company was, well, hilarious.
We were both taken of course. He had a long term thing, mine was pretty serious as well. So nothing was going to happen.
It was fine that we went out for lunch together and went for drinks and got on so well.
It was all fine.
It was even fine when I met his girlfriend. It was fine!
When someone teases you and takes the mickey a lot, basically they like you. He did that in spades. His emails made tears roll down my face with laughter. He was witty, charming and had been to Oxford or something. And was brilliant at the put down.
Of course at some point we were going to have sex.
It took a while.
We hadn’t even talked about fucking. Or what that might trigger. Which probably made it worse. We didn’t even ever talk about sex at all. But there were delicious sparks between us.
One night we went drinking with another guy from work. Or maybe it was his flatmate. Who cares? We all got drunk and I got invited back to his.
My memory of the night is pretty hazy as a result.
The sex could have been super awkward. It could have been amazing. Maybe a combination of both.
I just remember the look on his face as I was riding him. Yeah – as I was grinding on his cock, back arched in an orgasm he wore a mask.
It was absolute terror.
Maybe he’d realised this wasn’t a good idea. Maybe he was worried about his girlfriend.
I think he even uttered the words
“This was a mistake”
Either way, we never did it again. I didn’t stop fancying him of course.
I looked him up a few years back and found out he’d married the girlfriend and had two kids.
Lucky escape really.


I live next door to a fire station. Weirdly you get used to the sirens, like most noises in the city they just blend into the cacophony until you don’t hear them at all.
At the side of the station there’s a red door. Sometimes the firemen come out of it and nip to the corner shop for fags or milk. Sometimes they close it again. Sometimes they don’t.
I often wonder what would happen if I went inside.
I’ve never noticed if any of them are good looking or not. That doesn’t really matter. The turn on is the group of men, and being the centre of attention.
Maybe I’d shyly walk in there and see what happened. One of them would start to stroke my hair, another touch my arm gently and the cheekiest one would lift up my dress and start to rub my crotch over my pants. He’d feel that I was wet and horny straight away. Maybe two of them would hold my legs still whilst one pulled down my top and start squeezing and licking my tits while another pulls my pants aside and starts lapping at my pussy.
Maybe one would manhandle me to a chair and bend me over while another tied my wrists loosely with his belt and fastens it to one of the arms. I’d hear him spit on his fingers and feel him entering me and his weight pushing into me as I buck at his size and strength whilst another feeds his cock into my mouth. Maybe when they were done they’d untie me and have me kneel and take them all one by one until I have a mouth full of spunk.

Or maybe I’d get in there and order them all to lie down on the floor. I’d lower myself onto the first guys face, dripping wet and grind my pussy until I came all over him. The second guy I’d tease and lick his cock then fuck him reverse cowgirl style while the others whoop and cheer.
The third I’d lower myself onto and make him sit up and lick and bite my tits until I orgasm.

Which one do you think works best?

The Blindfold

I knocked on the door three times. Room 3064.
Quickly checked my face in a compact.
I was nervous.
The door opened and immediately his hands covered my eyes and closed the door behind me.
I tottered forwards.

“You’re fucking late” he spat into my ear.
“I’m sorry” I whispered.
His hand was hot and clammy against my face. I was instantly wetter.

“You know what’s going to happen don’t you?” he said “You’re in real trouble now”

I nodded and his hand loosened a little.
“Close your eyes, don’t peep”.

He removed his hand and I felt soft material against my face as he held it in position and tied it tightly at the back.
I kept my eyes closed.

“Now, show me your knickers”.

I stood awkwardly and slowly pulled up my dress leaving it to sit on my hips. I imagined what he could see. Heels, stockings and suspenders. Black lace, the suspender belt framing my cunt.

“No knickers?” he laughed. “I’m a lucky boy. Now – show me how you play with yourself”.

Not being able to see his expression was frustrating. I felt between my legs and gasped as I realised how wet I was. I plunged a finger inside and licked it.

“Very good” he said.

I continued to dance my fingers around, enjoying how turned on I was. sliding them in and out of my cunt, rubbing my clit and squeezing my ass.

Suddenly he slapped me, squarely on my pussy. I fell backwards and my legs felt the bed behind me. No-one had done that before. God it felt good.

“Lie down” he barked into my ear.

I obeyed and shifted myself into the bed.

He slapped again. And then I felt his tongue on my clit. My back arched in delight. He slapped me again.

He forced my legs as far apart as they would go and started circling my pussy with his fingers. Faster and faster he went. He was teasing me, seeing how far he could take it.

I grabbed his hand and forced one of his fingers inside me, rubbing my clit furiously.

“You’re a fucking bad girl aren’t you?” came his response.

he grabbed my legs and yanked me onto my stomach. The bedcovers felt soft and I ground against them in delight.
His tongue circled my ass. I bucked and pushed into him. He stopped and slapped my butt. One cheek, then the other.
“You have a sweet ass my girl” he said as he slapped.
I was enjoying this far more than I remembered. And then I realised the blindfold had loosened slightly and I could see a little bit of the room. His suit was hanging off a chair, his bag on the floor. I pushed it back up.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he shouted. He tied the blindfold tighter.
“Open your mouth” he ordered. he put his fingers inside, I could taste myself on him. I heard him unzipping his trousers and knew what was coming next.
He jammed his cock against my lips. I grabbed it and guided it in slowly. He was semi hard so I toyed with his balls a little, yanking them gently. Continued to work my hands up and down his shaft, teasing the tip with my tongue. He groaned and started thrusting into my mouth from above me. He pulled out a couple of times and hit my face with his cock. Not hard. Just enough to be fucking kinky.
After a few more strokes he came quickly and I swallowed his cum straight down.
“Good girl” he said.
I felt his fingers around my pussy again. Then his tongue. He licked and lapped at my cunt energetically. A finger went up my ass and I giggled.
He pulled me up to his face and I felt his hot breath on my thighs. I was now straddling him, grinding my cunt against his face. His stubble drove me crazy, added another dimension. His hands held my ankles.
I took a risk and undid the blindfold. His eyes were closed anyway. I threw it backwards and lost myself in my orgasm.

The Turk

It was the last foreign holiday I was to go on with my family. I was already away at university and had flown the coop, but a free holiday is a free holiday.
We were staying near a party town, busy enough to keep us all occupied but no sleepless nights. We started to frequent a restaurant in town where all the waiters wore English football shirts. This sounds terrible but they all just supported Man United or Liverpool and wanted to improve their English. It was quite sweet, and they started to pay us a lot of attention.
I didn’t notice him at first. There were others who were cockier, more talkative and with better English. One who looked like Eric Cantona stays in my mind. We practiced our Turkish and they tried out English phrases on us.
The food was good and we always had a laugh there. It became a daily ritual.
I remember the loo was through one of those cheesy plastic ribbon curtains. Hidden away at the back of the restaurant.
I just remember coming out of it and he was there, looking at me. And then he kissed me. Still behind the curtain, out of sight. Exciting. And dangerous. He held my face and kissed me and my head swam. At the time I actually had a boyfriend. But this was something else. Something forbidden. He tasted exotic. Different. Naughty.
We began a bizarre courtship. He could not speak English at all – I hardly any Turkish. For some unknown reason my parents let me go off with him unattended.
I recall the first time I saw his body naked. He took me back to his place which was rudimentary at best. He stood in the bathroom and undid his trousers, beckoning me to get closer. He had absolutely no hair on his cock, it was completely shaven. I had never seen anything like it. It was hot.
The second time I think he borrowed a place from his friend which actually had a bed. I can’t remember what we did or even if it was good or bad. I remember the light streaming through the stripes curtains and the heat. I remember lying next to him and feeling wonderful.
The final time we met he took me out for the day along the coast to a different set of beaches. We swam in the sea, ate a picnic and despite the lack of conversation we had a ball.
As the sun started to set, he led me by the hand across a rocky outcrop to a deserted cove looking out onto the sea. The tide was coming in and water was already seeping into my pumps. I was wearing a long blue and white gypsy style skirt which he lifted up with all the ceremony of a newlywed lifting his bride’s veil.
I steadied myself against the rocks with both hands and he pulled aside my knickers, feeling my pussy and working me quickly with his fingers. I looked back at him – he was silhouetted by the sunset and undoing his fly ready to unleash his cock.
I bent over a little farther and he plunged into me. The water was around my feet and I pushed back against his cock, driving him further inside. He pulled up my top and grabbed my tits, beginning to pump harder and work up a rhythm.
I was being fucked on a beach and I was loving it. My arse was bare for all the world to see and I didn’t give a fuck.
He started to come and pulled out quickly, wiping himself off. Miraculously my knickers were still dry and I pulled myself together and started to climb back over the rocks with him.
As we made our way back, he beckoned to me to pass my camera to him – and he took a photo of me.
That photo sits on my parents mantelpiece. The cove is behind me, framed by beautiful blue skies. I’m grinning from ear to ear, my tits look huge and the wind is blowing my hair.
The post-sex look is a good look. But I’m the only one that knows why I’m grinning.

The Usher

It was my brothers wedding. And I had just got divorced. Hadn’t even thought about sex for about 6 months.

I knew the guest list, of course. Had already picked my victim. He was one of the ushers. When I actually saw him I knew it would be pretty easy.

The wedding was perfect – drinks flowed, dancing, laughing. It was a fabulous day, continuing into the night as people peeled off and a hardcore group formed. Back at the hotel, we drank more, devoured fried chicken and pizza still in our finery, the bride wiping her hands on her dress. We sang and laughed and cried. 

It got very late and people said their goodbyes. Suddenly we were in the lift together getting out on the same floor. 

We’d hardly spoken to each other but what was about to happen was pretty inevitable really.
He shut his hotel room door and we clung together, kissing each other. our clothes came off in a trail towards the bed. Tights, bra, belt, trousers, socks, shirt, tie all together on the floor like a cartoon.
Of course I had on Bridget Jones style massive holdy-in pants. He made some joke about trying to get them off so I helped him out.
And then it began. He dived straight into my pussy with his tongue, kissing and nibbling slowly at first but working up momentum. It was a long time since anyone had given me head. My ex had given up on stuff like that, like in so many long term relationships. Ours anyway.
As a result I just became wetter and wetter as he worked away. The sensation of a young guy between my thighs was too good. The slightest brush of his lips against my pussy could have made me come straightaway, but we’d both been drinking all day and night. And I didn’t want to rush it.
I pulled his face up to mine and tasted myself on his lips. Then worked myself down his body and took his cock in my mouth.
We alternated for a while, changing positions on the bed and enjoying each other’s bodies. The fact he was a school buddy of my brothers, four years younger made it even more thrilling. Turned out he absolutely loved to 69 and paid more attention to my pussy than anyone previously. His technique was quite something.
We fucked all night. I found out when he drifted off to sleep that his snoring was like a pneumatic drill. So I slid down underneath the covers to make sure he woke up again each time the noise began.
In the morning I collected my clothes and tried to look presentable.
My brother called and asked if I was coming to breakfast. I cut the call short and went back to my room to change.
Going down for breakfast was hilarious – both of us pretending nothing had happened, me having paid for a hotel room I didn’t need, and my brother sussing something had happened.
He was the start of my sexual awakening – my second coming, literally and figuratively. I owe him a lot.

Alternative Medicine

I was as hungover as it gets. A few months sobriety cancelled by too many martinis to count. I woke far too early that Saturday with a dreadful headache and a fuzzy, dull feeling I hadn’t had in a while. Ah yes, and I was horny.
I ran my fingers over my freshly shaved pussy and slowly massaged it awake. I tweaked my nipples until they were hard and squeezed my tits together while I thought about him. My hand went back down my body to feel how wet I was. I writhed under the bed sheet and teased myself. I was ready.
He arrived wearing a vest, shorts and flips flops, showing off that killer tan. I told him to go upstairs and took his top off as soon as he went into the bedroom.

“Feel how wet I am” I said.
He needed no encouragement to plunge his hand into my knickers and confirm that I was indeed swimming. He said nothing.

He kissed me and unhooked my bra. Started to lick and kiss one of my tits. I pulled his shorts down and knelt down as if in prayer before him.
He was already rock hard and the tip glistened with pre-cum. I admired his erection and swallowed him down. As my nose pressed against his belly he groaned and rocked back on his feet. I pulled him out. Took him back in, slower this time. Played with my cunt as I did it.
He pushed me back on the bed and climbed up to kiss me. His cock pressed against me and I wanted him inside me, fucking me hard. Not yet. Not yet. I played with myself again while he nibbled on my breasts.
He got the hint and gently pulled my legs apart. Softly he began to lick between my legs, tongueing my wetness. I longed for him to put his fingers inside, but he varied the pressure with his tongue, first on my lips, then on my clit, working his way methodically around my wetness.
I was almost lost, groaning with delight.
I looked up to see his side profile, lost in concentration, his tongue flicking in and out of me. And then, his fingers working into me at a different speed to his tongue. I could feel his knuckles kneading my cunt, it was almost too much. Almost.
He came up for air and sucked my breasts, leaving my juices all over me and then kissed me again and again. I could taste myself on his lips and it drove me crazy.
He pulled himself up so he was sort of behind me. His cock was in my face. And what a beautiful specimen it was. All I could do was put it in my mouth again. This time I teased the tip and sucked it hard. Up and down, up and down up and down utterly lost in the moment. I twisted a little so he could see my face. And then licked his balls thoroughly, followed by the entire length.
My hands held his hips still and he very slightly started thrusting into my mouth, with his hand supporting my head.
Suddenly he took hold of his cock, pumping it very slowly with his fist, my mouth still on the end. and without any noise or warning, he filled my mouth with cum. He shot his load right down my throat.
I lay back on the bed and swallowed it.
It had been a long time since anyone had done that and I had forgotten just how satisfying it was.

The student

He was a former pupil of my flatmate. I think he actually wanted to fuck her rather than me.
She had actually arranged our “date”. She’d made it her mission to get me laid after I’d split up with my first proper boyf. We’d gone for drinks and then come back to mine. Except it was actually hers.
He was a geek before geeks were cool. Uncool glasses, a bad leather jacket. Slicked-back hair in a quiff.
I should have known when we started to kiss. Always a good indicator. Like so many, it was all teeth and tongue. All urgency, less delicacy. I can still picture it now.
His hands fumbled with everything. We writhed around on my single bed. Eventually clothes were removed and a condom was produced.
I felt nothing. I think I actually said those awful words – “is it in yet?”
Yes. Yes it was.
I looked at it. It was like a beautiful mushroom. But not the kind of mushroom you want to fuck.
At this point in my life I was inexperienced. But I knew I needed more than that to hit the magic button.
Button. Mushroom. Yup. I DID just make that joke.
He was nice and all but he was fucking me because he wanted to fuck her. And it was the closest he could get.
I can’t remember how I got out of it. If he stayed or left.

It was definitely the first orgasm I faked.

Do You Remember The First Time?

Well I do. But I didn’t class it as the first time as it didn’t really count. Okay, okay, you be the judge.
I had fancied him for ages. We were both in final year at school. I’d done some ridiculous things to try and get his attention. But he had pretty much ignored me.

For some reason he called and asked me to come over one night. It was my Mum’s birthday and we were out for a family meal at a pub round the corner from his house. I can still remember exactly what I ate: scampi, chips and peas. The meal was probably awkward and I definitely rushed my food. Then my Dad dropped me off at his and we were alone together.
His family were out, we had the house to ourselves. He offered me alcohol, I asked for gin. I’d never drunk it before but thought it was cool. He’d obviously never drunk it either as he gave it to me neat just with ice.
We had hardly spoken to each other and I was now completely smitten.
You can see what’s coming can’t you? The night is a distant memory but some parts are very clear. I remember him putting on music and me dancing naked in his front room.
He took me up to his bedroom and started showing me porn mags. I had never seen anything like it. He commented that my pubic hair was “rough as horsehair” – what a charmer! I don’t even think he attempted to kiss me or touch my body. He had a huge stiffy, and loads of pubic hair himself. I couldn’t believe that the same quiet guy I had fancied for ages had dirty mags and was trying to get me turned on by looking at them.
I was about as far from my normal self as I could be. Naked in a guys bed learning the horrible truth. He tried to get it in but I was too scared, too drunk and too bewildered to understand that what he was doing wasn’t going to work.
My Dad came to pick me up and I ended up trying to get into the wrong car. Threw up going up the stairs and by my bed.
I didn’t see him again. In the morning I noticed my pink cotton knickers were spotted with blood. He had taken my virginity, sort of.